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CT scan of SCP-4425 early in development.

Item #: SCP-4425

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The public is to be scanned at the end of every month for any instances of SCP-4425 among civilians. Located individuals affected by SCP-4425 are to be detained and have the instance extracted from their cranium. A cover story is to be created prior to extraction.

SCP-4425-1 cans are to be stored in a standard containment locker at Site-14 and are to be appropriately labeled not for consumption.1

The investigation into Person of Interest 429 "Chef Arkady" is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-4425 is the phenomena of an individual's inner cranial area spontaneously manifesting large amounts of aluminum. The aluminum will primarily grow around the subject's cerebrum, continuously growing until eventually encasing the entirety of the subject's brain. The process has been observed to lie dormant for an inexact amount of time before completely enveloping the subject's cranial area.2

Upon complete encapsulation, the aluminum will continue conforming into the shape of a tin can3. The contents of the can, contrary to the expected result of the subject's compressed cerebral tissue, typically contains a variety of seasoned meat, vegetables, etc. SCP-4425-1 has also been found to often come with a label wrapped around the can. The label typically says "Chef Arkady's Canned Surprise", along with the back stating the name of the subject along with an additional word starting with the same first letter.4 SCP-4425-1 has been found to consistently be at 37°C upon first opening.

Individuals affected by SCP-4425 have reported experiencing mostly mild pain, yet have been observed to remain relatively unaffected throughout the entirety of SCP-4425's process. Interviews conducted upon subjects afflicted by SCP-4425 report being able to taste their personal favorite dishes.

Subjects that do not have SCP-4425-1 extracted will typically lose all bodily motions within 96 hours before SCP-4425-1 slightly protrudes from the cranium, exposing the lid.

The sapience of the affected individual is retained after SCP-4425's process is finished. Tests have discovered that SCP-4425-1 instances retain basic living functions to a primal level. Motion detections from the inside of SCP-4425-1 instances have detected minor rhythmical movements similar to a heartbeat.

Incident Log 4425.01: On April 11th, 2015, an advertisement was posted to popular social media websites advertising SCP-4425. The advertisement led to an anomalous URL now defunct, known as "".

The front page of the website was a video ambiguously explaining how PoI-429 creates SCP-4425, elaborating in video various details on the subject's head acting as an "oven to prepare" SCP-4425. At the end of the video, after following a cartoon character named "Daniel", shows the headless body of Daniel give a thumbs up upon an SCP-4425-1 instance appearing on the screen stating "Daniel's Delight!"

The video was promptly taken down by Foundation web crawlers. There have not been any events similar to the incident at the current time.

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