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Item #: SCP-4388

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4388 is to be kept in a sealed cryogenic vault at Site-11. The containment unit must be shielded from the full spectrum of electromagnetic signals. The vault must be outfitted with shock-dampeners to alleviate seismic tremors (refer to Addendum-002 for details). Monitoring equipment inside the containment chamber is not permitted; powerful signal emissions must be avoided near SCP-4388.

Description: SCP-4388 is a set of two multi-socket power strips, individually referred to as SCP-4388-1 and SCP-4388-2. The two objects are identical in design, both containing six inline Type-B sockets and an integrated circuit breaker.

SCP-4388 manifests the ability to double the power output of any energy source its cord is subjected to. The six (6) sockets are capable of independently producing the same level of power, regardless of current load. As such, SCP-4388 is capable of producing, in total, twelve (12) times the power of any given input. SCP-4388 presents no apparent resistance; acting as a perfect conductor, there is no power loss while energy is traversing SCP-4388. Likewise, there is no apparent limit to SCP-4388's ampacity, it will match the amperage of any source connected to it, without loss or damage to itself.

Energy created by SCP-4388 will always be in the form of electricity. Experiments have shown that the object is capable of transforming the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum. The input connector does not need to be plugged into an object for this effect to occur. For instance, light shone onto SCP-4388's exposed chord pins will produce electrical power proportional to the light-wave's photonic energy. Additional testing has demonstrated that SCP-4388 is sensitive even to kinetic energy, a physical impact generates equivalent joules in electricity.

It is unknown to what extent SCP-4388 reacts to anomalous energy sources as experimentation of this nature is strictly prohibited (refer to Addendum-002).

If SCP-4388's sockets are unconnected, the power they generate is transferred to the surrounding atmosphere. In the absence of atmosphere, SCP-4388 will heat up and will begin emitting black-body radiation. Even under proper containment, it is not possible to fully mitigate interaction from the following natural sources of energy, all of which have been observed to generate small amounts of additional power:

  • The Earth's magnetic field
  • Cosmic rays reaching the Earth's surface
  • Universal background radiation
  • Random quantum fluctuations

SCP-4388 is nearly impervious to electrical damage and heat. The threshold to damage it with electricity appears to be [DATA EXPUNGED] (refer to Experiment- [1/6/1959]). Wear visible on SCP-4388's plastic casing demonstrates that it is capable of sustaining damage from friction and blunt force. No loss of capabilities resulting from this deterioration has been noted by Site-11 since the object's retrieval.

Electrical power generation procedure: SCP-4388's anomalous properties can be put to use by providing electricity to Site-11, allowing it to remain self-sustaining1.

Within its containment vault, SCP-4388 is to be connected to superconducting cables leading to high-capacity electrical couplings outside the vault. When in service, the input cables (coupled to SCP-4388's cord) are to be connected to Site-11's power generators. The output cables (coupled to SCP-4388's sockets) are to be connected to Site-11 electrical grid's capacitors.

A computer-monitored circuit breaker must be on available to ground the grid if it detects a spike in power exceeding Site-11's specifications. An analog severing mechanism must be ready to cut off the vault in case of emergencies. Remote signals do not function near SCP-4388 while it is under heavy load and, as such, the mechanism must be activated manually.

Emergency procedure: Under no circumstances should SCP-4388 form a closed circuit. Should this happen, evacuation of Site-11 is initiated immediately. Technical personnel in charge of the containment unit are instructed to remain on-site to ensure SCP-4388's decoupling.

Failure to detach the vault within one (1) minute will lead to ignition of aerosolized Chlorine-Trifluoride on the level housing SCP-4388, disabling any circuitry contained therein.


Addendum 002:

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