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The following file describes an anomalous spectral entity. Only authorized personnel working under this anomaly are permitted access to the sensitive information below.

— Dr. Lorraine Casper, Head of the Department of Spectral Phenomena

SCP-4435. Picture taken by Mobile Task Forces

Item#: SCP-4435

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4435 is kept inside an Incorporeal Entity Vacuum Chamber. Should SCP-4435 begin exhibiting unnatural behavior, the chamber is to be kept at a high setting to prevent SCP-4435 from dematerializing. Electronic devices are not allowed within SCP-4435's holding chamber at all times. Each camera inside the chamber has been modified with a single nPDN (Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizers) to prevent destruction from SCP-4435.

Description: SCP-4435 is a Class III Incorporeal/Corporeal Humanoid Apparition and a Type 6M1 Phantasmic Entity. SCP-4435 appears as a middle-aged man of Asiatic descent wearing a black overcoat. In addition, SCP-4435 appears to have had its vocal cords surgically removed and its ligaments severed from the joints in six different places2. Because of this, SCP-4435 constantly bleeds from these extremities and observations indicate this hemorrhaging to be permanent.

While SCP-4435 is capable of existing in-between its physical and spectral form, it has shown to fully change to either one of these states; when interacting with solid obstacles, SCP-4435 will become intangible and phase through matter. Similarly, when encountering sentient entities, it will turn itself or a portion of its body tangible to interact with it. SCP-4435 is also capable of causing irreparable damage in electronic devices and equipment when passing through them3.

Discovery: SCP-4435 was discovered by PoI-9009 ("Kevin Nguyen") after the subject had reported a "supernatural presence" in his apartment at his private blog. Foundation webcrawlers intercepted the blog post via anomalous incident recognition algorithms and mobilized MTF-Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") to the location. Upon retrieval of SCP-4435, the entity began displaying a psychological attachment to Kevin Nguyen, who believes that SCP-4435 was his father, Brian Nguyen, who had disappeared six months prior.

Addendum 4436.1: First Interview

Addendum 4435.2: Excerpt from Dr. Cyrus Tamlin's paper: "Apparition Escalation: Preliminary Research into Human Triggered Escalation of Apparition Hostility"

Addendum 4435.3: Second Interview and Incident

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