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The real estate listing photo of SCP-4433-A, taken November 1999.

Item #: SCP-4433

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Standard Foundation cell network1 probes have been updated to detect phone conversations in which the words "mother" and "country" are spoken more than fifteen times each over the span of five minutes; this will cause the network to issue an automatic alert to the security director(s) of the facility nearest to the phone affected, who will then dispatch response agents to determine if the case is legitimate. If so, the individual affected should be detained, interviewed, and held until SCP-4433 stop making contact and the affected no longer shows a desire to make contact, at which point amnesticization, reconditioning, and release is encouraged but not required. As SCP-4433 have not been shown to manifest outside of SCP-4433-A, no physical containment procedures are necessary.

The property containing SCP-4433-A is surrounded by a three-meter chain link fence and under 24/7 video surveillance by no fewer than five C-class personnel with 4/4433 clearance stationed at Outpost 4433-A, which is disguised as a water service station located 550 meters north of SCP-4433-A. Persons attempting to breach SCP-4433-A's perimeter fence or showing excessive interest in the property should be detained and interviewed, with amnesticization and release possible providing all information is determined to be secure.

Description: SCP-4433 is the collective designation for five sentient anomalous humanoids which will target one subject at a given time in order to impersonate their family and convince them through both vocal coercion and anomalous influence to come to SCP-4433-A, in which SCP-4433 will manifest and further anomalous events will take place. Subjects targeted by and under the effect of SCP-4433 will fail to perceive signs that the entities are anomalous at all stages of interaction.

SCP-4433-A is a two-story home in ██████ █████, North Carolina which appears to have been abandoned since 2001 after sustaining heavy fire damage. Realty records indicate that "Samuel ████-█████" owned the house from 1999 until immediately prior to its abandonment, though no legal records of an individual of this name exist in North Carolina records. If entered without prior SCP-4433 activity, the house is non-anomalous and can be explored normally.2 If entered following request by SCP-4433, the subject affected experiences fully realistic visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory hallucinations which effectively convince them that they are in a modern house with full utilities and amenities.

To outside observers, SCP-4433 are incorporeal humanoid figures visible only in infrared imaging and purportedly in peripheral vision. The affected subject perceives SCP-4433 as normal humans who are close relatives; all subjects on record have claimed that four of them are named Jacob, Sam, Lindsay, and Karen3 (SCP-4433-1 through -4 respectively), with the fifth (SCP-4433-5) realistically imitating a real relative.4 SCP-4433 also induce severe disruption of radio, radar, and microwave equipment within 10-13 kilometers of SCP-4433-A when present in the house. SCP-4433 have never physically manifested anywhere other than the interior of SCP-4433-A and only appear to manifest when a subject is present.

If not removed from SCP-4433-A by Foundation intervention, subjects will intentionally remain in the house, unaware that they have no sustenance or functioning plumbing and electrical service and continuing daily activities as they would normally, until expiring due to starvation, dehydration, or other environmental factors.

While SCP-4433 appear capable of affecting any United States citizen5, Foundation-led testing and civilian incident records have indicated that a subject is more likely susceptible to SCP-4433 influence if the subject was born between 1981 and 1995.

Effects are initiated when the subject receives a phone call from a restricted number. This number cannot be blocked and tracing is inconclusive. If the subject does not have a phone, the closest phone6 will be affected; this will continue until SCP-4433 are allowed to contact the subject. Allowing the subject to enter SCP-4433-A is the only proven method of preventing further activity from SCP-4433 in the related chain of contact.

Subjects report they experience a sense of dread and obligation to answer despite unfamiliarity with the number, though will sometimes still insist that someone else answer the call. However, upon answering, the subject will engage in a short conversation during which they will address the speaker by the name of a real family member and later claim that asking about its identity is "an invasion of privacy"7, a notable difference from claims made prior to answering the call. The speaker has in most cases appeared to be privy to private information such as D-class subjects' incarceration or demotion history and some details of Foundation operations.

Throughout the call, the subject will be told that "mama needs [them] home"8 while also inciting disagreement. Despite this, subjects at this stage are defensive of SCP-4433, referring to them as family and attempting to find reasonable explanations for their behavior. Following enough discussion with the SCP-4433 instance — sometimes after additional phone calls have taken place — the subject will invariably demand to visit SCP-4433-A; if not permitted to do this, SCP-4433 will call the subject 6-12 times daily to request again that they visit SCP-4433-A and the subject's panic and anxiety symptoms will exponentially worsen to the point of inducing pulmonary issues, culminating with anomalously induced heart failure within 4-7 days.

