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Item #: SCP-4403

Object Class: Keter Safe1

Date Accessed: 04/09/1983

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4403-1 is to be kept in a maximum security vault at Site-11. Due an ongoing attempt by members of Silent Crusade (Assigned GoI-4403) to recover SCP-4403-1, SCP-4403’s containment vault is built to specifications that are compliant with requirements for a class IX shelter.2 Furthermore, following several espionage attempts on Foundation personnel with access to SCP-4403-1’s containment information by members of GoI-4403, Protocol Iron Sheaf3and Protocol Blank Check4 has been enacted for all documents/personnel related to SCP-4403-1's containment. MTF Mu-32 (Janissaries)5 have been assigned to Site-11 to safeguard and repel any attempts from armed members of The Silent Crusade to reclaim SCP-4403-1.

Description: SCP-4403 is an extradimensional space of indeterminate size that is currently in use by The Silent Crusade (GoI-4403) as their base of standard operation.

The Silent Crusade utilized SCP-4403's anomalous properties to engage in various acts of inconspicuous warfare and subterfuge against nations and groups deemed 'unjust' in order to dramatically alter the events of standard time-line. For more details regarding The Silent Crusade, refer to the addenda below.

Entrances to SCP-4403 are capable of materializing in multiple locations simultaneously in the form of a passenger train with the doors leading to the interior of the train leading to the same space. The interior of SCP-4403 is incongruous to one of a non-anomalous passenger train, but rather presents the interior of a large building. Foundation personnel report seeing large dining halls, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, hydroponic farms, research labs, as well as multiple armories, training facilities, medical wards, and air locks6. The fullest extent of SCP-4403's interior is unknown to the Foundation.

There seems to be no geographical limitation on SCP-4403's ability to manifest and de-manifest entrances to it. Furthermore, this ability is not limited to different locations in space, but also time. Therefore, SCP-4403 serves as a means for The Silent Crusade to rapidly deploy its personnel anywhere and anywhen. All entrances will vary in style and size depending on geographical location and temporal location, but they will always take form of a passenger train, or some mode of transportation should the time the location of the portal was created predates use of passenger trains.

It is hypothesized that SCP-4403 exudes a light antimemetic field that cloaks it from most casual observers. This effect extends to those that exit from SCP-4403 for an indeterminate amount of time. According to claims made by members of The Silent Crusade, SCP-4403 and people hidden in this way are visible to those with 'a heart that yearns for justice'. Further testing is ongoing to test the validity of this claim.7

It is theorized that a control room exists that allows the upper echelon of The Silent Crusade to select the location and time for gateway deployment SCP-4403-1 is a master key that fits into a control panel in the 'conductor's room' inside of SCP-4403. Use of SCP-4403-1 activates the control panel that allows one to make location and time selections for gateway creation. By extension, without SCP-4403-1, SCP-4403 would be rendered inert. For more details, see addendum 1

Discovery: SCP-4403, and by extension, The Silent Crusade as a group of interest was discovered by coincidence in 1982 when Doctor Lyn Marness noticed a pair of men in U.S. Union standard uniform and gear chatting in the middle of a local market in Kisuru, Kenya. At the time, Dr. Marness was under the influence of Class-X Mnestics, as he was returning from an assignment for the Antimemetics Division. Dr. Marness suspected anomalous activity related to antimemetics when he noticed that while the pair were present in a crowded Kenyan Marketplace, the local population did not react to the presence of the men. Doctor Marness approached the men, and the following exchange occurred:

Several Documents were given to Dr. Marness during his time inside SCP-4403. A scanning mechanism built into a pair of contact lenses were able to record the documents prior to Dr. Marness's amnesticization and release by The Silent Crusade. Summary of other vital information regarding The Silent Crusade is also given below.

Soon after Dr. Marness submitted his report, an emergency meeting was held by the upper echelon of The Foundation10.


MTF Mu-32 (Janissaries) was rapidly formed for the express purpose of disabling SCP-4403 and/or neutralizing GoI-4403. Two days after Dr. Marness's return from SCP-4403, MTF Mu-32 supported by personnel from MTF Tau-5 (Samsara) and MTF Nu-7 (Hammer Down)11 entered SCP-4403 through a gateway. Despite heavy resistance from Silent Crusade operatives and the availability of technologically advanced weaponry to GoI-4403 members, Foundation MTFs were able to locate a heavily guarded room where SCP-4403-1 was recovered. SCP-4403-1 was successfully recovered and placed under Containment.





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