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SCP-4414 with cognitohazardous features removed minimized through several antimemtic filters. Text could not be eliminated.

Item #: SCP-4414

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler GAONOXIE.exe is to monitor all image hosting websites and replace all instances of SCP-4414 with the dummy image “fingerfun.png”. Any individuals performing SCP-4414-A are to be apprehended immediately and administered Class B amnestics.

Foundation webcrawler VALIHA.exe is to monitor all websites capable of hosting images and videos. Instances of SCP-4414 in any medium and instances of SCP-4414-A in photo or video are to be deleted immediately. Any individuals seen performing SCP-4414-A in these media are to be immediately located and taken into containment via Mobile Task Force Omicron-14 ("Those Able"). All those who witness an instance of SCP-4414-A are to be held for a minimum of thirty days in standard humanoid containment chambers and monitored for symptoms. While contained, these individuals are to be kept in the following orientation at all times, even during sleep:

  • Arms outstretched from the body at a 90 degree angle (T-position). This position should be reinforced via body cast or standard Foundation-issue T-restraints.
  • Fingers separated from each other by acrylic supports between the intermediate phalanges.

As of this document's most recent revision, there are zero known instances of SCP-4414 on the internet and no claims of individuals engaging in SCP-4414-A. VALIHA.exe is to run indefinitely to minimize exposure to SCP-4414.

Description: SCP-4414 is a PNG image that was posted to 4Chan's /b/ board on June 5, 2018 at 4:50 UTC and quickly disseminated via other popular image sharing sites. The image's creator is currently unknown, despite ongoing Fountation efforts, but is believed to reside in North America. If an individual views SCP-4414 or text directly referencing the object, there is an 80% chance they will attempt to engage in SCP-4414-A, the act depicted in SCP-4414. This chance increases with repeated exposure so long as each exposure lasts at least ten seconds. As a result, all descriptions of SCP-4414 and similar images have been wiped from Foundation databases.

While SCP-4414-A itself carries a similar cognitohazardous effect, textual descriptions of it do not in textual descriptions, this effect is significantly diminished.

SCP-4414-A is the act of picking and peeling at skin tags on one's fingers. While most cases of SCP-4414-A result in only superficial damage to the fingers, 25% of SCP-4414-induced cases result in an exposed individual peeling away skin until they remove a significant number of basal skin cells and self-terminate via uncontrollable blood loss. In SCP-4414-A-induced cases, the incidence of this increases to 95% of exposed individuals. More clearly, those viewing an individual engaging in SCP-4414-A have a 95% chance of doing it themselves. If an individual does not have any skin tags at the time of exposure, they will seek to create one by biting, clawing, or cutting at their fingertips. During the process, individuals will take extreme care to keep the strand of removed skin intact. Skin continues to grow and regenerate at a normal rate throughout SCP-4414-A; as a result, it can take weeks for an afflicted individual to self-terminate.

Despite the trauma induced via SCP-4414-A, afflicted individuals will often describe the act as "sensual", "euphoric", or "oddly satisfying". They will often moan or laugh while performing SCP-4414-A, attracting the attention of others in their vicinity. While afflicted, individuals retain some semblance of personality, but their urge to partake in SCP-4414-A seems to "override" it (see Addendum 4414.1). If an exposed individual is prevented from engaging in SCP-4414-A to their knowledge, they will become increasingly emotionally unstable, with foci of distress varying dramatically between cases. They often attempt self-termination or terminate through anomalous — while naturally plausible — means (see Addendum 4414.1, Interview 2).

Viewing an instance of SCP-4414-A in-person or through photo/video exposes an individual to its cognitohazardous effects. Considering the possibility of an uncontrollable chain reaction, MTF Omicron-14 is to consider locating and containing public instances top priority.

The only individuals that are immune to SCP-4414 or SCP-4414-A's cognitohazardous effects are those who lack biological hands at the time of exposure. As a result, only MTF Omicron-141 may be authorized to apprehend and terminate afflicted individuals.

Addendum 4414.1: Interview Logs: On August 5, 2018, MTF Omicron-14 agents successfully apprehended and restrained thirty exposed civilians in a Los Angeles dance club. Twenty-five of them self-terminated before the current restraint techniques were successfully implemented. The remaining were interviewed by SCP-4414 Lead Researcher Adam Hecht at Site 59 in the following days. Hecht lost both arms during a containment breach at Site 94, both of which were replaced with state-of-the-art prosthetics to allow him to continue his Foundation career at Site 59.

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