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Item #: SCP-4448

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The lake in which SCP-4448 resides is to be surrounded by an electric fence capable of outputting 5000 volts of electricity. A distance of 20 meters must be kept between the fence and the nearest point of the lake. The outside door may only be opened by a valid fingerprint scan and a four digit passcode and must be immediately locked upon both entering and exiting the room.

Description: SCP-4448 is an abnormally large humanoid skeleton with the skull of the extinct elk species Megaloceros giganteus. It stands at 2.5 meters tall and wears a cloak of black feathers which fully conceals its body, exposing only its head. Its antlers measure 3.65 meters from tip to tip and are adorned with various small objects of cultural significance from many parts of the world, including Native American dreamcatchers, Christmas and other holiday ornaments, and tourist keychains. It is fully capable of human speech, despite lacking the necessary organs.

SCP-4448 resides in a lake 0.5 kilometers northeast of ██████, Ireland. If left alone for an extended period of time, SCP-4448 will fall into a state of unconsciousness. When a subject sets foot in the lake, SCP-4448 will emerge from the bottom of the lake up to its shoulders and offer the subject a deal. SCP-4448 will ask the subject for a trinket to add to its collection, and if it is pleased with the subject's offering, it will hang the trinket from its antlers and share a story with the subject. If it denies the subject's offering, the offering will sink to the bottom of the lake and the subject will be asked to leave.

The stories are fable-like in structure, substituting humans for sentient animals, and often end with a clear and present moral. Subjects report feeling a very personal connection to stories told by SCP-4448. These stories are often found to directly connect to a substantial event that has previously occurred in the subject’s life. Most subjects report to have learned something from the exchange.

SCP-4448's deal is available only once per subject. It has shown an ability to recognize past subjects many years after the initial deal was made. SCP-4448 may become agitated when approached multiple times by the same subject. If SCP-4448 is provoked, the lake will raise to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius and dilute to a darkish-red color. This effect typically subsides between 25 and 45 minutes after the subject has left the area.

Addendum 4448-A: The following is an account of a previous exchange between a test subject and SCP-4448.

Subject: Dr. ████ ██████

Supervised By: Dr. ██████████ █████████

Foreword: Dr. ██████ has been struggling in recent years with a form of lung cancer and is unsure as to his own life expectancy, causing him immense stress and worry in recent months. Despite Dr. ██████ never mentioning this fact to SCP-4448, it appeared to already be aware of Dr. ██████'s condition.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: (Stepping into the water)

SCP-4448: You there, I would like to make a deal with you. Come closer, I don't bite. I haven't the teeth for it. (Chuckles)

Dr. ██████: (Moving closer) Is this better?

SCP-4448: Yes, that will do. Now, where were we? (Pausing) Ah yes, a deal. I am a storyteller by profession, and I promise my story will do much to ease a troubled mind such as yours. Yes, yes, there is a great tension within your mind, perhaps even in the air that you breathe. Yes, I've just the story for one such as yourself, and it would be a great disservice to hold it from you. I ask for one simple thing as payment: a small trinket, for my collection. Something shiny, perhaps? Yes, something small and shiny. That silver chain of yours looks very pleasing.

Dr. ██████: I accept your deal. (Drapes the silver chain on SCP-4448's antlers)

SCP-4448: Yes, I was certain you would. Now, this is a story of two rabbits. Yes, there were two. As the winter months came barrelling towards them, the two rabbits prepared very differently. Yes, both rabbits knew that this winter would be an especially harsh one, and there were many things to be done before it came. The first rabbit was incredibly worrisome, working hard day and night to stock up on food and warm bedding. Yes, this rabbit spent many sleepless nights working, working, and working. The second rabbit, however, fret not for the winter. After all, this rabbit had survived many previous winters, frequently with food to spare. Yes, the second rabbit did not bother with the work of preparation and instead spent his time in the autumn playing, frolicking, and dancing. However, the winter still came, and when it did, the first rabbit was stocked for it threefold. For the second rabbit, it was far too late to gather his winter rations. But most unexpectedly, yes, most unexpectedly indeed, a pack of wolves dug into the rabbits' burrows and ate them both. Yes, sometimes it is better to live a short life of leniency and luxury than to waste your final moments with monotony and overexertion, especially if you've no idea when those final moments may arise.

Dr. ██████: Wow, that story was certainly… (Pausing) eye-opening, as you said it would be. I thank you.

