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2/4418 LEVEL 2/4418



Item #: SCP-4418

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green


SCP-4418 as seen from the front.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4418's remote location and limited anomalous properties, SCP-4418 has been determined to need only minimal containment. A padlock is to be installed onto SCP-4418's front door. Property windows are to be boarded up, with one ground-floor window to be fitted with a removable shutter for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-4418 is an abandoned farmhouse in rural Manitoba, Canada. If a human subject looks into SCP-4418's interior on the date of October 30th, two humanoid entities will manifest for the duration of the subject's observation. SCP-4418 does not exhibit any anomalous behaviors on any other date, per testing done on 19██.

The two entities, SCP-4418-1 and SCP-4418-2, resemble the stereotypical western view of a ghost, having a white, partially-translucent appearance. When observed, SCP-4418-1 and 4418-2 both perform a set routine of specific behaviors and movements1which lasts approximately 25 minutes and will continually repeat until the observer leaves or otherwise ceases to watch the entities.

Addendum No. 1: History SCP-4418 was constructed in 18██ by George and Emily Abernathy. The couple married in secret on October 30th, 18██ in the Scottish town of Roseafar, and immigrated to Manitoba the following year.


George and Emily Abernathy from an undated photograph.

Emily Abernathy, (neé Allison), was a natural-born resident of Roseafaer, while George Abernathy was a resident of the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Prior to 18██, Roseafaer law prohibited both contact between residents and non-residents, along with intermarriage. This factor likely led to the Abernathys' decision to immigrate to Canada.2 However, unbeknownst to the couple, Canadian society viewed biracial marriage overwhelmingly negatively, thus leading the Abernathy family to again live in secret.

Addendum No. 2: Test Log On October 30th, 19██ Foundation Agent Lilly Lamonté arrived at the property and recorded a full routine. The rapidity of SCP-4418-1 and SCP-4418-2's behavior suggests that the observed routine represents an accelerated version of the entities' movements, with one minute correlating to a longer amount of experienced time for SCP-4418-1 and -2.
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