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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest
GOI-121: Marshall, Carter & Dark

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Status Acquirable
Demand High
Value 1,250USD/960GBP per Night
Availability Service (20 Single Bed, 15 Double Bed)
Identifier The Void Resort ('Casino' internally)
Description Embark on the voyage of a lifetime in The Void Resort, an establishment drifting through the depths of the cosmos. Services include: Catering, Gambling, Entertainment, & Legal Advice.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author Richard Blackwood Date October 12, 1925
Interest High Identifier The Void Casino
Agents of the Chicago Spirit first alerted us to the presence of the Casino alongside requesting funds to perform an armed takeover of the location from its original owners. A contract guaranteeing us exclusive rights to access the establishment was quickly drafted, and the terms were accepted by the Chicago Spirit representative.
File Opened Under: KF939/JH39S/4ZCS8
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 01
Sender Richard Blackwood Recipient Ruprecht Carter
Even with the inconveniences of running the world's most exclusive casino, our turnaround has been surprisingly high. While the Chicago Spirit keeps a tight lock on the upper floors they think they've got hidden from us, there are enough suites on our floor that we can accommodate enough customers to turn a tidy profit. Though none of the guests are very fond being blindfolded and led out by Spirit goons when it's time for them to leave. Can't say I'm very fond of having to do it either.

Still not sure why the entire casino floor was shut down and abandoned when the place was taken from its previous owners. Only thing out of the ordinary we could find is that the door to the employees only area can't be opened. And trust me, I've tried.

I'm requesting a 30% increase to the entertainment budget. The longer we can keep the rooms filled, the higher the exclusivity will drive our profits.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Room Rental Record April 01-August 01, 1927
Name Date Period Comments
Muhammad Amir April 03, 1927 14 Days 3 guests. Total $8,100 in betting losses.
John Rockefeller June 21, 1927 21 Days 1 guest. Total $131,500 in betting losses.
Vincent Astor June 22, 1927 21 Days No guests. Total $55,100 in betting losses.
Thomas Ryan July 24, 1927 36 Days 1 guest. Total $109,000 in betting losses.
Wu Jiayin July 29, 1927 4 Days No guests. Total $257,000 in betting losses.
Arthur James August 01, 1927 15 Days 6 guests. Total $35,300 in betting losses.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

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