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Item #: SCP-4400
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: Site-484
Director: Nakawe Osorio
Research Head: Hector Rosales
Assigned Task Force: Xi-Kai
Level 2/4400


Reference photograph of Palenque, the location and basis of SCP-4400.

Special Containment Procedures: Palenque National Park is to be operated entirely by Foundation operatives under the guise of standard Mexican National Park employees. A clause concerning this has been inserted into the Foundation-Mexico Operating Treaty, and the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas will assist the Foundation in upholding this.


Exterior of the building containing SCP-4400 Access Tunnel Ka'a.

All further archaeological exploration of Palenque is to have a minimum of two Foundation personnel from the Archaeological Division embedded within the existing exploration team. These personnel are to be stocked and trained with Class B amnestics. If a new SCP-4400 access tunnel is discovered, they are to use the amnestics to remove any memory of the discovery from the exploration team. Following this, they are to covertly alert Site-484 Command to the discovery, to allow for proper containment.

All access tunnels are to have metal covers welded over them, and secured into the surrounding stone. The covers of Access Tunnels Hun, Ka'a and Óox have been modified to allow for entrance, and these covers should be kept accessible, but locked when not in use.

All buildings known to contain an SCP-4400 access tunnel are to be sequestered from general tourist areas of Palenque National Park, with Foundation guards stationed at each such building.

Any further exploration of SCP-4400 by the Archaeological Division itself should be conducted with an armed escort from Mobile Task Force Xi-Kai ("Curators") and under standard protocol for the exploration of anomalies involving high amounts of radiation.

Description: SCP-4400 is an extradimensional space below Palenque.1 SCP-4400 can be accessed from multiple tunnels located within Palenque, but cannot be reached outside of these tunnels. Excavation attempts at digging into SCP-4400 have been unsuccessful. There are twelve known access tunnels into SCP-4400.

SCP-4400 contains a representation of Palenque during the Late Classic period.2 All entrances to SCP-4400 exit within this replica of Palenque. Excavated buildings within Palenque built before or during this period correspond to buildings within SCP-4400, with other buildings within SCP-4400 believed to be buildings that did not survive to the present day. There are no light sources — natural, artificial or anomalous — within SCP-4400.

Several of the buildings within SCP-4400 appear to have been modified at an indeterminate point in the past. These modifications include the addition of multiple anomalous and mundane traps, as well as modifications to many of the frescoes located within SCP-4400. The majority of these traps have been disabled. Additionally, SCP-4400 is slightly irradiated, averaging about 1 to 2 mSv per day of exposure.3

SCP-4400-América is the collective designation for four eigenweapons4 and the waste products of their construction, which were evidently created around 650 CE. The component parts of SCP-4400-América are located at the tops of several pyramids within SCP-4400, such as the equivalents to the Temples of the Skull and Temple of the Sun. For information on the current hypothesis concerning the nature of SCP-4400-América, please consult ADDENDUM 4400.4.

Many of the traps within SCP-4400 are constructed around the components of SCP-4400-América, and the majority of the altered frescoes within SCP-4400 appear to relate to SCP-4400-América. For these reasons, the Archaeological Division has concluded that SCP-4400 was either created or modified to contain SCP-4400-América.

Sentient beings within SCP-4400 undergo an anomalous empathic alteration, which has been designated as SCP-4400-Barcelona. This typically results in an increased fear response, with an unknown stimulus.5 The degree to which this anomalous effect is present varies between organisms. In controlled testing, dogs and mice immediately attempted to exit SCP-4400. Humans, however, typically describe this as a feeling of strong apprehension or dread.

This anomalous empathetic alteration appears to be stronger around certain areas of SCP-4400, including the SCP-4400 equivalent to the Palenque Temple of the Sun or the Palenque Temple of the Skull. This effect has prevented almost all attempts at climbing such locations and properly investigating either.

The exact boundaries of SCP-4400 are unclear. There is no observable upper limit to SCP-4400. The copy of Palenque within SCP-4400 is situated atop a 1000 meter tall plateau, with all surrounding land being undifferentiated smooth rock. Excavation attempts have tunneled 100 meters downward and yielded no results.

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