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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest
GOI-α-019: Serpent's Hand

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Nexus of Ways

Den of Bettors, The Oasis in the Void, Rome2


The space between universes seldom contains anything of interest. Many an intrepid explorer has departed from the safe and plush fabric of their own reality in search of grand marvels nesting within the vast Nothingness. Most will find it empty, lamenting their futile attempts to discover great treasures in the unknown.

However, few will find an oasis of normalcy in the otherwise blindingly monotonous desert of the Nothingness. They will find a house of gambling, set adrift from the chains that bound it to Earth in its time. Within its doors, they will find a treasure above all other treasures: A bounty of Ways, connected to each doorframe that stands to this day, but exclusively in the direction of departure from the Nexus.

It is fortunate in cases such as these, that one doesn't need to become a prospector of the Nothingness to find or return to the Nexus, for the long-dead constructors of the building designed a malleable system of entry. Speak the words, and find yourself standing beneath the roof the Den. The custodian has made the latest passphrase thus: "The Hand gives me entry to the Nexus of Ways" 345



A small section of the (potentially) infinite hallways of the Nexus of Ways.


Traits: The Nexus of Ways is a venue so potently infused with thaumic energy, it can only exist in the Nothingness. In the Nothingness, there is no medium for the thaumic energies to disperse into. Be thankful, for any other location and the energies would spill into our reality like ink on paper.

The Nexus provides two key traits that were imbued by persons unknown: the knock without a Way6 and unidirectional Ways7. It is important to note that while the transportational properties of The Nexus are analogous to Ways, they are not identical to the ones that the Wanderer's Library utilizes. Different practices of arcane rituals were used to manifest them, and therefore it is not known how to adjust who it allows access to. It is for this reason that it must be kept secure under the watchful eyes of the custodian.

Nature: The Nexus of Ways has no set loyalty, and it will activate for any person who speaks the passphrase that has been set. However, due to the minute probability of the uninitiated uttering such a phrase without the knowledge being passed down by members of the Serpent's Hand, the Nexus can be said to align with the Hand in a manner of speaking.

History & Associated Parties: As before stated, the Nexus was devised and then abandoned. No documents can be found that tie the Nexus to a location nor a period; speculation points to the early 1900s, but no definitive proof has been found.

Approach: Adrift in the Nothingness, the only safe approach to the Nexus is through its knock. When traversing through the omnipresent Way into the Nexus in this manner, a visitor will find themselves within the lowest level. Upon this level lie the betting halls, which are of little true interest or value. All the same, the Hand has proclaimed the betting halls to be forbidden, and that nothing is to be taken from them.

Though, this is of no great concern. After all, the truest treasure of the Nexus lies in the approach to the floors above. Or, perhaps a better way to phrase it would be that, in its truest sense, the Nexus is itself an approach to wherever a traveler may be bound.

Observations & Stories

There has so far been discovered within the Nexus a single door which cannot be opened. Located deep within the betting halls lies the portal, called simply the doorway to the backroom. This wooden barrier bears a sign reading "employees only", and has proven resistant to our most potent unsealing techniques. We have beaten on that door loud and often. The message is clear: whatever shut the door that tightly should stay in there.


Little doubt exists regarding the Nexus or its function, though there do remain yet two unanswered questions.

Firstly, the number, and end destinations of, each Way within the Nexus. While the Hand has expended great effort to fully chart the corridors, newfound hallways replete with doors abound hidden among doors indistinguishable from their Way-guarding brethren.

Secondly, the identity and nature of the original architect of the Nexus. While it is suspected that whoever, or whatever, created the Nexus now resides beyond the doorway to the backroom, it is impossible to know with certainty.

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