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Item#: 4426
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A single section of SCP-4426.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4426 is contained at the location of its discovery. No humans are to approach within ten kilometers of the town of Pripyat, and individuals breaching this containment zone are to be detained and amnesticized. The Foundation has partnered with the Ukrainian government to establish the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in order to deter further activity in the vicinity of SCP-4426.

All sections of SCP-4426 are to be periodically monitored for changes in state. Personnel require basic radiation prevention gear when studying directly due to the nature of SCP-4426 as well as the area of containment itself. Samples of material may be taken and sent off-site providing that they are collected with adequate care and stored in lead-lined boxes.

Description: SCP-4426 is the designation for a series of biological masses, located in and around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the nearby town of Pripyat. The masses vary greatly in size; the largest is approximately 3 metres in diameter, with the smallest measuring at around 20 centimetres1. Each mass is permanently fused to the ground or to the object to which they are affixed; due to this, the exact weight of each of the masses cannot be precisely determined.

Testing of SCP-4426 masses has shown that they are a composite mixture of biological material from numerous animal and plant species combined with fused, melted metals and electronic components. Genetic material of deer, birds, insects and spiders have all been sampled from the masses. Grass and trees native to the local area are the most predominantly abundant in SCP-4426, making up approximately 60% of the material found.

SCP-4426 masses will give off short bursts of high radiation at random intervals. No consistency in these bursts has been discovered, and no explicit cause has been observed. Analysis of samples has also revealed that the cells making up SCP-4426 are consistently lysing and reforming due to the latent radiation present in the masses.

As well as releases of radiation, SCP-4426 masses also periodically release radio waves. These transmissions consist of random, seemingly unrelated words and phrases in Russian, Ukrainian and occasionally other languages from nearby nations such as Romanian and Armenian.

Addendum 4426.1: Excerpted Communications

The following are selected radio communications from SCP-4426 masses which have been received and recorded by personnel working in the area.

Addendum 4426.2: Recovered Note

During a raid on an abandoned GRU Division-P compound in the vicinity of the region containing SCP-4426, the following text was found written in red ink on the back of an internal document.

Addendum 4426.3: Status of SCP-4426 Containment Zone

Beginning in December of 1997, a population of approximately fifty SCP-1000 individuals gathered in the abandoned city of Pripyat. The population has appeared to take up permanent residence within the city, inhabiting empty buildings and structures and defending themselves against intruders. Individuals in the group rarely venture outside of the city and avoid contact with humans whenever possible.

Following negotiations with the population, task forces have been allowed into the city for peaceful exploration and investigation purposes provided that they do not acknowledge the presence of any SCP-1000 beings during their excursions.

This population behaves similarly to other instances of SCP-1000 populations, living in organized psuedo-civilizations as hunters and gatherers; however, anomalous behavior has been noted on one occasion during one of the first explorations into the SCP-4426 containment zone when the following message was noted carved in a tree:

we will go on,
but we will not forget;
it is the monument to your lies

No further notable activity has been recorded.

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