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SCP-444-KO is an infohazard. Only class 1~4/444K personnel conducting Operation 444K-Searching is authorised to view this additional information. DO NOT discuss this information with personnel without 1~4/444K clearance.

(Revision 08/07/04)
Item #: SCP-444-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel of Site-657 and other personnel infected by the infohazard are given 1~4/444K clearance. The parameter around the shed containing SCP-444-KO-1~5 is to be blocked and guarded and must be prohibited civilian access. Also, each instance should be regularly monitored, especially SCP-444-KO-5. Visual observation of SCP-444-KO-5 is only allowed to 1~4/444K class personnel.

Class 1~4/444K personnel affected by the infohazard should not communicate with the unaffected due to the probability of the increase in infection. Such interaction is only allowed to the reporting person. 1~4/444K class personnel must be locked in Site-657 to perform their tasks. Exiting is prohibited.

The tasks of class 1~4/444K are as follows:

  • Research Personnel: They should mainly search for the identity of the killer of SCP-444-KO-5. Additionally, they should analyse the 'murder' that had happened at the shed.
  • Report Personnel: They are responsible for communication between the affected and unaffected, reporting minimal information without the infohazard, and the research progress. Also, they should answer whether if the protocol is being abided.
  • Investigation Personnel: They should investigate the shed and find clues for the murder. Research personnel are to analyse these clues then.

The killers of SCP-444-KO-5 must be found. When the convict is found, SCP-444-KO-5 can be readjusted to Euclid according to the reports of 1~4/444K class personnel, while the personnel are removed of their classes and return to regular duty. 1~4/444K class personnel must proceed with the investigation daily to find the murderer of SCP-444-KO-5, and if this is not done class 1~4/444K class Report Personnel activate protocol 'Copy'.

Description: SCP-444-KO refers to five dead bodies located in a shed in Mt.████, ████ ███. The most recently found instance, SCP-444-KO-5 is thought to be a simple infohazard, but it showed its danger when multiple other bodies were found in the shed during Incident 444K-12.

These bodies (except SCP-444-KO-5) is thought to be dead at 1983, but shows no signs of decay, enabling the Foundation to identify the person and the cause of death. However, SCP-444-KO-5's form was severely distorted, making it impossible to identify.

When the Foundation tried to move these bodies for the sake of containment, the bodies did not move at all, and all attempts to move the bodies have failed. (Check below for the case of SCP-444-KO-5)


Buried in front of the main gate on the first floor, it is thought to be the body of Age Osmond, an African in his 40s. He seems to have died massive blood loss due to a sharp object in the abdomen, no other suspicious point were found. He is confirmed to be the consumer finance professional.


Hidden in the mattress of a bed in the bedroom on the second floor, it is thought to be the body of a Caucasian female in her 20s, named Rola Sherman. She seems to have died instantly after her head was hit by a vase1 The constricted hand was grabbing a severely rusty knife2 It is confirmed that the subject gained a substantial amount of debt while working at a bar. The knife showed a reaction to luminol.


Buried under the yard of the shed, the body is thought to be that of Ferry Orland, an Asian male in his 30s. The posterior of his skull is severely damaged. His cause of death seems to be a broken neck, and it is theorised that he fell to his death. No other notable points were discovered.


Nailed on the corner of the roof, the body is thought to be that of Sara Jordan, a Caucasian female in her 30s. The cause of death seems to be multiple stab wounds by a sharp object, including one on her hand, likely caused by some sharp and big shard. She is confirmed to be the owner of the bar where SCP-444-KO-2 used to work.


A body thought to be murdered and hung on the ceiling of the basement, likely disguised as if they committed suicide. Because of severe distortion, the body cannot be confirmed of its identity. Researchers presume the body to be female. Touching the body with one's hand makes them feel sadness and despair.(For further information, refer to Research log 444K-16)

This body was found first and then given the number SCP-444-KO, but its designation changed when other bodies were found during incident 444K-12. If a person sees SCP-444-KO-5 at the with their bare eyes, they experience a cognitive manipulation that makes them firmly believe that the instance is a human, and has been murdered. However, after incident 444K-12, it is confirmed that SCP-444-KO-5 is a human, and there was in fact, a murder in the shed. Researchers brought up with two theories for this instance; that they were the killer, or they took their own life not wanting to be killed.

The agent that tried to untie the rope which SCP-444-KO-5 was hung on disappeared. This agent was never seen again. Further attempts like these are not recommended.

After SCP-444-KO-1~4 was found, SCP-444-KO attained a new cognitohazardous trait, leading to incident 444K-12. In anyone finds out about SCP-444-KO-1~4 or the murder by any means, the person suffers similar anomalous events as if they saw SCP-444-KO-5 on site. Additional traits of these anomalous events include:

  • Hearing voices including 'multiple' screaming.
  • Gaining immunity from the event when seeing SCP-444-KO-5 directly.

Amnestics were administered to some of the exposed of incident 444K-12, but they all died as if they were 'murdered' after a day.3 investigation about this has been assigned to class 1~4/444K personnel as an additional duty, and now under progress. Considering the fact that the exposed are essential individuals of the Foundation, SCP-444-KO has been re-classified as Keter.


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