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Adirondack State Park, from which Document SCP-4441-2-04 was retrieved

Item #: SCP-4441

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: As of September 2018, SCP-4441-1 is uncontained. MTF-Epsilon 6 (”Village Idiots”) is currently deployed in rural areas of New York state to track SCP-4441-1 and retrieve any discovered instances of SCP-4441-2. Civilians who retain information regarding the Foundation, other GOI’s or any anomalous activity through SCP-4441-2 must be apprehended and amnesticized.

Falsified rumors about aggressive bears in the areas which SCP-4441-2 are found have been spread in order to mitigate the chance that civilians encounter them. In addition, a cover story of an ARG1 has been established in the event that a civilian encounters an SCP-4441-2 instance.

Foundation activity in the State of New York will continue as before until further notice. The Foundation is to expend all available antimemetics-suppressing technology to protect Foundation-owned locations in the State of New York.

Description: SCP-4441 is the designation for anomalous activity in the state of New York orchestrated by an uncontained entity hereafter referred to as SCP-4441-1. No reliable physical description of SCP-4441-1 exists. However, through SCP-4441-2 the Foundation has inferred that SCP-4441-1 is likely a hostile antimemetic entity.

SCP-4441-2 are non-anomalous documents relating to SCP-4441-1 and its activity in the state of New York. SCP-4441-2 are found exclusively in rural areas of New York State, most commonly in the counties of Hamilton, Herkimer and Saint Lawrence. Most appear to be written by Foundation personnel.

Every instance recovered so far has been an A4 size paper printed in standard black ink and placed onto a tree using double-sided tape. The paper has proven to be weather-resistant and will not detach from the trees they were placed on unless handled by humans. No traces of fingerprints or DNA has been found from any instance of SCP-4441-2.

The integrity of SCP-4441-2 is questionable, as all personnel and Foundation sites mentioned in SCP-4441-2 conflict with archival information. These discrepancies could however be the result of SCP-4441-1's antimemetic properties.

SCP-4441 is believed to be either the result of selective interdimensional travel of documents, or a massive antimemetic attack on both civilian and Foundation activity by SCP-4441-1. Due to the non-trivial possibility of the latter, containment of SCP-4441-1 is currently the foremost immediate goal of the Foundation in the Eastern United States.

Addendum SCP-4441-Alpha:

Below is an abridged collection of SCP-4441-2 instances retrieved by various Foundation personnel between 6/6/2018 and 9/27/2018. Of note is that SCP-4441-1 is designated as SCP-6762 in all instances of SCP-4441-2.

Addendum SCP-4441-Beta:

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