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Dr. Lawler, at the end of day 28 of their expedition into SCP-4408.

Item #: SCP-4408

Object Class: Safe Euclid (See Addendum 4408-1)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation operatives will monitor flight control near the Chatham Islands and redirect all flights passing within 2 km of SCP-4408. MTF Delta-11 "Birdshooters" will conduct information operations to discourage recreational aviation in the area, as well as lobby towards more stringent laws for amateur aviators.

Description: SCP-4408 is a pocket universe entered by flying at an altitude of approximately 3.4 km, traveling north through the airspace 65 km directly east of the Chatham Islands. SCP-4408 can only be occupied by one living person at a time. SCP-4408 covers an area of at least 250 km2, 47 km2 of which have been explored and documented. The ground within SCP-4408 is composed entirely of ice, going down at least five meters.

When a person enters SCP-4408, any vehicle or device used to enter SCP-4408 will begin to fail1. If it requires fuel, it will become empty. Otherwise, a small part will break off, forcing it to land. An observer of someone entering SCP-4408 will perceive the event as the plane disappearing into a cloud. The person entering SCP-4408 will perceive their entrance as a sudden parting of clouds. This is regardless of weather conditions at the time of entrance.

Once landed, after exactly thirty days they will find a means of leaving SCP-4408. This has included finding fuel, making a sudden breakthrough in how to fix a part, and, in one case, finding a door that led into [DATA EXPUNGED], Nelson, New Zealand. However, unlike other equipment brought into SCP-4408, any items used to leave SCP-4408 are not persistent between explorations.

Discovery: SCP-4408 was initially discovered when Agent Wellington failed to meet his daily report-in time while on leave on 04/19/19██. Investigation showed the anomalous departure of Agent Wellington's own aircraft into SCP-4408, and a UAV was sent into SCP-4408. The operator immediately lost contact with the UAV.

On 09/23/19██, a civilian aircraft passed into SCP-4408, evading containment procedures due to a storm in the area. Civilian authorities cited the storm as the cause of the disappearance without the need for Foundation interference.

On 10/23/19██, the civilian aircraft reappeared. MTF Delta-11 detained its pilot, Martha Weber, and interrogated her after she received medical care for starvation and exposure. She was administered class-D amnestics and released onto the beach of Chatham Island. Weber reintegrated into society without additional side effects.

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