By: Lt FlopsLt Flops
Published on 20 Aug 2018 08:59

By: Lt FlopsLt Flops
Published on 20 Aug 2018 08:59
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ITEM:SCP-4420 LEVEL2/4420
CLASS:euclid restricted



SCP-4420. Image captured from a 50-metre safe distance.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4420 is situated in a secure position in the Site-82 Arboretum. Tentative Containment Module #819 regulates the entrance to an artificial pocket dimension large enough to confine SCP-4420. Containment technicians have installed four synchronized Scranton–Marlowe Topology Stabilizers, which maintain dimensional stability inside the module.

Description: SCP-4420 is a red Idaho potato with a current mass of 400 million kg and external dimensions of 150 metres by 65 metres by 55 metres. SCP-4420 displays the following ectoentropic properties:

  1. SCP-4420 responds to moisture shrinkage (~5% every two weeks) by generating a new amount of moist potato matter. During this event, a random Idaho citizen's drinking water transforms into starch-rich potato-flavoured water, which grants the ability to commune with potatoes for 3 to 10 hr after consumption.
  2. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the human visual spectrum (λ = 400 nm to 700 nm) produces potato matter of a randomized form. This matter relates to potatoes at various conceptual levels, be that immediate or vague. The new matter grows alongside SCP-4420 and attaches itself via esoteric means beyond current agricultural understanding. Observed forms include:
    • Any variation of the 5 000 potato varieties grown globally.1
    • Types of cooked potatoes such as mashed potatoes, French fries, and potato chips.
    • 1996 Idaho County Junior League Potato Sack Race champion Michelle Brown, age 6.
    • A species of Jerusalem cricket (colloquially known as the potato bug) composed of sweet potato. These insects have infested ~8% of SCP-4420 to date.
    • Memetic ennui affecting 10% of persons within a 5-km radius.
  3. SCP-4420 displays evident immunity to decay. SCP-4420 consumes most organic irregularities almost immediately after their growth, and produces healthy potato matter in their place.
  4. SCP-4420 consumes food and organic waste within 20 metres of its surface. Any nearby organic material transforms into a potato tuber of equal mass and teleports into SCP-4420. This includes small animals up to 5 kg in mass.

As of current documentation, SCP-4420 has been growing for 22 years.


I. 10 May 2019

Field researchers discovered foreign fluid with trace amounts of thaumic contaminants in the local groundwater. The Site-82 Operations Command Office initiated Mandate 3731-Ov91, which calls for immediate lockdown and destruction of foreign substances. Security staff considered the lockdown successful within the hour.

Because of its containment location, however, SCP-4420 remained unaccounted for.

At 21:51 CDT, SCP-4420 absorbed thaumic fluids and developed sapience lasting for 32 hours. During this time, it displayed the ability to manipulate informational constructs. SCP-4420 then disseminated 362 SMS messages to on-site staff.

A series of received messages is as follows.

can you see me

pls look at me

im big

look at me

do you think im pretty

is that what i rly look like

no way

is that how you see me ☹️

you cant see me like this

im not good enough am i

not for you

how could i be

leave me alone

im a monster

im sorry i look this way

II. 12 May 2019

At 05:51 CDT, SCP-4420 ceased all anomalous growth and displayed signs of accelerated decomposition.

SCP-4420 has been reclassified as NEUTRALIZED.

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