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Item №: SCP-4389-J

Object Class: Euclid None

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4389-J is to be stored within a hermetically sealed containment chamber within Site-19. Entry and exit from the chamber must be prohibited, as they could lead to a containment breach. Any personnel with a Level-4 or higher security clearance should remain unaware of the existence of SCP-4389-J to prevent its antimemetic effect from manifesting. SCP-4389-J does not require containment, as it does not exist.

Description: SCP-4389-J is a powerful antimemetic anomaly, which is believed to have the physical form of a piece of medieval artillery. SCP-4389-J presents no signs of sentience; however, its antimemetic properties necessitate a Euclid classification.

The anomalous effect of SCP-4389-J varies in potency depending on how long a member of personnel has been employed at the Foundation. Junior Researchers and D-Class personnel are unable to observe SCP-4389-J, but accept its existence when made aware of it. However, Site Directors and members of the Overseer Council both cannot perceive SCP-4389-J and refuse to believe that it exists. For this reason, testing of SCP-4389-J should only be carried out by Junior Researchers.

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