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Item #: SCP-4402

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4402 are to be stored in a large Standard Containment Chamber at Site-92. If small enough, instances are to be stored in individual safes. All guards assigned to SCP-4402 are to take 100 mg of Class-H (Anterograde) amnestics every 24 hours. Individuals affected by SCP-4402 are to be anesthetized until affected tissue can be surgically removed and contained.

Any piece of writing partially or fully matching the description below is to be reported immediately. Attempts to spread, deduce or otherwise increase availability of the contents of SCP-4402 will be met with severe disciplinary action. All personnel seeking to enter SCP-4402's containment chamber require approval from the O5 Council and are to take Class-H amnestics prior to entry.

Description: SCP-4402 is the text from a shopping list made by an unknown individual, most likely between 1996 and 2005. Although the list is written in ordinary HB grade graphite, attempts to erase or add text have been unsuccessful. The contents of the text are as follows (redactions have been made to minimize creation of new SCP-4402 instances):

Hopefully you'll remember it this time, Daniel.

  • Two dozen eggs

P.S. Take the chicken out of the freezer

When the text above is fully written, typed out or otherwise stored, the medium of storage will become uneditable and invulnerable to all damage. In the case of physical copies, erasers or similar items do not have any effect and graphite or ink do not adhere. This effect also applies to human brains, as individuals who have been exposed to SCP-4402 in its entirety can recall its contents on demand after a single viewing, regardless of time elapsed since exposure.

Cerebral tissue containing memories of SCP-4402 is also immune to amnestics, physical trauma and decay long after the individual has died. However, these effects will not take place if the subject is incapable of forming new memories (e.g. suffering from short-term memory loss or under the effects of Class-H amnestics) or unable to perceive the text.

While existing instances of SCP-4402 cannot be edited, there is some leeway when creating new ones. Namely, the phrase "Take the chicken out of the freezer" may be replaced with an arbitrary piece of text, regardless of length or any other variable, and it will be memorized alongside the original text.

Following the recent discovery that it may overwrite other information if there is insufficient storage space, all proposals for using SCP-4402 as a mnemonics device have been rejected.

Addendum 4402-A:

Incident 4402-27
Date: ██/██/20██
Incident Report: An instance of SCP-4402 was accidentally transferred to the Site-58 e-mail server, and became appended with the entire contents of the server. 167 Foundation employees are known to have been affected. ██ individuals suffered varying levels of amnesia, ██ experienced partial paralysis, ██ report sensory hallucinations, █ suffered extreme shifts in personality, ██ have been diagnosed with epilepsy, ██ entered vegetative state and █ personnel are deceased. Site-58 entered lockdown soon afterwards. The server was transported to Containment Unit 4402 and a replacement server was set up. Extensive disabled-access equipment has been installed at Site-58. ██ personnel have been moved to different projects due to their inability to complete their current ones after the incident.

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