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Item #: SCP-4444

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4444 is to be confined to the forum site GAIA ONLINE, and to be maintained as a public disinformation campaign against enemies who would attack the Foundation. It is hoped that any enemies who attempt to attack the Foundation will use information gathered from this website instead of the canonical records, thus causing them to misunderstand our capabilities.

Description: SCP-4444 is a Gaia Online guild located at [REDACTED] The Guild appears to describe a bizarre parallel universe where things do not make sense and the very structure of the universe is turned upside down. Among other changes:

  • D-Class personnel are considered important personnel.
  • SCP-682 is named Cain, and appears to have been conflated with SCP-073.
  • SCP-076-2 is described as using guns.
  • The Foundation is made up entirely of SCPs.

Foundation Personnel are requested to monitor this alternate universe and to list any additional discrepancies above.

Addendum: You see! THIS is why I keep telling you never to trust humanoid SCPs! - Dr. Clef.

Addendum 2: Unauthorized Personnel are no longer to carry out personal investigations of SCP-4444. - Dr. Clef.

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