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Item#: 4437
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The area in which SCP-4437 may manifest.

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-4437 is to be sealed off with concrete, declared condemned, and to be removed from any subway maps. Any person who views 2065 is to be given Class-A amnestics. As a safety precaution, any subjects who enter SCP-4437 for testing must not disembark from their vehicle, due to the risk of a Vaxt τ-Class "Chronography Change" Scenario.1 DEEPWELL systems are to be calibrated due to immense strain caused by use of SCP-4437.

Description: SCP-4437 refers to a temporal anomaly currently encompassing a section of New York City's 7 subway track, approximately one mile in length. Any train that enters SCP-4437's span, as well as any passengers, will be transported into the past or future relative to their acceleration upon entering SCP-4437. The direction of the car's acceleration determines the direction of temporal displacement: acceleration results in forward temporal displacement, while deceleration denotes backward temporal displacement. The exact proportion is not known. Current approximations are between 20 km/s2 to 57 years, and 20 km/s2 to 150 years.

All temporal displacement of the train car ceases upon any personnel-created change in speed, returning displaced objects and individuals to a non-anomalous section of the 7 track, travelling at the speed limit for that particular section. SCP-4437 only triggers under the following conditions:

  • A subway car enters SCP-4437.
  • The subway car must typically travel on the 7 track.
  • The subway car must be accelerating or decelerating when entering SCP-4437.
  • The subway car is travelling at an initial velocity greater than 5 km/hr.
  • The subway car must not be automated.

Any failure to fulfill these conditions results in those attempting to enter SCP-4437 to simply run down the track, generally resulting in crashes once SCP-4437's track ends. Failed attempts at entering SCP-4437 have resulted in 24 Foundation casualties.

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