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SCP-4394-A in its solid state.

Item #: SCP-4394

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current supply of SCP-4394-A is stored in sterile 200-liter drums.

SCP-4394 and SCP-4394-B are each contained in separate humanoid containment cells.

Description: SCP-4394 is Joaquin Marquez, a former concert pianist with an anomalous, viscous black fluid (SCP-4394-A) in place of blood.

SCP-4394-A is composed mainly of proteins and organic polymers. When cooled below its freezing point (1.19 °C), a quantity of liquid SCP-4394-A crystallizes into a proportionally sized, functional grand piano. For example, freezing a few drops of SCP-4394-A will result in a piano roughly 1 cm wide.

When ingested, SCP-4394-A will pass through the digestive tract unchanged, but may cause mild nausea. However, SCP-4394-A possesses narcotic and mutagenic properties when injected intravenously.

While under the influence of SCP-4394-A, subjects experience a noted increase in creativity and productivity, as well as a heightened sense of hearing. SCP-4394-A is moderately addictive; its effects increase in potency before plateauing and tapering off as the body develops tolerance.

When administered intravenously, SCP-4394-A gradually converts the blood, lymph, and cochlear fluid into itself over a period of 6-8 weeks. The conversion process can be accelerated by continued injections. Following full conversion of fluids, SCP-4394-A subjects report auditory hallucinations of constant piano music and an indistinct male human voice; otherwise, SCP-4394-A functions indistinguishably from the original bodily fluids.

SCP-4394 was discovered bound in the basement of one Mackenzie Lawrence (now SCP-4394-B) who had been extracting and injecting SCP-4394-A for an estimated seven months. Other objects found in the basement include:

  • Original and unfinished sheet music composed by SCP-4394.
  • Partial and whole instruments owned or used by SCP-4394 at various points in his life, including one grand piano whose lid had been carved with a depiction of SCP-4394's face.
  • Several thousand photographs of SCP-4394, dating over a period of 19 years.
  • The body of SCP-4394's high school music teacher.

SCP-4394 and SCP-4394-B were subsequently contained and administered psychiatric treatment.

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