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Item #: SCP-4443

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4443 is to be contained in a standard containment locker.

Security Personnel are to be stationed within all rooms directly adjacent to the testing chamber of SCP-4443. Rooms are to be supplied with equipment under the guidelines given under Document 4443/4.

Update: Following the events of Test-4443-31, security personnel are to be stationed in the chamber during testing.

Description: SCP-4443 is a plain white sheet measuring 180x150cm. Two circular patches of black polyester have been stitched into it side to side, giving it the appearance of a generic ‘sheet ghost’ Halloween costume. Anomalous properties manifest only when worn.

When worn by a subject, SCP-4443 is resistant to the effects of air currents and will only move when manipulated by the wearer or other physical forces. Wearers are capable of phasing directly through solid surfaces along with SCP-4443. Subjects do not need to be fully covered for anomalous qualities to manifest; tests have shown that effects activate while approximately 50% of the subject's body is covered by SCP-4443. SCP-4443 may be removed by the wearer or by another person directly attempting to do so.

Additionally, those wearing SCP-4443 are capable of slow, upwards levitation. This effect only activates while the wearer vocalizes a sound similar to a typical “Oooo” noise associated with ghosts. Levitation will cease when the wearer stops vocalizing, wherein they will slowly float back downwards.

Discovery Log: SCP-4443 was initially discovered following the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of Craig ████, who had reportedly fallen from the second story of his home in ██████, Wisconsin, United States. The parents of Craig and several outside witnesses claimed to have watched him phase through the house's second story wall while wearing SCP-4443. Amnestics were issued and upon confirming its anomalous properties, SCP-4443 was secured. At no point was it confirmed whether SCP-4443 had been made by Craig ████ or was found.

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