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SCP-4450-α and -β. Photograph recovered from SCP-4450-α during Incident 4261990-4450.

Item #: SCP-4450

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Appearances of SCP-4450-α and/or SCP-4450-β are to be immediately reported to the Site Director, alongside any on-site O5 council-members. SCP-4450-α and -β are to be asked to await their arrival. Any requests for readily available sums of money made by SCP-4450-α or SCP-4450-β during this time are to be granted.

Once the Site Director or any member of the O5 council arrives at the location of SCP-4450-α or -β, they are to be considered the Point of Contact until SCP-4450-α and -β demanifest. All personnel are to divert any further requests to the Point of Contact.

Investigation into the method of accessing SCP-4450-1 is to continue until entry is successfully achieved.

Description: SCP-4450-α and -β are Caucasian males always observed wearing black and grey suits, respectively. SCP-4450-α and -β refer to one another as brothers, and often address each other by name, with SCP-4450-α being called "Chris", and SCP-4450-β being called "Beryl".

SCP-4450-α and -β both speak in a very informal style often couched in thinly-veiled threats. These threats often revolve around property damage and the scale of the threats increases based on the number of missed payments. The only known method of preventing this destructive behavior is through the offer of sufficient payment of physical currency1, after which SCP-4450-α and -β behave significantly more cordially for a time (approximately 6 months).

SCP-4450-α and -β claim to be agents of an unspecified employer, and express desire to collect payment for property damage suffered by their employer. When questioned on the nature of the property damage, SCP-4450-α described a nuclear attack upon a structure resembling an extraplanar pocket dimension, designated SCP-4450-1. Further details regarding the nature of SCP-4450-1 as well as methods of accessing SCP-4450-1 are still being investigated.

SCP-4450-α and -β have displayed a number of anomalous properties, including:2

  • capability of spontaneously manifesting in any location.3
  • capability of spontaneously demanifesting from any location.
  • speed, strength, and durability far beyond human maxima.
  • prolonged, high-speed flight.

Addendum 1: Point of Contact 4450 documentation

Addendum 2: Incident 4261990-4450

Addendum 3: Further Information

RAISA collation of relevant information is still ongoing

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