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Item #: SCP-4399

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4399 instances are to be quarantined from the public for the duration of their manifestation period. All personnel involved in locating and quarantining an SCP-4399 instance are to be considered instances of SCP-4399-1, and are to be interviewed regularly until expiration.

Description: SCP-4399 refers to an undocumented species of dragonfly (order Odonata). SCP-4399 instances exhibit several traits found in no other living dragonfly species, such as immense size (averaging between 55cm and 85cm in length) and multicolored iridescent wings which emit a slight luminescence.

On a varied and unpredictable interval, an instance of SCP-4399 will manifest somewhere on Earth. SCP-4399 instances will invariably manifest in locations containing a natural source of stagnant fresh water, such as a pond or lake. SCP-4399 instances prefer bodies of water in areas frequently visited by humans, such as parks and hiking trails. Upon manifestation, SCP-4399 instances will be partially submerged in the body of water, within 2 meters of the shoreline, and will appear to struggle in a manner typical of drowning insects. However, SCP-4399 will not expire for the duration of its manifestation. If not removed from the body of water for one month after initial manifestation, SCP-4399 will demanifest of its own accord.

If a human removes SCP-4399 from the body of water, SCP-4399 will recover from its submersion, fluttering around the individual for a short amount of time before flying out of the vicinity. SCP-4399 instances are presumed to demanifest shortly thereafter, as it has proven impossible to track SCP-4399 instances once they leave the vicinity of their manifestation.

Any human who notices an SCP-4399 instance and does not attempt to remove it from the body of water will become an instance of SCP-4399-1. SCP-4399-1 instances experience several anomalous phenomena during the weeks following their encounter with SCP-4399. A summary of these phenomena are as follows:

Immediately following encounter: SCP-4399-1 will experience a pronounced feeling of dread from no apparent source.

1-2 days following encounter: SCP-4399-1 will experience bouts of vertigo and mild auditory hallucinations resembling buzzing.

3-7 days following encounter: Vertigo and auditory hallucinations will become stronger and more frequent. SCP-4399-1 will gain the ability to perceive ultraviolet light.

8-12 days following encounter: SCP-4399-1 will begin to experience visual hallucinations in the form of hexagonal fractals. These hallucinations gradually become permanent. Subject will begin to experience nightmares involving submersion in water.

12-18 days following encounter: SCP-4399-1 will begin to suffer from psychosis, often speaking incoherently and lashing out at their surroundings. Vertigo will become constant and completely impede locomotion. Subject will experience visions of drowning, being submerged in water, and/or being held underwater by a malevolent entity or force, even when the subject is awake.

18-20 days following encounter: SCP-4399-1 will jerk violently for 30 to 60 seconds before expiring. Autopsies of SCP-4399-1 instances following this point have revealed large amounts of water within the respiratory and digestive systems.

Since its discovery and SCP classification, 62 instances of SCP-4399 have manifested, 48 of which were removed from their respective bodies of water. However, there is evidence that as many as 93 SCP-4399 instances have been removed in the past (see Addendum 4399.1).

Addendum 4399.1: Interview Log 06/19/2018

Interviewer: Dr. Franc

Subject: SCP-4399-1-12 (Natalie McGann, civilian)

Information of Note: Interview took place 14 days after SCP-4399-1-12's initial encounter with SCP-4399.

Dr. Franc: Good afternoon, Mrs. McGann.

SCP-4399-1-12: Drowned dragon drowned dragon drowned dragon drowned dragon drow-

Dr. Franc: Mrs. McGann?

SCP-4399-1-12: Huh? Who’s there?

Dr. Franc: I’m Dr. Franc. I’m here to ask you a few questions.

SCP-4399-1-12: If it’s about the dragonfly, I don’t want to talk about it.

Dr. Franc: I understand it may be unpleasant to think about, but the more information we have, the more we can help you.

SCP-4399-1-12: [pause] Okay.

Dr. Franc: Thank you. Now, can you describe anything unusual that you’ve experienced since your encounter?

SCP-4399-1-12: At first there was nothing out of the ordinary. I actually almost forgot about the dragonfly, but then I started hearing weird noises and seeing weird shapes and colors, and I knew it was because I had left it there to drown. At first, the visions scared me, but now I see them as a relief.

Dr. Franc: A relief? How so?

SCP-4399-1-12: They distract me, keep me in the moment. Whenever I let my mind wander, that’s when I see really disturbing things.

Dr. Franc: Could you elaborate on that?

SCP-4399-1-12: I really don’t want to. Thinking about it will send me back there.

Dr. Franc: This could be crucial to our understanding of your condition, Mrs. McGann. Please continue.

SCP-4399-1-12: Alright. Whenever I lose focus, I get taken to this… place. It’s underwater, somewhere dark and murky. And there’s [Subject stops speaking and jerks abruptly]

Dr. Franc: Mrs. McGann?

SCP-4399-1-12: It’s suffering. Suffocating. It’s desolation quelled by a great flood. It wants to be free, but I wouldn’t help it. I won’t help it, no matter how much I’m punished for it. I won’t help. I won’t help. I won’t help…

Dr. Franc: Calm down, Mrs. McGann. What is punishing you? Are you referring to the dragonfly?

SCP-4399-1-12: The dragonflies are only shards, only fragments. 99 smothered fragments of the whole. Piece by piece, salvaged from the waters. 93 fly free. 6 beneath the sea. 6 beneath the sea. 6 beneath the sea. 6 beneath- [Subject convulses violently and falls out of her seat]

Dr. Franc: Shit. Security, contact the medical wing. Stay calm, Mrs. McGann.

SCP-4399-1-12: [whispers] Vritra.

[SCP-4399-1-12 ceases movement.]


UPDATE: SCP-4399-1-12 regained consciousness four hours later, remaining in a semi-lucid state for 5 days before expiring. Subsequent autopsies revealed the presence of water in excess of 115°C within the digestive and respiratory systems, as well as trace amounts of blood and seminal fluid with genetic similarities to Anax imperator. These properties have been found in all subsequent SCP-4399-1 instances.

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