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Item #: SCP-4442

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4442 is contained along with the town of ███████, Florida. All previous residents have been given Class-B amnestics and relocated, and all geographical records of the area since 1963 have been wiped or destroyed.

The town was converted to a Foundation facility1 in 1976 after Incident Digamma-874, and is currently used as an MTF barracks and training facility. All contact with SCP-4442 and its immediate vicinity is monitored closely by site staff. Up to 150 personnel can be on staff at one time, with the town functioning as a location to teach Tier I-III Defensive Driving courses.

Description: SCP-4442 is a four-way traffic stop in ███████, Florida. It is of standard construction for the time period.2 It uses one Crouse Hinds "D" type 4-way signal, with its signature "Smiley Face" lenses hung over the center of the intersection. Span wire is attached diagonally across the street to two utility poles six meters in height.

SCP-4442 continues to function as a normal four-way traffic light, in spite of it no longer having access to a power supply or the regular maintenance a unit of its age would require. SCP-4442's anomalous effects are triggered when a manned street legal vehicle passes directly underneath the signal; the driver of this vehicle will be designated SCP-4442-A for the duration of SCP-4442's effect. For the next 30 days, any moving violation to which SCP-4442-A is at fault will result in subjectively appropriate vandalism to SCP-4442-A's primary vehicle, designated SCP-4442-B. SCP-4442-B may not be the vehicle used to initiate the initial event, or even the vehicle currently registered to SCP-4442-A; rather, SCP-4442-B appears to be the vehicle to which SCP-4442-A is most emotionally attached at the time of crossing SCP-4442.

Any text produced by SCP-4442 is printed as matte black3 576-point Impact font directly on the outer body of the vehicle. Testing has shown that the severity of the vandalism is proportionate to the severity of the moving violation; additionally, statements manifested are personalized to the driver.4 For details, see addenda.

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