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A copy of SCP-4446

Item #: SCP-4446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4446 is saved on a computer originally owned by Dr. Fisher.
As SCP-4446 cannot be copied or otherwise replicated without its copy losing its anomalous properties, the computer itself has to be stored and therefore named SCP-4446-A.

SCP-4446-A is an otherwise normal functioning computer and does not require additional containment procedures. SCP-4446-A is stored inside a standard damp free containment container located on Site-12.

Description: SCP-4446 is a 792x495 bitmap (.bmp) image of a Meißner Landschwein pig. In most cases SCP-4446 behaves as a normal .bmp file. These cases include copy and pasting, moving inside of SCP-4446-A, renaming and observing its code via any method.

SCP-4446 cannot be deleted or edited. Any attempt to do so is prompted by an alert that sufficient administrative rights are needed, even if executed as an admin. Methods of bypassing this alert have so far been unsuccessful or resulted in non-anomalous duplicates of SCP-4446.

The anomalous effect of SCP-4446 occurs when observing it via any image viewing software that supports zooming by mouse clicks, key binds or buttons, including photo galleries, image editing softwares, games that use SCP-4446 as a texture and browsers.

SCP-4446 can possibly be zoomed into indefinitely, as SCP-4446 is fractally defined. Each pixel that would normaly make up an image is itself an image of SCP-4446, and the 'pixels' making that sub-image up, are again images of SCP-4446. These sub-images are tinted accordingly.1

Notably some of these pixels depict something else than SCP-4446, albeit still related to pigs in some way. These are mostly different breeds and species of pigs, including wild boars, various landraces, bearded pigs, SCP-████ and others as well as text concerning pigs.

Zooming into a specific image (in other words any specific pixel) depicting something else than SCP-4446 will result in new sub-images being related to that specific image. See test logs for examples.

Zooming into SCP-4446 takes increasingly more effort for SCP-4446-A to process. SCP-4446-A becomes too slow to properly work with after a magnitude of roughly ████.

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