Looking For Someone To See The World With

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Photo of SCP-4454 taken during assembly, prior to the manifestation of its anomalous properties.

Item #: SCP-4454

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any witnesses to events caused by SCP-4454 are to be amnesticised, and appropriate cover stories generated for any related damage. Acceptable cover stories include gas explosions, meteorite impacts or damage caused by falling space debris.

Images left by SCP-4454-1 at impact sites are to be recovered. Research into practical methods of containing SCP-4454-1 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-4454 is a KH-9 "Hexagon" photographic reconnaissance satellite currently situated in an irregular orbit around the Earth. SCP-4454 is able to target arbitrary objects in the area directly below its current orbital position; targeted objects are pulled into orbit at a speed of approximately 150km/h, and stop once within 1km of SCP-4454. Depending on the current position of SCP-4454, this process can take between 14 hours and 16 days.

Once the targeted object has reached SCP-4454, it will be rapidly launched back towards Earth, reaching top speeds of between 1500km/h and 35,000km/h. Due to the apparently random nature of the objects undergoing this effect, many of them burn up on re-entry. Those that survive re-entry have universally been destroyed upon impact, with the exception of SCP-4454-1.

Approximately one hour after the projected impact time for the object1 SCP-4454 will target another object and repeat the process.

SCP-4454 was originally the last in the line of KH-9 reconnaissance satellites. Its anomalous properties manifested immediately upon entering stable Earth orbit, at which point it stopped responding to remote commands and began altering its orbit. Personnel involved with the satellite were amnesticised and a failed launch was staged as a cover-up.

Incident 4454-01: On 17/04/2012 a person, later identified as David White and now classified as SCP-4454-1, was targeted by SCP-4454 and pulled into orbit. Despite the lack of atmosphere, tracking photos confirmed that SCP-4454-1 was still alive and conscious. It is currently unknown if this is a new effect of SCP-4454's anomalous properties, or a separate and unrelated anomaly specific to SCP-4454-1.

Incident 4454-01 Update 01: Following SCP-4454's regular behaviour, SCP-4454-1 was launched back towards Earth at a speed of approximately 16,000km/h. SCP-4454-1 survived both re-entry and impact with the Earth without apparent injury, after which it was pulled back into space by SCP-4454. This process has currently repeated three times; SCP-4454-1 appears to have been conscious the entire time despite a lack of food, water, or protection against the vacuum of space.

Addendum 4454-01: Crude drawings have been discovered at the last four impact sites of SCP-4454-1, scratched into stone surfaces or drawn with charcoal. Each drawing appears to be an aerial view of a different location on Earth.

Addendum 4454-02: The drawings found at SCP-4454-1 impact sites are currently theorised to be drawn by SCP-4454-1, and have been rapidly increasing in detail and accuracy, despite the limitations of the mediums being used to create them. The drawings now feature accurate details of the areas they depict, viewed from varying heights above the surface. Of note is that in one case the drawing featured accurate representation of a Foundation facility normally hidden from satellite and aerial views. No link between the areas depicted in these drawings has been found.

Addendum 4454-03: Drawings produced by SCP-4454-1 have begun to depict views of things other than the surface of Earth. Examples include a cluster of impact craters determined to be present on the surface of the moon, an asteroid passing by Mars, and a detailed representation of the north pole of Saturn. The relevance of these drawings is unknown - investigations into the areas depicted have revealed nothing of note.

Addendum 4454-04: Containment teams were able to intercept SCP-4454-1 before it was pulled back into orbit. Though they were unable to contain it, the following conversation was recorded.

Addendum 4454-05: Further attempts at communicating with SCP-4454-1 have been unsuccessful; it has been immediately pulled back into space on the previous two occasions that containment teams have gotten close.

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