SCP-4448: Yes, I told you that my stories would do much to calm a restless soul. Now that we have finished our exchange, I must ask that you leave my lake and do not return. Yes, my deal may only be made once with any one person. Do not think I will forget.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████ was deeply moved by the story told by SCP-4448 and even requested to meet with SCP-4448 again, against its wishes. This request was ultimately denied by the Foundation.

Addendum 4448-B: The following is an account of a failed exchange between a subject and SCP-4448.

Subject: Personnel D-1473

Supervised By: Dr. ███████ ██████

Foreword: Personnel D-1473 suffers with an extreme addiction to opioids, including morphine, methodine, and oxycodone. SCP-4448 seems to be fully cognizant of this fact, providing further evidence that SCP-4448 may be capable of intercepting brain activity.

<Begin Log>

Personnel D-1473: (Hesitantly stepping into the lake)

SCP-4448: Why do you seem so nervous? What troubles you so greatly? Please, take a few steps closer. I've the perfect cure for you.

Personnel D-1473: Okay… (Slowly treading deeper into the water)

SCP-4448: Yes, here we are. I've always believed that a tortured soul is best cleansed by the word of mouth, and it is for that very reason that I've made it my mission to share with each and every person who stumbles upon my lake a story to guide them along in their journey. I've had very few visitors ever since those peculiar men fenced in my beautiful, serene lake. Yes, I resent them for such misdeeds.

Personnel D-1473: Are you talking about the Foundation?

SCP-4448: Is that what they call themselves? Yes, a pompous name for a predatory people. Quite fitting. Anywho, where was I? Ah, yes, I would be delighted to share with you a story, one I believe will indulge your mind, rather than the pleasures of your flesh you have delighted in so often, with quite disastrous consequences to say the least. I ask of one thing from you. Yes, all I desire is a trinket, one to add to my ever-expanding collection.

Personnel D-1473: (Searching through his pockets) What about… this? (He produces a U.S. 25-cent coin)

SCP-4448: What insolence! What use have I for currency of foul humans? No, this will simply not do. I have been thoroughly disrespected, in my own home nonetheless. No, do not return to this sacred place as long as you live. No, one such as yourself does not deserve my tales.

Personnel D-1473: (Urgently exits the lake as its temperature begins to rise)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: It appears that SCP-4448 is growing increasingly irritable the longer it stays in containment. It is significantly more likely to deny offered trinkets than in previous months. As SCP-4448 has not made any attempt to leave its containment, no changes will be made to its containment procedures.

Addendum 4448-C: The following is an account of SCP-4448's reaction to meeting the same subject twice after having previously made an exchange.

Subject: Dr. ████ ██████

Supervised By: Dr. ███████ ████████████

Foreword: After several denied applications to revisit SCP-4448, Dr. ██████'s application was eventually accepted to test how SCP-4448 will react to previous subjects, especially in its current, irritated state.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: (Stepping into the water) SCP-4448, I have come here today to thank you for the immense help that your story provided for me. I have—

SCP-4448: No, I refuse to believe my senses. Dr. ██████, you have no business returning to this lake that I have so politely asked you to never return to. No, there is no reason for you to be here, and I do not wish to be called such a demeaning name as "SCP-4448".

Dr. ██████: I do not mean any ill intent, I just merely wish to thank you for—

SCP-4448: No, I did not think it difficult to follow simple instruction, but alas, humans have again managed to subvert my meager expectations. Begone, Dr. ██████.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The rapidly increasing water temperature caused by SCP-4448 led to third-degree burns covering the entirety of Dr. ██████'s body from the waist down. SCP-4448 has been completely unresponsive to any visitors, new or old, for the subsequent days.

Addendum 4448-D: The following is an account of a previous exchange between a test subject and SCP-4448.

Subject: Personnel D-2113

Supervised By: Dr. ████ ██

Foreword: SCP-4448 is fully aware of the rough and rather unstable relationship between Personnel D-2113 and his significant other and even addresses it outright rather than alluding to it as in previous exchanges.

<Begin Log>

Personnel D-2113: Why do I have to get IN the lake? I didn't sign up to get my clothes soaked. I think I—

Dr. ██: We don't have time for your questions. Just do your job so that we can do ours.

Personnel D-2113: (Stepping into the lake) Fine.

SCP-4448: Yes, an unfamiliar scent. It's about time. You there, let's make a deal.

Personnel D-2113: What sort of deal?

