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Item #: SCP-4387

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4387 is to be kept in secure storage locker 56 at Site-73. All testing must be authorized beforehand by a Foundation operative with a level 3 or higher security clearance. Testing time and human resources used are not to exceed beyond the authorized parameters set by the experiment's procedures and goals. Any deviation from these pre-established parameters are to be reported to the Head Researcher of the project. In the case that these deviations are attributed to the Head Researcher, they are to be reported to the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-4387 is a black necklace with a small wooden crucifix attached in the middle. Testing has revealed the materials of such to be non-anomalous. It was recovered during a Foundation raid of an auction run by the GoI "Marshall, Carter & Dark" in the city of ███████, Germany. Following research and testing, the object was associated with documents previously recovered near the city in 1989.1

When placed around the neck of a baseline human, the necklace will automatically tighten around it. After this, the flesh surrounded by the necklace will be severed by an unknown force at speeds hypothesized to surpass that of sound. Immediately afterwards, a small portal is placed on either side of the cut, so as to cover the entirety of the wound.

It can be concluded with certainty that these portals are linked to one another due to the fact that the wearer never once loses consciousness during this decapitation process. The portals act as a "bridge" so that blood, food, and even nervous electrical signals can travel between the head and the rest of the body. That way, the two may be physically separate, but all the while mantain normal bodily functions. It is to be noted, though, that the wearer will almost always express great amounts of physical and emotional distress because of this, with the pain reportedly becoming more intense as the head is moved further away from the body, presumably due to the link between the portals becoming weaker.

The necklace cannot be removed by the wearer, tightening when an attempt is made. However, when another individual does this, SCP-4387 will come off easily, but will cause immediate death, as it is impossible through non-anomalous means to make sure all blood vessels, nerves, and other connections between the head and body are perfectly aligned. This results in them becoming fused in a way that impedes communication and exchange between the two. The only exception to this is when the object is removed by the same individual who originally placed it, allowing the reconnection to happen successfully and for the wearer to be able to survive.

SCP-4387 will also occasionally manifest a secondary effect: when it is placed around the neck of a victim, the individual or individuals who performed, supervised, and/or authorized the action will experience a slight memetic alteration of certain thought processes. Subjects exposed to this effect have been observed to display a diminished sense of empathy and a lowered emotional response to the pain of others, as well as stating an increased sense of justification for their actions regarding the anomaly, with the phrase "science first" often being repeated. The effect, however, fades within 36 hours of the affected individual's last visual exposure to SCP-4387 and the person wearing it.

The following files are a series of reconstructed documents regarding SCP-4387 written by the now-defunct GoI Division XXV, which operated in East Germany up until its dissolution in 1989.

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