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SCP-4424-2 on ██/██/20██, captured by security camera before ███ people entered the train and subsequently went missing.

Item #: SCP-4424

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the unpredictable nature of when and where SCP-4424-1 events will occur, as well as the inheritable difficulty in immobilizing SCP-4424-2, no reliable method to contain or hinder SCP-4424 has been discovered. After each SCP-4424-1 event an appropriate cover story explaining the disappearance of the train and all passengers is to be distributed.

NOTE: Following Incident G3209, primary containment procedures are undergoing revisions. See Addendum 4424-A.

Description: SCP-4424 is a collection of events and entities. Any occurrence of SCP-4424 begins with SCP-4424-1, which has the following conditions:

  1. A train must be currently traveling towards a station with people expecting to get on said train.
  2. The train must primarily carry passengers.
  3. There are tunnels within 4 kilometers before and after the station.
  4. At least three weeks must have passed since the previous SCP-4424-1 event.

If all of these conditions are present, the chosen train will experience technical difficulties that force it to slow down and eventually come to a complete halt. Once the train has stopped, SCP-4424-2 will emerge from a tunnel by unknown means and travel towards the station. Automated messages regarding the technical difficulties and the replacement train, consistent with each station's method of communicating such occurrences, will inform those at the station to board SCP-4424-2 in lieu of the original train.

SCP-4424-2 is a train whose appearance changes into a train of the same model and length as the one it's replacing. During SCP-4424-1 SCP-4424-2 will behave similarly to the regular train it replaced, arriving and departing at appointed times. However, upon entering a tunnel SCP-4424-2 and all of its inhabitants will disappear by unknown means.

No traces, remains or contact has ever been found or established with any individual who has disappeared in a SCP-4424-1 event.

SCP-4424-3 are six humanoid entities wearing uniforms identical to those worn by train employees of the company whose trains SCP-4424-2 is imitating. Instances of SCP-4424-3 perform the jobs their uniforms correspond to1, and have been observed to behave in a cheerful and welcoming manner. Each instance of SCP-4424-3 has a different appearance, most notably in their apparent race.

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