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Item #: SCP-4432

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4432 is currently contained in a padded and soundproofed room within Site-55's Euclid containment wing.

Description: SCP-4432 is a heavily modified humanoid entity possessing multiple anomalous properties, measuring 165cm tall and weighing 54kg.

SCP-4432's modifications include:

  • a detachable metal fish head,
  • a candy dispenser replacing the trachea,
  • a small CRT television protruding from its chest,
  • an ethernet cable in place of genitals which connects to a network named "intrenet",
  • five USB C charging cables protruding from the navel,
  • a Triple A battery pack located on the upper back; empty,
  • small tools such as a knife, spork, scissors, etc replacing the fingers,
  • a lightbulb replacing the nose, which glows red when a lie is told within 3 meters of it,
  • a liquid soap dispenser extending from the top of the spine,
  • roller skates in place of feet,
  • and a lunar calendar pinned to its mid-back.

SCP-4432 constantly produces vocalizations and appears to be aware of its surroundings, but is unable to reliably communicate with Foundation personnel. A temporary tattoo reading "mr mister® by dado " was found on the subject's lower back upon initial discovery, but has since faded.

The subject has been identified as Ricardo Trujillo, a construction worker from Albuquerque, New Mexico who was reported as missing on December 26th, 2019 after responding to a Craigslist ad for a "human pig of guinea (pay good cash)[sic]".

Addendum 4432.1: Recovered Document

The following document was found glued to the TV on SCP-4432's chest.

wow you has find mr mister by dado, limited time only item from dado
dado is see how swiss are make knife and spoon and scissor into army knife of swiss and dado is think 'hmmm perhaps consolidate is best for dado as well' so dado is look at the small misters of dr wanderingtrain and say 'why have multiple when dado can instead be into making army swiss mister'
congratulations you are become collector person, dado is not judge of gender preference unlike doctor wundertaint who is much lawyery and mean

Addendum 4432.2: Recovered Text Messages

The following communications were recovered from Mr. Trujillo's phone, presumably occuring prior to becoming SCP-4432.

Log 1

December 24th, 2019

2:34 PM

did u buy the doll for Alejandra yet??

i had to use the money

i cannot fucking believe you, ricky

i give u one fucking errand

and u cant even do that right

what did u spend the money on this time??

actually forget it. i dont want to know.

christa im sorry i had bills

i knew my mom was right about u. i dont care what u do, just make sure u buy the gd doll for alejandra or i will make sure you never have custody again

ill bring you the doll tomorrow ill figure something out

u fuckin better.

Seen 2:44 PM

Log 2

December 24th, 2019

3:02 PM

hey i wanted to ask about your clist ad
how much are you paying?

hello yes dado is pay good moneys

okay but how much exactly? theres something i need to
theres something i need to buy so I really need to know how much youre paying

what it is you are of needing

i need to buy my daughter this expensive doll for christmas or my exwife isnt going to let me see her again. please stop jerking me around and tell me how much youre going to pay dude

dado is not of jerking, dado is fine entrepreneur and expert maker of toy better than mattel and dogtor wanderyman. maybe dado can assistance you with expensive luxury doll

youre saying you can make me one of those fancy dolls?

dado can make u toy yes

okay cool forget the cash, just do that


u come see dado at 53 colombus drive south east1

be there in an hour

seen 3:09 pm

Log 3

December 24th, 2019

3:56 PM

hey i found a clist gig that will help me get the doll. im meeting the guy now.


tell allie ill see her tomorrow for christmas okay


im sorry this happened


merry christmas christa

Seen 3:58 PM

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