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Site-54 (anomalous research zone A-54-B), the current location of SCP-4417.

Item #: SCP-4417

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures (Revision 2 of 2): SCP-4417 has been encased in concrete and replaced at its location of discovery. A guard detail is to be present at the location for as long as the Foundation exists, to ensure no outside interference. Should the event alluded to in Document 4417-Alfa-4 transpire, SCP-4417 is to be secured and protected at all costs, with priority level higher than the Foundation's core tenets.

Under no circumstances is the Foundation's Department of Temporal Anomalies to be allowed to begin in-depth research into SCP-4417 — the object currently exists in a metastable loop, and the development of the relevant technology may prompt a second loop-catalyst and effect between one and twelve further SCP-4417 instances. The locations of the eleven other suspected SCP-4417 instances are unknown, and are to remain so for the foreseeable future. No interference by the Foundation or other groups is either necessary or desired.

SCP-4417's implications with regards to the nature of our universe and its presumably cyclical nature are not yet fully understood. Research is ongoing, but hampered due to a lack of allowed involvement from the Foundation's major temporal specialists.

Description: SCP-4417 refers to a non-standard piece of Foundation equipment, bearing the label "Model I Perma-loop chassis, T-Grade", unearthed beneath Site-54 during its construction. While no development of a 'Perma-loop chassis' has taken place or is currently scheduled, the designation has been reserved in Foundation records since the organisation's inception, under the authorisation of persons unknown.

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