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From the Office of the Ethics Committee

Draft and review packet for document SCP-4452

Provisional Document: Special Containment Procedure

Site Director Approval


Ethics Committee Approval


Author's Note: Lots of potential in this scp's drawings, useful source for infovaccines/weapons. I'll have the full petition for Thaumiel designation sent in by Thursday, wanted to get this draft on the Ethics desk ASAP though. If Ethics disagrees, we can go Euclid instead.

Revision #: 1

Item #: SCP-4452

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4452 is to be contained according to standard low-risk human anomaly security procedures, with blindsight protocol in effect for relevant employees. SCP-4452 is to be provisioned with amenities and nourishment befitting a juvenile human with reduced mental capacity, along with a dose of mild sedative (2 mg lorazepam administered twice daily with meals). Should SCP-4452 become severely aggressive or agitated, a 1 mg emergency dose of haloperidol is to be administered by autoinjector.

Blindsight safety measures are to be maintained for staff assigned to routine upkeep and care of SCP-44521. Any researchers who must interact visually with SCP-4452 are to be regularly inoculated with a Class-3 Helmsford-Zhang Infovaccine, and tested on a daily basis for memetic damage.

SCP-4452 is to be provided with a notebook of drawing paper and a box of wax crayons in assorted colors. Completed notebooks are to be collected and prepared for further research according to standard fast-acting visual infohazard quarantine procedure.

SCP-4452 is to be closely monitored for signs of brain infection until its cranioplasty plate has achieved sufficient integration with the skull around its trepanation site.

Description: SCP-4452 is a juvenile male human, aged 11 years old. SCP-4452 displayed no anomalous properties prior to Incident 4452-A, and was in all physiological and psychological respects a healthy human child. Due to its exposure to a weaponized infohazard and subsequent traumatic brain injury sustained in the course of Incident 4452-A, SCP-4452 now suffers from limited speech capabilities, poor voluntary muscle control, and extreme cognitive impairment. SCP-4452 typically reacts to instructions from Foundation staff with agitation, confusion, and irritability.

At irregular intervals, SCP-4452 will attempt to produce drawings with any readily available media, though it displays a preference for felt-tip markers and wax crayons. While the majority of these drawings are unfocused, abstract shapes and lines, roughly 5% depict coherent (albeit crude) patterns and childlike motifs, centered around "stick figure" drawings of one or more humanoid shapes. These notable drawings function as either visual infohazards or infovaccines when viewed by an observer, of varying potency. A selection of such drawings is listed below.

Table 4452-1: Selected Anomalous Drawings Produced by SCP-4452

Description of Image Observer(s) Effect(s)
2 humanoid stick figures, positioned side-by-side, with "x" marks in place of eyes. 1 Class-D test subject Subject viewed the image for 3 minutes. After an additional 15 minutes, subject experienced hemorrhaging of the tear ducts. Subject reported a severe headache, with a sensation of intense pressure to the inside of the skull. Subject survived, with moderate vision loss.
2 humanoid stick figures, in a prone position, with "x" marks in place of eyes. 1 Class-D test subject Subject viewed the image for 2 minutes before experiencing hemorrhaging of the tear ducts. Subject was incapacitated by a severe headache for 4.5 hours. Upon recovery, subject described the experience as "like [his] head was trying to pop." Subject survived, with moderate vision loss.
1 humanoid stick figure, holding an indistinct shape drawn in yellow2. 1 Class-D test subject Subject viewed the image for 5 seconds before reporting a brief, intense piercing pain, localized to the right temple. Subject was discovered to have temporarily gained a weak resistance to standard test infohazards, roughly equivalent to inoculation with a Class-1 Helmsford-Zhang infovaccine. Subject survived with no ill effects.
2 humanoid stick figures, with faces obscured by circles drawn in red. 3 Class-D test subjects Subjects viewed the image for 30 seconds before experiencing severe hemorrhaging of the tear ducts and ruptured cerebral aneurysms. Subjects did not survive.
1 humanoid stick figure, surrounded by a concentric blue circle and holding an indistinct yellow shape 1 Class-D test subject Subject viewed the image for thirty seconds before reporting sensations of intense vertigo and agoraphobia, accompanied by a piercing pain on the right temple. Subject was discovered to have temporarily gained a moderate resistance to standard test infohazards, roughly equivalent to inoculation with a Class-2 Helmsford-Zhang infovaccine. Subject survived with no ill effects.

Judging by the similarities between the images drawn by SCP-4452 and the circumstances of Incident 4452-A, it is hypothesized that the self-inflicted brain injury sustained by SCP-4452 functioned as a crude emergency treatment for exposure to a weaponized infohazard. While the exact mechanism of action is unknown, the brain structures through which the hazard would typically deliver its lethal effects were destroyed, while its anomalous payload remained intact.

As SCP-4452 is capable of producing images with both hazardous and protective effects, it is further speculated that SCP-4452 maintains some degree of control over the anomalous meme. Though mild sedation with lorazepam has proved to be moderately successful in rendering SCP-4452 more amenable to working with researchers, a general lack of cooperation with Foundation staff has thus far hindered thorough testing of this hypothesis.

Incident Report 4452-A: Acquisition of SCP-4452 on 07/27/2021

At 4:43 PM Mountain Standard Time, the Foundation was put on high alert by a surge in encrypted chatter on channels known to be used by the Chaos Insurgency in the Rocky Mountains. Twenty-two minutes later, police scanners in the town of Brighton, Colorado, described massive casualties among EMTs and law enforcement responding to neighborhood reports of a "commotion" at a suburban home. Of note, there were no reports of any shots fired. MTF-Γ-4 was dispatched to the residence, arriving within eight minutes.

MTF-Γ-4 observed four known Chaos Insurgency infohazardous terrorism operatives fleeing the area, all of whom were listed in the terminate-on-sight dossier. A brief firefight ensued, and the CI operatives were killed on the scene. There were no casualties among Foundation forces.

Upon entering the building, MTF-Γ-4 encountered ten deceased EMTs and police officers near the entrance, all of whom displayed significant hemorrhaging from the eyes. The homeowner was found similarly deceased in the kitchen. Progressing to the basement, SCP-4452 was discovered concealed beneath a blanket, comatose, gripping the handle of a cordless electric drill with a quarter-inch diameter bit engaged in the chuck. After thorough analysis of the scene, it was inferred that SCP-4452 had used the drill to perforate its skull immediately after encountering a Chaos Insurgency infoweapon.

Lifesaving measures by Foundation neurosurgeons were successful, and a cranioplasty was performed to implant a plate over the site of the self-trepanation. SCP-4452 has been medically stabilized, and has a positive prognosis for long-term survivability. Its likelihood of regaining significant cognitive function, however, is very low.

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