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Item #: SCP-4439

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-4439 in dormant state.


SCP-4439 expanding upwards, 3 hours after tenants were evicted from premises.

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-4439 is to be permanently cordoned off from the public. Four agents are to be embedded into the town and serve as the primary caregivers of SCP-4439. An agent is to remain in physical proximity of SCP-4439 at all times, but otherwise is able to carry out his/her regular duties.

In the case of containment breach, additional personnel will be deployed to collect all samples of SCP-4439 and quarantine its spread.

Description: SCP-4439 is a stain on a wall located in the second-floor bedroom of a house on the outskirts of ███████, Missouri. The size of the stain is approximately 10 centimeters in height and 50 centimeters wide, located at the bottom of the easternmost wall of the room.

SCP-4439 is able to expand or shrink itself on its own accord, reacting to the physical presence of human beings (or lack thereof). In isolation, SCP-4439 begins to spread across all hard surfaces at a rate of 1 meter/hour. In the presence of a human adult, however, SCP-4439 becomes docile, gradually shrinking back to its original size and shape.

Laboratory tests indicate SCP-4439 is comprised of soot and dust, skin cells and traces of human blood.

Discovery: Law enforcement officials were called to ███ ██████ Avenue on December 7, 2012, after neighbors reported hearing a woman's screams at 0115 hrs. Upon arrival at the house, however, the owners (a man and woman in their mid-40s) appeared lucid and calm, claiming to have no knowledge of suspicious activity.

A search of the house uncovered a few drops of blood on one of the bedroom floors. Officers examined the wife for external wounds or signs of duress, but were assured by the husband that it was nothing but a nosebleed, and left the premises shortly after.

A week later, Foundation agents were alerted to increased anomalous activity surrounding the house: a child's cries could be heard repeatedly during the night, even though there was no record of the couple having any offspring.

Upon entry to the house, SCP-4439 was discovered to have spread over most of the building's interior, covering its walls, floorboards and ceilings. The bedroom on the second floor appeared to be its point-of-origin.

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