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Item #: SCP-4395

Object Class: Safe for Public

Special Reintegration Procedures: In accordance with the Pseudohuman Rights Act of 2013, SCP-4395 was declassified and released back into the public on 13/09/2013. In order to prevent her anomalous properties from bringing harm to civilians, the following procedures have been devised and enacted by the Reintegration Committee.

SCP-4395 is to wear a personalized Temple Obfuscation Suit at all times when in public. The only occasions on which SCP-4395 is permitted to remove this suit is for personal grooming purposes, and SCP-4395 is to be completely alone on these occasions. The Temple Obfuscation Suit is designed such that all other bodily functions are facilitated without needing to remove it, and so removal of the suit is not authorized for these purposes.

In order to prevent observers from creating a definitive image of SCP-4395 in their minds, a gelatinous outer shell on the Temple Obfuscation Suit is to change shape to a random setting every three hours. Note that this change of shape is aesthetic only, and does not effect the actual functions of the Temple Obfuscation Suit.

SCP-4395 is to meet with Reintegration Officer Mitre once a month in order to monitor her progress.

Description: SCP-4395 is a twenty-two year old woman named Olivia Coltman, whose image has a negative anomalous effect on any organisms that visually observe her.

Upon viewing SCP-4395, or a representation of her, the viewing organism will assume a form matching that of SCP-4395. In cases where said organism already has a similar appearance to SCP-4395, this process does not present a significant threat to life; however, in cases where the organism has significant aesthetic differences or an entirely different bodily configuration, death is exceedingly common due to the redistribution of mass that occurs.

Although hiding SCP-4395's physical body with concealing clothing can neutralize this anomalous property for a time, once observers come to permanently associate this new appearance with SCP-4395, the anomalous property will reactivate and transform observing organisms into a biological equivalent of said new appearance.

SCP-4395 was recovered at the age of eight following an incident at Bluewater Falls Elementary School, Louisiana, which resulted in the deaths of six teachers and eight students, also requiring that substantial plastic surgery be performed on a further fifty-two students.

Meeting Log 4395-80:

Full record of all reintegration meetings is available from the Foundation Central Archives upon request from government or law enforcement agencies, depending on the nature of said request. Meeting was conducted in Reintegration Officer Mitre's car outside SCP-4395's residence.

<Begin Log>

SCP-4395: Been a while.

RO Mitre: Mm. How have you been?

SCP-4395: Alright. You?

RO Mitre: There was some difficulty in San Fransisco. I'm sure you've seen the news.

SCP-4395: Paradise Fell, right?

RO Mitre: Right. Yes. Have you had any trouble with them?


SCP-4395: I get a few funny looks when I walk down the street, but, uh, that might just be because of this, you know? (gestures to Temple Obfuscation Suit)

RO Mitre: Yes, I understand. Have you been keeping a low profile?


SCP-4395: Are you listening, Mike? I look like a goddamn deep sea diver. And people are extra wary of suits like these now, after, you know…

RO Mitre: The Queens Massacre.

SCP-4395: (quietly) Can we not talk about that?

(Three hour mark. Temple Obfuscation Suit's outer layer changes shape.)

RO Mitre: Antlers?

SCP-4395: You know I don't get a say in this. It's not the most, uh, the most convenient thing in the world, you know, walking through doors when I end up with something like this. I get why, but even the other suits don't change like this.

RO Mitre: It's necessary for you to live in public.

(SCP-4395 sighs and leans back in her seat, causing the in-suit microphone to peak slightly.)

SCP-4395: And what a life it is. When do you think someone last saw my face? It's been years, I think. One of those prisoners you'd bring in front of me now and then.

RO Mitre: I wasn't directly involved with that.

SCP-4395: Y'know what I mean, idiot.

RO Mitre: Mm.

SCP-4395: You know … with your, uh, condition, you could probably look at me no problem. From what you've told me, you probably don't count as a living creature anymore.

RO Mitre: Probably I could, yes.

SCP-4395: (surprised) Oh!


RO Mitre: But I'd rather not risk it.

SCP-4395: Oh. Okay.


RO Mitre: Sorry.

SCP-4395: Yeah. Yeah, it's no problem, don't worry about it.

RO Mitre: So. Is there anything else you need to tell me for this month?

SCP-4395: No, I, ah, I can't think of anything.

RO Mitre: Alright. Same time next month?


SCP-4395: (sighs) Yeah, same time next month.

<End Log>

In an attempt to boost morale, Reintegration Officer Mitre sent a box of chocolates to SCP-4395's residence following this meeting.

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