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3/4421 LEVEL 3/4421
Item #: SCP-4421
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site-93 Dr. Stanley Arthur Dr. Franco Tonnelier MTF Beta-2 ("Bayou Boys")

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-4421 archival image

As of January 3, 1983, SCP-4421 is no longer in containment due to the continuing agreement between the Foundation and the leadership of LoI-504 ("La Rue Macabre"). In the event that SCP-4421 should be recontained, MTF Beta-2 ("Bayou Boys") should be activated for retrieval, due to their familiarity with LoI-504 and its occupants.

Foundation assets in the New Orleans and greater Louisiana area should be alerted to the ongoing "relationship" with LoI-504, and to be on the look out for any violations of the agreement. Should such a violation occur, the asset should report directly to Site-93 command for debriefing. Anomalous traffic in and out of the New Orleans area, principally the French Quarter, should be monitored for the presence of restricted persons of interest or individuals associated with Level-3 GoI.

A GPS tracking device was initially attached to SCP-4421, but it ceased to function shortly after it was returned to PoI-504-L ("Papa Legba"). Its last known location was Jackson Square in the French Quarter district of New Orleans, LA. It is assumed that SCP-4421 is still localized to that area, or to the Way-locked Nexus of LoI-504.


SCP-4421 is a highly ornate walking cane topped with an intricately carved depiction of one of several different animals1. The carvings along the shaft of the cane have also been observed to shift and change, but most often depict various pictographic renditions of the transatlantic slave trade.

The cane itself appears to have been hand carved from a dark colored wood, largely resembling wenge2. This is an educated hypothesis, as testing on the wood itself has largely been inconclusive due to the high levels of Akiva radiation produced by the artifact.

Due to the Akiva radiation and the nature of the previous owner of SCP-4421, it has been classified as a Class 3 Religious Artifact.


SCP-4421 was initially recovered on March 3, 1982. Embedded Foundation assets alerted Louisiana regional Command that a Global Occult Coalition killsquad had been activated and sent to New Orleans to neutralize a Class 3 anomalous entity. Foundation assets were mobilized to assist in containing the anticipated fallout from the confrontation.

MTF Beta-2 ("Bayou Boys") Alpha Squad was activated and sent to monitor the conflict directly.

On March 21, 1982, a letter was received at Site-76 addressed to the head researcher assigned to SCP-4421.

On April 21, 1982, the O5 Council ordered the upgrade of New Orleans Field Station-93 to a full Site under the directorship of Dr. Stanley Arthur. Dr. Franco Tonnelier has been transferred to Site-93 along with SCP-4421 to continue research into the artifact.


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