SCP-4448: The best deal you'll ever consider. Yes, a great deal indeed. I am a teller of stories, and I've just the story for you. Yes, I see something dark dwelling within you, something stemming directly from your heart. The human heart is a fragile thing. Yes, it takes only a few words to break bonds thought to be unbreakable. I've a story that may very well be able to repair your heart and your human courtship.

Personnel D-2113: How do you know about that? Are you reading my mind?

SCP-4448: That is of little importance. Yes, what is truly important is your end of the deal. All I ask from you is a trinket. Yes, just one simple trinket and my story will change your life forever.

Personnel D-2113: (Digging through pockets) Let's see… (Retrieves a golden stopwatch) What about this?

SCP-4448: Yes, that will do amazingly! Now, onto your story. Yes, this story tells the tale of a swan. The swan was one of the most beautiful in all of the land, and she was looking for a mate as beautiful as she was. Yes, she searched all of the ponds, all of the rivers, and all of the lakes. The first swan that she found was absolutely gorgeous, but he lacked intelligence and humor. She decided that she could not spend the rest of her life with such a dry and lifeless person, and she moved onto the next. The second swan was absolutely brilliant with a mind like no other. Yes, he was certainly the one. Yet, he lacked the beauty of the first swan, and his intelligence ruined his sense of humor. Again, she searched for a new mate. The third swan had an amazing sense of humor and would never fail to make her smile. Yet, he was rather unattractive and completely devoid of wit. Yes, by the time she moved on from the third swan, the mating season had ended, leaving her completely and utterly alone. And while she was alone with only her thoughts, she realized although she was beautiful, she could not say that she was the most intelligent or humorous of the pond. Yes, her suitors were not perfect, but neither was she. No one is perfect, that much is certain. Love only flourishes when lovers are willing to recognize their own faults and compromise. Yes, that is truly true love.

Personnel D-2113: (Sobbing)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-4448 has returned to its original state and is significantly less likely to grow agitated than in previous weeks. This is most likely due to many subsequent, successful exchanges taking place and a particular liking it has taken to its most recent trinket, Personnel D-2113's stopwatch.

Addendum 4448-E: The following is an account of a previous exchange between a test subject and SCP-4448.

Subject: Personnel D-2449

Supervised By: Dr. ██████ ██████

Foreword: SCP-4448 appears to be cognizant of a significant event that has not yet taken place in Personnel D-2449's life. The extent to SCP-4448's foresight is currently unknown.

<Begin Log>

Personnel D-2449: (Stepping into the lake) Hello? Crazy lake-monster thing?

SCP-4448: (Emerging from the bottom of the lake) That's rather rude of you.

Personnel D-2449: (Startled) Where the hell did you come from?

SCP-4448: That does not matter. Yes, what matters is the deal I have to offer you.

Personnel D-2449: What kinda deal?

SCP-4448: I am a storyteller, and my stories are unlike any other. Yes, my stories have a very unique property. All of my stories are hand-tailored to suit the listener, and I have a very, very important story for you in particular. A story of prophecy. Yes, I would be obliged to share with you this story, but I ask for one thing in return. Yes, all I ask for is a simple trinket to add to my collection.

Personnel D-2449: (Rummaging through pockets) What have we got here..? (Produces a silver dog tag) How about this?

SCP-4448: This will do perfectly. Now, it is time for your personalized tale. Yes, this is the story of a fox and a rabbit. As winter reared its ugly head, both the fox and the rabbit were strapped for food. Yes, the rabbit had to search in the harsh winter cold for whatever plants it could find. And as the rabbit searched, it had to be very careful to avoid predators, such as the fox. Yes, the fox stalked the rabbit, waiting for the perfect moment to strike when the rabbit would be caught off-guard. After a day-long chase, the fox had managed to back the little rabbit into a corner. Yes, the fox had chased the rabbit into a small, dead-end cave. As the fox neared its prey, it took one last look at its next meal, then it sank its vicious teeth into the rabbit. Yes, the fox had finally caught its prey, but unbeknownst to the fox, the bear who resided in the very cave he had intruded had just returned to its den to hibernate. The fox was met with a grizzly end, providing the bear one last meal before its winter rest.

Personnel D-2449: Well, that story blows.

SCP-4448: Yes, you may not understand the moral now, but in time, you will come to learn a valuable lesson from my story.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Four days after his engagement with SCP-4448, Personnel D-2449 shot and killed a close friend who had secretive sexual relations with Personnel D-2449's significant other. The next day, Personnel D-2449 was beaten to death by members of a gang in ██████, █████ that Personnel D-2449's victim had strong connections to.

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