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Thermal image of SCP-4427 (left) present in the right lane of Interstate 40 near Castle Hayne, North Carolina. At this static position, SCP-4427 was in contact with 65 drivers before Foundation personnel were able to close the right lane; the resulting SCP-4427-A instance later expired.

Item #: SCP-4427

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As there is no accurate method of predicting SCP-4427 manifestation times, SCP-4427 is considered uncontainable; however, most cases appear1 to take place at political events — particularly rallies for topics pertaining to regulation of the anomalous — and these events should be monitored accordingly. Further public protection efforts should be directed toward thermal imaging surveillance of high-traffic roads and walkways; if SCP-4427 is seen, the area surrounding it should be cordoned off with traffic cones or similar construction signage before 45 people have passed through it. The anomaly will demanifest within 12 hours, and during this period should be guarded by at least two personnel with 3/4427 clearance. Civilian inquiries are to be directed to Site-42 Media Relations & Support, and should not be answered by on-duty containment personnel.

The AC-27 satellite reconnaissance system has been designed to recognize SCP-4427 by exact size and temperature and issue automatic alerts; the Site Security Director(s) of all Earth-based Foundation facilities has access to this system and should dispatch personnel accordingly if SCP-4427 is detected nearby. If Foundation personnel are out of range of the anomaly and cannot respond within a reasonable time frame, city and state police departments are authorized to respond if provided with only the information necessary to maintain security until qualified personnel arrive.

Anomalies possessing effects induced solely by SCP-4427 are to be designated SCP-4427-A instances and transferred to Site-42. SCP-4427-A instances may be assigned different Object Classes and have their own SCP files, but must retain their -4427-A designation in all documentation. SCP-4427-A instances are to be handled with Level 2 Sapient Anomaly (Low Security Threat) precautions, allowed Class IV (Limited Civilian) privileges, and contained individually provided their continued cooperation unless behavioral exceptions must be made. Requests to retain civilian identity if effects remain present after six months from the initial containment date may be submitted in writing by the anomaly in question to the Ethics Subcommittee for Sentient and Sapient Anomalies through any on-duty containment personnel.

Due to issues caused by repeated anomalous memory loss, SCP-4427-B is not to be informed of the fact that its anomalous effects are the result of SCP-4427 influence; thus, it is to be addressed as SCP-4427 in conversation. SCP-4427-B is contained and designated separately from SCP-4427-A instances despite being the first human affected by the anomaly for this reason. SCP-4427-B should remain in Room 35 of Euclid-Level Containment Wing B4, Site-42 at all times unless supervised by two or more personnel with 4/4427 clearance. The area surrounding2 SCP-4427-B should consistently read >100Hm at all times; this is primarily maintained by Mk. XIII Localized Static Scranton Field Stabilizer netting 10cm behind the walls, floor, and ceiling of Room 35, which is networked with imaging equipment accessible to personnel with 4/4427 clearance. SCP-4427-B should be handled with Level 3 Sapient Anomaly (Moderate Security Threat) precautions and allowed Class II (Limited Contained) privileges.3

Description: SCP-4427 designates a phenomena by which an incorporeal anomaly — visible only in thermal imaging as a 37.8°C sphere exactly 60 centimeters in diameter — will spontaneously manifest in a high-traffic location and remain stationary at a height of 1.5 meters until exactly 45 people have passed through the volume of space it occupies, at which point it will disappear. If this process is interrupted and fewer than 45 people have passed through it, it will disappear 12 hours after last contact. Events documented to date indicate that SCP-4427 is not physically detectable by people passing through it despite its temperature.

Within 1 hour of SCP-4427's demanifestation, one of the 45 people affected will develop severe and destructive anomalous traits, ranging in effect from localized temperature alteration by several hundred degrees (13 instances) to full Class V Scranton-Type reality manipulation abilities (25 instances) but including numerous other results including but not limited to atypical rapid cellular growth resulting in death by asphyxiation (4 instances), instant transformation of bodily fluids into water resulting in death by heart failure (2 instances), or random spatial relocation of the affected individual and all objects on their person by 300-500 meters upward, resulting in death by impact (5 instances). Effects developed are never controllable by the individual affected.

Since SCP-4427's existence was initially noted by the Foundation in October 2019, statistics saw an increase of 40% in global media reporting on the topic of human anomalies and an estimated 175% increase in confirmed cases of human anomalies existing and/or civilians being made anomalous through unknown means; approximately 3500 individual reports of human anomalies were noted worldwide by the United Nations in 2024, a 73% increase from 2023. Additionally, 15 events occurred in the same location and on the same day as ED-K Lethe Events; investigation into the source of Lethe Events and how the two phenomena may be related is ongoing.

It is unknown if SCP-4427 is capable of affecting all living organisms or only humans, as a statistically insufficient number of animals have been witnessed passing through SCP-4427. While it is technically unknown if SCP-4427 is one anomaly or multiple instances of identical anomalies, the former is assumed based on circumstantial evidence. The possibility that SCP-4427 is sapient is considered unlikely but has not been ruled out by research staff. Research inquiries should be directed to Mallory Wickerford at Site-42.

SCP-4427 was discovered on May 14, 2019 when Jasper Ramirez (SCP-4427-B), who was staying in Myrtle Beach with family and had passed through SCP-4427 on the sidewalk outside 15 minutes prior to manifestation of effects, began to exhibit uncontrollable reality- and matter-altering effects. The events resulting from these effects were witnessed by two Site-42 Offsite Response operatives who were in Myrtle Beach on an unrelated assignment, and these personnel then carried out containment of SCP-4427-B following multiple civilian casualties. For details, see Addendum II.

SCP-4427-B was originally classified alone under the SCP-4427 designation as a Type E Class II Scranton-Type Human Anomaly due to the fact that there were no other known SCP-4427 manifestation cases as of that point and its maternal second cousin was reportedly also subject to uncontrollable reality-altering effects for the majority of his life. However, the next SCP-4427 manifestation occurred 4 months later, with occurrences becoming exponentially frequent from that point forward; following investigation, SCP-4427 was reclassified as SCP-4427-B and the designation assigned to the source anomaly accordingly.

Of note is the fact that SCP-4427-B is incapable of retaining information regarding its status as a human affected by SCP-4427. All attempts to explain its circumstances are accepted, but forgotten within 2-5 minutes thereafter; SCP-4427-B also claims that attempts to force recollection of this information induce headache and general discomfort in a manner noted to be extremely similar to the conceptual memory loss induced by SCP-3848.

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