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3/4401 LEVEL 3/4401
Item #: SCP-4401


Interior skylight above SCP-4401

Special Containment Procedures: All trails within 2km of the entrance to SCP-4401 have been closed to public access. Foundation personnel posing as park rangers are to monitor the area for signs of trespass and relocate any persons within the area of operation.

During an eclipse, either partial or total, solar or lunar, security is to be augmented with the presence of a squadron of MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") for the full duration of the celestial event.

Description: SCP-4401 is a cylindrical block of Rhyolite1 capable of manipulating space and producing Class-II psionic emanations. The stone is housed within a cave network in the Sheep Creek Range of north-central Nevada. The circular surface of the stone measures nine meters in diameter and rises one meter above the cave floor. Directly above the object is a naturally occurring skylight with an unobstructed view of the sky.

The anomalous properties of SCP-4401 manifest between 0200 and 0300 local standard time. Regardless of expected location or visibility, the moon will appear at the due-East periphery of the skylight and traverse the opening. The full width of the moon will have crossed the opposing threshold by 0300. For the duration of this event, all light reflected by the moon will be directed onto the center of the monolith.

While the moonlight is not independently anomalous, sapient creatures that stand on the dais while under directed moonlight will enter a dissociative state for the duration of the event. The mechanisms by which this state is induced are presently unknown, however, exposure to this state does not appear to cause any short-term or permanent physical damage.

Researcher's Note: Any personnel exposed to the effects of SCP-4401 are to be enrolled in a sleep study for a minimum of seven nights after exposure. Evaluations are to be performed by the site designated psychiatrist on day three and day seven post-exposure.

Application of Class B amnestics is authorized in the event of a failed evaluation. Use of Class C amnestics requires Level 3 approval before administration.

Discovery Log: SCP-4401 was discovered 24 November 1999, when Foundation sorting algorithms noted a rash of medical database updates containing Foundation key term ["out of body experience"] in the vicinity of Battle Mountain, Nevada. Six individuals ranging in age from 28 to 36 were hiking together in the Sheep Creek Range and came upon a natural cave.

Seeking shelter from an unexpected weather system and sudden drop in temperature, the excursion entered the natural cave system leading to SCP-4401 and set up camp overnight in the vicinity of the anomaly. Over the next several days, five of the six members of the party independently sought medical attention for the "out of body experience" they reported. The sixth member of the hiking group did not seek medical attention and his whereabouts were unaccounted for.

Due to concerns for explainable phenomena such as natural gas, Foundation liaisons in the Nevada State Park Service explored the area of concern and reconstructed the route used by the group of hikers, ultimately leading them to SCP-4401. A perimeter was established before MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was dispatched to sweep the location.

Upon identification of the anomalous monolith, the remains of the sixth member of the hiking excursion were recovered within the cave. Cause of death was severe blunt force trauma to the orbital sockets. No weapon or implement used to cause this damage was recovered from the scene and the wounds did not appear to be self-inflicted.

A journal was recovered from the makeshift campsite adjacent to the monolith. Other personal effects were cataloged and destroyed.

Journal, 16 November 1999
I've barely slept since the hike. I just went outside last night and stared up at the sky, trying to catch a glimpse of the moon in between the clouds. Even long after it went over the horizon, I was just…looking up. Waiting for something, a sign maybe. I don't know. My feet hurt like hell when I went back inside. Feel like I let myself catch frostbite.

Journal, 17 November 1999
Another sleepless night. I want to see it again. I want to hear Her song. I'm packing a bag and going back. I called Jerry. Then Marshall. Neither of them wants to go back just yet but they said we can plan another trip for next month. I have a feeling that they're humoring me though. Guess I am going back by myself; I'll pack a bag at first light so I can make good time before the sun gets too high.

Journal, 18 November 1999
First good fucking night's sleep in what feels like years. I made it to the cave around 1 PM. Plenty of time for firewood. I set up the tent against the big rock. I managed to fall asleep 9 or 10 but I woke up at 1 AM because of what felt like a freakin' spotlight shining on me. Big fat white light on that large rock, just like the first night we slept here. I knew instantly that She was singing for me. As soon as I stepped into the light the pain went away and my body finally let me fall asleep. Insomnia caught up with me I guess; it was late afternoon by the time I woke up. Aside from a nasty case of dry mouth and the killer headache that comes with dehydration, I felt great.

Journal, 20 November 1999
I tried to ask Her a question last night. I can feel the altar humming when I put my hands on it. There's this… energy up here, in the mountains, as if the whole universe is trying to extend its hand for me to hold. She wants me to take it, I know she does. They both do, Mother and Father. I prayed all night that She might sing to me again. I prayed hard, really I did.

Just as the moon moved over top of the cavern, I heard Her. I repeated my prayer and my whole body tingled; The energy, it was electric! I pulled myself up and into the light and I looked up to behold Her. To hear her song.

Journal, 21 November 1999
This morning, when I came to, my face was covered with something. Blood mixed with dirt maybe? My eyes are killing me and the headache is back worse than ever. It was so worth it to hear Her though. Remembering the dream is easy right now but I never want to forget.

Father stood in front of me, but I could not see his face. He was a shadow within Her shadow, and I could feel the energy humming from them like big, slow ocean waves. It pelted me but it was a… nice pressure. Like this kind of big maternal comfort. A blanket, wrapped tightly around me until my every fear felt impossibly far away and there was only the three of us. They told me I can come to visit for a while but the door is only open when Her Shadow falls. The eclipse. It's tomorrow night. I want to call Marshall, bring him too, but I can't afford to go down the hill to search for cell signals. I have to prepare. I'm sorry.

Journal, 22 November 1999
I've been preparing all day, studying the glyphs on the altar and searching for the signs of Her Song all around us. It's tough to hear Her during the day. Really tough. All there is… just this ringing. Always ringing. In my head, in my ears it's constant. It hurts, and it only stops when She sings. The altar helps when I touch it.

I've waited so long for this. I cannot believe it; tonight is the night when I can look upon Her face. Tonight is the night the light dies and my new day dawns.

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