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Item #: SCP-4411

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4411 is currently self-containing outside of extraterrestrial observations, with the moon blocking both visual contact with SCP-4411 and all outgoing transmissions from the object1. Civilian space exploration is to be covertly influenced in such a way that observations of the moon never align with occurrences of manifestations, and the relevant debris is to be dismissed as either natural craters or visual distortion.

Description: SCP-4411 are objects that visually resemble the Apollo Command/Service Module, either identically or with ample modifications. SCP-4411 spontaneously manifests in the orbit of Earth's moon once every 27 days. The initial event was observed on 16/08/1969, exactly one full lunar cycle after the original Command Module completed its mission, and has since repeated without interruption. SCP-4411 manifests behind the observable surface of the moon and continues on a trajectory identical to that traversed by the original Apollo 11 Command Module during the later stages of its mission. As a consequence, SCP-4411 is concealed from Earth's view at all times.

In 64% of occurrences, SCP-4411 has been retrofitted with technology not belonging to the original Apollo Command/Service Module. The majority of this technology has been unidentifiable but akin to the make of machinery developed by NASA between 1969 and 2045.

At some point during its passage, SCP-4411 will experience any one of a number of technical failures and rapidly deorbit. Causes of this are often unclear, but have included the spontaneous combustion of fuel tanks, rapid decompression brought on by a minor asteroid strike, and instantaneous vacuum decay. No instance of SCP-4411 has completed a full orbit, or progressed in such a way as to be visible from Earth. Debris from prior SCP-4411 events will demanifest prior to the next scheduled occurrence.

Remote Foundation attempts to recover SCP-4411 have failed. SCP-4411 demonstrates no awareness of Foundation attempts to communicate and/or retrieve it, and cannot receive incoming transmissions.

Addendum.1: On 10/07/1997, a manifestation event occurred, in which deorbiting and lunar impact did not occur until much later in the flight than ordinarily observed. Alongside this, Foundation lunar sites stationed on the moon's far side intercepted the following audio transmissions:

[02:30:24] This is Command Module Pilot Michael Collins from Apollo 11 Iteration-1095, reporting in for module Columbia. Neil and Buzz have descended, over.

[03:01:50] Houston, this is Columbia, checking in. Seeing some delay on radio transmissions. Hope you guys are getting this.

[03:40:06] Houston, Columbia. Nothing to report. Everything good down there?

[03:45:27] Hoping to hear back soon.

[03:48:11] Getting kinda hungry. I think I'm gonna open a packet of beef and vegetable stew. Or the spaghetti, yeah.

[04:51:15] Columbia. I've been doing intermittent work but system hasn't connected transmissions. Everything's all lit up, just tampered with, with it a little. Hoping, ah, hoping to get something back from you, some sorta clarity.

[05:50:17] Should've brought a book if I knew this was gonna happen again.

[07:49:30] Columbia. Looking forward to sleeping, but, uh, couple lights are still blinking. Got 'em to stop after I checked LM, still think it might be a little off. I'll keep at it.

[08:11:16] Houston, we're experiencing some abnormal activity. Oxygen levels are being rapidly depleted, possible some kind of external leak. Stand by.

[08:14:25] Houston?

[08:15:13] Houston, do you copy? I repeat, command, do you copy?

[08:15:55] Okay, uh, okay. Houston, if you're reading this at all, I'm about to attempt contact with the lander.

[08:24:01] [Static interference.]

[08:32:25] Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Oxygen levels twenty, maybe fifteen percent expected. Gauge keeps going down. Command, if you're there, I need advice.

[08:36:36] Houston, I need help, do you copy?

[08:40:42] [SCP-4411 begins to accelerate. The nose cone dips downward as if to begin landing sequence, but then stabilizes. SCP-4411 emits a metal groan, signifying severe stress on the system.]

[08:41:44] Hang in there, I'm coming down to get you.

[08:42:00] Buzz? Neil?

[08:44:15] Columbia's experiencing technical difficulties, over. System won't respond. And, occasionally, you know, a little piece of something hits the — what do you call that — the covering? The whole LM quivers every so often — not quivers, shakes. It shakes bad.

[08:55:16] Hello?

[08:57:40] [SCP-4411 veers toward from the lunar surface again, and is unable to right itself.]

[08:59:02] Please, I don't want to do this again.

[08:59:47] This — This is it. Buzz, Neil, if you're hearing this, you're stuck down there. I'm sorry.

[09:01:10] I'm sorry.

[09:03:27] This is, ah, Michael Collins. Stating for the record that I did everything I could.

[09:34:20] Command module pilot Michael Collins, alone up here.

[09:52:31] Reporting system failure, Columbia will not respond to controls. All systems down. Rotational hand controller won't respond.

[11:54:38] Engines are failing. We're going down. I — I guess.

[11:54:58] We'll try again next time. The race… goes on.

[11:55:02] [A choked sigh.]

[11:56:07] Please. No more.

[11:59:59] Command module pilot Michael Collins, signing out.

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