SCP-4433 can be contacted intentionally by returning a call from the call log on one of the devices originally targeted (despite the fact that this should not be possible on any cell network or landline due to the number's restricted status), which will yield no answer, but will cause a new target to be selected from people present in the room where the call was made. Using this method for D-class testing has been determined unnecessary and unproductive for both research and containment purposes, and is prohibited indefinitely as of 11/16/18.9 SCP-4433 autonomously target 34-40 subjects per year.

Addendum I: The following handwritten documents were recovered from the room in SCP-4433-A that sustained the heaviest fire damage; other than in being mostly undamaged despite the condition of the room, the documents appear to be non-anomalous. No author is specified, though it is assumed to be SCP-4433-4 based upon context.

Saturday, December 1, 2001


What can I say? It’s not a pretty start to the Christmas season in this neck of the woods. Lindsay and Jacob seem to have a difficult time understanding that if they’re going to freeload off Sam without pulling their weight around here, they are going to be treated as freeloaders. They’re both 16 at this point; I tell them that back in our day we were working our butts off at gas stations to pay for college at that age! I don’t have to go into how kids these days are. It’s the state of our country, I’m telling you. I figure they could at least tend the dishes and do their own laundry!


Thursday, December 6, 2001


This week has only gotten worse. Sam and I really can’t tolerate the state of this country. Everything has simply been worse and worse the past few months, and everyone is so tense. Sam had to fly out of ILM this morning and everything felt so different there. It’s times like this when my mother would have told me that we have to come together… one big human family and all that jazz. One big happy American family? Maybe. But people are nuts these days, and none of these kids want to earn a living, they just want to play on their computers and whine.

Sam was never about all that new culture. He prefers to keep to himself and his blood family, and his work of course. Good work, honest work. Construction is hard work. I don’t know how I feel, but it’s getting to my head, and I think something’s getting to the kids when they're at school, too.

Saturday, December 8, 2001

These kids, Mother. These kids. [ILLEGIBLE] I'd take anyone else. If only God would send us down a little helper type to do the dirty work so that I can focus on raising these brats! Between listening to Sam yelling at the news every night and the kids yelling at each other, I think I'm going to blow up. panic and Sam will have to calm me down again.

Sunday, December 9, 2001

I can't bear it. I swear I cannot. I am forty-five years old now, Mother. Forty-five, and Sam can't afford to get me nice facelifts and all those things that the women from my beach club keep getting. It's just my skin versus all this stress and aging. The state of this country isn't helping the stress, I can promise you that. What kind of schooling will Jacob and Lindsay be going through these next few years? What is their education going to look like with everyone so wrapped up in their own fear? It's all too much for me, and I swear sometimes I want to burn this place to the ground.

I wish I could be here for this family, or for anyone, like you were, Mother — I wish I could be you. But I don't have anything going for me as far as getting used to change goes. Sam and I will both admit that. I'm not a people person.

Addendum II: Test Log

The following log has been selected and included as an example of typical SCP-4433 activity. Full records may be requested from the Site-42 Information and Security Department by persons with 3/4433 clearance.

Case #: 026

File Created: 09/20/18 15:30
Approved by: A-180110

Supervising Researcher(s): B-368911, B-█████
Supervising Officer(s): C-51174, C-61266
Subject(s): D-1138

Names have been redacted or excluded where required.

Transcript #1: D-1138 is equipped with B-3689's cell phone, the device last contacted by SCP-4433. D-1138 is isolated in an interview room and instructed to dial the number. The phone rings for 20 seconds before disconnecting. The call is received 73 minutes later.


D-1138: Hello?

SCP-4433-5: ██████, dear. You tried to reach me?

D-1138: Aunt Jean? I thought Mom said you'd moved out of the country. Are you-

SCP-4433-5: [unintelligible] -country12. The country.

The phone emits a low droning noise similar to a disconnected tone for 9 seconds.

SCP-4433-5: [unintelligible] -the country. Speaking of which, dear, you tried to reach me?

D-1138: Who's talking right now? Is this Aunt Jean?

SCP-4433-5: It's me, ██████. Don't act like you don't know me. I told you that your mother13 and I see everything you do. [SENSITIVE INFORMATION REMOVED] You have to be kidding me, boy. We'd had a lot of hope for you.

