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RAISA FILE: Group of Interest
GOI-011: Global Occult Coalition

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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

UTE-0591-Flint-Parallax "Casino Builder"

Authorized Response Level:

0 (Threat Indeterminate)

UTE-0591 is an entity or entities inferred to exist within the locked employee door located on the first floor of Extraspatial Location-0161. Initial parathreat information was recovered from a captured agent of the Chicago Spirit, and suggests the potential of a high level type green entity; capable of creating and maintaining a potentially infinite space.

Once the entry method was recovered, strike team "Broken Dagger" was deployed to clear remaining Chicago Spirit and Marshall, Carter & Dark assets from the location. Observation and attempted destruction of the locked door remains the primary point of concern regarding Extraspatial Location-0161.

Quartermasters Division-AOD
Item Designation Title Qty
1 AltGen-TEBC Thaumatologically Enhanced Breaching Charges 2
Notes: Thaumatological means utilized to maximize destructive potential of explosives. Charges were affixed to the doorway and detonated. Negligible structural damage to doorway.
2 +2Gen-PBC Concentrated Plasma Breaching Charges 2
Notes: Charges utilize ultra high temperature plasma in order to rapidly destroy barriers. Charges were affixed to the doorway and detonated. Negligible structural damage to doorway.
3 AltGen-ATBC Anti-Thaumatologic Breaching Charges 2
Notes: Despite near-baseline levels of EVE and Akiva radiation, suspected undetectable use of reality-altering mechanisms resulted in testing with Anti-Thaumatologic measures. Charges were affixed to the doorway and detonated. Slight structural damage to doorway.
4 ProtGen-ATsNBC Anti-Thaumatologic shaped Nuclear Breaching Charge 1
Notes: Due to partial success of Anti-Thaumatologic Charges, development of a method of combining Anti-Thaumatologic properties to a tactical nuclear device are underway.
PTOLEMY Division Weapons Research Correspondence
Sender Sebastian Striker Recipient Chris Gambol
Date 04/20/1990
Subject ProtGen-ATsNBC
Development is complete on ProtGen-ATsNBC-#001. I don't care how tight you say that door is shut, this sonuvabitch will crack it. Of course, it might also crack the entire dimensional structure, so I recommend removing all non-essential persons from the premises. Just make sure you put a few dozen doors between you and the charge before you set it off.
PTOLEMY Division Weapons Research Correspondence
Sender Chris Gambol Recipient Sebastian Striker
Date 04/23/1990
Subject ProtGen-ATsNBC
This thing is a lot bigger than I pictured. My brother and I are going to remain behind while the charge goes off, everyone else is busy getting the place cleared out. Though, between you and me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this bad boy takes out not just the door, but whatever's behind it too.
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