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Item #: SCP-4445

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4445 is contained within a modified maximum security containment housing at Area-90’s Eisenhower Complex. SCP-4445 is to be constantly monitored to ensure proper functionality of the device. Oversight of the Eisenhower Complex and SCP-4445 is currently under the direction of Operations Controller Dr. Wyatt Atwood and Systems Operations Manager Dr. Leah Vance.

SCP-4445’s housing is to be closely inspected and maintained by a team of engineers, many of whom work outside the Foundation in the private and public sector and are not aware of the anomalous nature of SCP-4445. To this end, the acting disinformation campaign for SCP-4445, codenamed “McLean Protocol”, is that SCP-4445 is a piece of equipment used to perform spectral analysis on extraterrestrial mineral samples for Project Lancelot, an academic Foundation front used to recruit qualified personnel for work on SCP-4445.

Per the terms of the McLean Protocol, non-Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-4445 are to be overseen by staff managers to ensure that their work does not cross into other areas of the device, to ensure that no individual becomes aware of the full scope of SCP-4445’s functionality. Non-staff personnel who become aware of SCP-4445’s true nature are to be remanded to the on-site amnestics team and returned to service as soon as possible.

SCP-4445 is designed to maintain a constant Melodia/Harmonia Resonance Approximation Value (M/HRAV) of 945.2. Fluctuations in the M/HRAV output of SCP-4445 are not unusual, though excessive fluctuations1 are capable of producing causal variations and often must be addressed by Foundation disinformation teams. Due to the SCP-4445 team’s ability to better predict fluctuations in the device’s operation, the likelihood of these fluctuations resulting in a breach of informational awareness is low.

Though unexpected, emergency protocols exist for instances of excessive variation in SCP-4445’s M/HRAV output. Assigned Foundation personnel are to familiarize themselves with both the Viceroy Protocol and the Aldermann Protocol, and Level 4 researchers and directors are to familiarize themselves with the Eleven-or-Below Protocol, as described in the Area-90 Emergency Procedures manual.


A section of SCP-4445's Resonance Tuner Array.

Description: SCP-4445 is an Adjusted “Atwood-Noriega” Causal Harmonic Resonance Amplifier, built by the Project Fleetwood team in June of 1959. SCP-4445 uses several powerful arcane and thaumatological elements to create a Melodia/Harmonia Resonance Approximation Field with a radius in excess of 240,000km. SCP-4445 is designed to reinforce the causal and conceptual manifestations of melody and harmony that constitute music.

SCP-4445 is roughly 27.5m in height, and is composed of a vast and complicated array of implements designed to mimic the conditions under which the Melodia/Harmonia Resonance occurs naturally. It is fed by a geothermal power supply beneath Area-90, and is surrounded by an array of M/H Resonance tuners designed to track the fluctuations in SCP-4445’s output. Additionally, a series of long antennae run roughly 1km into the Earth below SCP-4445, and around it at regular intervals to reduce noise generated by the mechanical components of the Amplifier.

Addendum 4445-1: Trinity Zero and the Development of SCP-4445 [REVISED 1/19/2004]

Addendum 4445-2: Foreward by Dr. Isaac Atwood, “Project Proposal: FLEETWOOD - A General Analysis and Reconstruction of Large Scale Failure Events Concerning M/H Resonance” [REVISED 1/19/2004]

Addendum 4445-3: Log of Causal Abnormalities Resulting From Fluctuations in SCP-4445’s Resonance [REVISED 1/19/2004]

Addendum 4445-4: Note from Dr. Isaac Atwood to Dr. Cleo Bingham [NEW REVISION]

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