D-1138: How would you know about that? Aunt Jean, this is you, right?

SCP-4433-5: [unintelligible]

The phone emits a low droning noise for 5 seconds.

SCP-4433-5: -in this country. You should drop by the old house sometime and have a sit-down with us. I think you're not too old for a talking-to. [unintelligible] Mother would want to see you. Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I hope you'll be ready for us.

D-1138: I didn't know you lived with Mom now.

SCP-4433-5: Mother lives with us. Mother has always lived with us.

The phone emits a low droning noise for 5 seconds.

SCP-4433-5: [unintelligible]

D-1138: What? Are you there?

SCP-4433-5: [unintelligible] -out of this country.

D-1138: I didn't hear what you said.

SCP-4433-5: Well, dear, are you going to shape up and come visit us? There's plenty of room for you here. Thanksgiving is too far away! Just come any time. We're always ready for you.

D-1138: Do you want me to come tonight?

SCP-4433-5: Tonight- Oh, the news is on. Sam is going to be talking nonstop about the state of this country. Mother will be watching. You could be watching with us. You could see it. We could see you.

D-1138: Uh, sure.

SCP-4433-5: Are you sassing me? Listen to me, boy. You come on down, but you're going to shape up your life for us or you're not going to have much of a family anymore, I'll tell you that.

D-1138: Uh, okay. Can you give me the address? I'll be there tonight.

SCP-4433-5: Very well. [SENSITIVE INFORMATION REMOVED] Come anytime tonight, dear, anytime.

D-1138 is instructed by C-51174 to ask the anomaly if it will speak to Foundation personnel. D-1138 is uncooperative and states that he needs to listen to what it is saying. B-3689 documents the apparent anomalous influence resulting from speaking to SCP-4433-5.

D-1138: There are some people here who say they need to talk to you. Will you talk to them?

The phone emits a low droning noise for 6 seconds.

SCP-4433-5: No, no fellas like that. Mama don't like them white-collar men. Doing a shame [unintelligible] our country.

C-51174 is instructed to take the phone from D-1138.

C-51174: Hello, are you willing to provide your name, location, and how you obtained this cell number?

The phone emits a low droning noise for 20 seconds before the call disconnects.


Analysis: SCP-4433-5 appeared to have potential contextual knowledge of the Foundation. Further testing is needed.

Post-Test Interview:


B-3689: Can you identify the entity on the phone call?

D-1138: That's my mother's sister.

B-3689: Do you think the address it gave you is the correct one?

D-1138: I figured they moved.

B-3689: But did your aunt always talk to you like that?

D-1138: No, but what's it to you? She's family.

B-3689: So you do indeed feel certain that the speaker was your aunt?

D-1138 appears irate.

D-1138: I said she's family. What more do you want?

B-3689: Okay, noted. What about Sam? The speaker mentioned a Sam. Do you have family by that name?

D-1138: All of them are my family.

B-3689: Care to elaborate?

D-1138 is silent.

B-3689: Alright. And why did you tell the speaker that you would meet it at an offsite location tonight without our prior approval?

D-1138: I wasn't thinking. I was just thinking about the fact that she's family.

B-3689: Personnel records state that your real family lives in [SENSITIVE INFORMATION REMOVED], including the aunt you were supposedly talking to on the phone. What do you think is the explanation for this, or the fact that you made the call that triggered this activity from the entity you believe to be your aunt?

D-1138: That was my aunt on the phone. She's my family. Let me go visit her.

D-1138 is visibly agitated.

B-3689: What do you believe will come of visiting this location? Are you familiar at all with the address they gave you?

D-1138: I don't know. Just let me go talk to them. They're my family. I need to talk to them.

B-3689: Very well. We'll see if we can approve it.


Transcript #2: D-1138 is transported to SCP-4433-A and permitted to enter the property, supervised by C-51174 and C-61266. This is the first test in which removal of the subject from SCP-4433-A was attempted.


D-1138 waits on the porch of SCP-4433-A and knocks thrice on the door. When there is no response, he enters. C-51174 and C-61266 follow him in. No light source is present inside the house, as the windows are boarded shut. C-class personnel note that the smell of burning wood is present despite the fact that no fires are ongoing on the property. Thermal imaging indicates no furniture is present in the house.

D-1138: Aunt Jean? Are you guys home?

C-51174: D-1138, can you hear me?

D-1138 does not respond, instead walking forward and into the living room. C-51174 notes one 18°C humanoid figure descending rapidly down the stairs on all fours. It approaches D-1138 and stands upright, several centimeters from his face.

D-1138: Oh, you don't look a day older, would you look at that. And it smells great in here too. Making turkey?

D-1138 walks into the kitchen. C-51174 is instructed to turn his flashlight on. The SCP-4433 instance appears to face him for a moment before following D-1138 out of the room. C-51174 notes that the floor is covered in at least one centimeter of soot and small debris, significantly compromising air quality when displaced. C-class personnel follow D-1138 and the anomaly.

D-1138: Are they coming down? I'll set the table. I don't mean to be rude.

D-1138 proceeds into the dining room. C-51174's flashlight remains trained on him as he leans over the intact end of the dilapidated table and makes a motion as if shaking a napkin. Over the next several minutes, he walks back and forth between rooms as if carrying platters of food on his open palms, commenting about the smell of various dishes. Thermal imaging shows all five SCP-4433 instances are standing with their arms at their sides in a row that blocks off the kitchen and dining room from the rest of the house as this occurs.

D-1138: The whole family's here.

D-1138 seats himself at the table and places his palms into the soot covering its surface.

D-1138: Who's going to say grace? Aunt Jean? Where's Aunt Jean?

D-1138 turns around. C-51174 trains the camera on the stairs as the fifth SCP-4433 instance approaches slowly. It appears to make a prolonged directional glance toward the camera as it passes the personnel and stands beside the table with its arms outstretched for several seconds.

D-1138: Right, thank you, Aunt Jean.

D-1138 proceeds to search for a fork underneath the ash covering the table. He then uses it to pierce a small pile of burnt and rotted wood and place it in his mouth. He attempts to chew and swallow it for 15 seconds before coughing it out onto the floor.

D-1138: Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into me. I must have eaten something bad before I came over. It's not your food doing it, I promise.

After a short pause during which three of the instances turn to face D-1138 with one arm extended toward him, he turns around and walks back into the kitchen toward the sink. He turns the faucet handles and reaches into the sink, attempting to splash his face with the dry mixture of dirt, soot, and debris present in the sink.

D-1138: Yep, that's better. Sorry about that.

D-1138 seats himself at the table again and makes motions as if he is eating, but does not consume anything. This continues in silence for 12 minutes, interrupted only once, when D-1138 remarks that he does "not want to talk politics right now". Following this, he claims he is "tending the dishes" over a six-minute period as he walks between the sink and table repeatedly with hands outstretched.

D-1138: Weird that we didn't drink anything with that, right? I'll be right back.

D-1138 attempts to use the restroom. Due to the unsafe sanitation conditions of the restroom,14 C-61266 is instructed to prevent D-1138 from entering the room and attempt to end the test early. D-1138 does not respond to physical stimuli until C-61266 lifts him off the ground.

D-1138: Aunt Jean? Someone's breaking into the house!

D-1138 makes several unintelligible vocalizations. All five SCP-4433 instances immediately face the three personnel and approach them with arms outstretched; C-51174 films four of them pursuing C-61266 and D-1138 as they head toward the front door, though the instance he identifies as SCP-4433-5 stays behind, facing him and approaching him. He follows the other personnel, attempting to pass SCP-4433-5, which has turned to face the corner but has its arms outstretched at its sides; once C-51174 has passed it, it turns around and runs toward him, but stops and retreats into the living room when D-1138 speaks.

D-1138: Don't take me out of here. They will not be happy if I leave.

Test supervisors instruct C-class personnel to comply as specified. C-class personnel exit SCP-4433-A. D-1138 is then observed remotely for the next 60 hours via night-vision drone; over this period, he continues verbally communicating with SCP-4433 as if they are family members and he is a resident of the household. He becomes critically dehydrated after 48 hours and appears to start experiencing further delusions, as his speech becomes unintelligible; however, he appears to still carry out household chore actions in their respective locations despite the lack of real materials, and he uses the downstairs guest bedroom as his room, including sleeping on the burnt remains of the mattress. He develops a severe cough the following morning and expires shortly thereafter; SCP-4433 cluster around his body for 90 seconds following his death with their arms intertwined before dematerializing. D-1138's corpse was later determined to be non-anomalous.

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