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4/4386 LEVEL 4/4386
Item #: SCP-4386


SCP-4386 on initial discovery after switching to Power Conservation Mode.

Special Containment Procedures: The area located above the enclosure of SCP-4386 is monitored at all times across a radius of 5km. This includes the town of ███████, where undercover Foundation operatives are tasked with identifying local civilians that raise suspicions about Foundation activity in the region. Any civilians suspected of attempting to investigate Foundation activity will be apprehended and administered a Class C amnestic following standard interrogation procedures.

The single entrance to SCP-4386 located at the western extreme of ███████ is surrounded by a chain-link fence and is guarded by at least four security personnel at all times. Any civilians seen approaching the area will be lead off-site by at least two security personnel and exposed to Cover Story #601-A1.

The main power supply for SCP-4386 should be checked for signs of degradation every 2 hours and at least 2 backup power generators will be on standby at all times. Significant fluctuations in the local power grid are to be logged daily and cross-referenced with SCP-4386-01's recorded input readings.

SCP-4386-02 through 05 are to be under constant observation. Any dissociative disorders or suicidal tendencies recognised in SCP-4386-02 through 05 are to be reported immediately, and psychological countermeasures should be employed to ensure none are able to cause any significant self-harm.

The simulation hosted on SCP-4386-01 is to be policed by the assigned CyTF, and all instances of VSCP-01 are to be removed from the simulation on sight, excluding instances directly in the vicinity of SCP-4386-02 through 05.

Description: SCP-4386 consists of six separate but interlinked components contained within a large man-made cavern hidden 500m beneath an abandoned farm on the edge of a rural town known as ███████, UK.

The six components are as follows:

  • SCP-4386-01: A network of 55 interlinked computer and medical systems consisting of:
    • 1 single cylindrical relay station that dominates the center of the cavern, measuring 15.3m in height, and 7.1m in diameter.
    • 46 interconnected parallel data processing units of custom design, connecting into the relay station. Each provides a terminal to allow interaction with the entire SCP-4386-01 array.
    • 8 sub-stations that resemble standard operating tables, surrounding the relay station. Each is connected to the relay station by numerous cables, tubes and intravenous devices set in place to supply necessary nutrition and nourishment to any humans residing on the sub-station tables. As of 20██-09-01, SCP-4386-02 through 05 currently occupy 4 of the sub-stations. The remaining 4 are unoccupied.
  • SCP-4386-02: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 1st sub-station of SCP-4386-01.
  • SCP-4386-03: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 3rd sub-station of SCP-4386-01.
  • SCP-4386-04: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 4th sub-station of SCP-4386-01.
  • SCP-4386-05: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 8th sub-station of SCP-4386-01.
  • SCP-4386-06: A bulbous metallic mass that resides on top of the relay station section of SCP-4386-01. It measures 8m in diameter and 4m in height. Printed on its side is the phrase "BIG-B.A.D." (see SCP-4386-01 Retrieved Documents - bigbadintro.txt). The internal mechanism of SCP-4386-06 is still unknown.

SCP-4386-02 through 05 are currently unconscious relative to the physical world, and instead, have their consciousness manifesting within an accurate simulation of modern Earth hosted by SCP-4386-01. The simulation has shown to follow the exact same event cycles present in the physical world. As events occur in reality, they subsequently occur within the simulation following an average delay of 23 hours. SCP-4386-02 through 05 are unaware that their observed world is a simulation.

Currently, only two known significant differences exist between reality and the simulation. They are as follows:

  1. The complete lack of anomalous entities, including the presence of the SCP Foundation and other known GoIs.
  2. The presence of virtual species VSCP-01, known in-simulation as the "bee"2.

Analysis of non-simulation data located within SCP-4386-01's databanks has revealed that the intended mechanism of SCP-4386-06 poses a substantial threat to humanity and standard reality laws. Gathered data indicates that should SCP-4386-02 through 05 be awoken simultaneously, SCP-4386-06 will begin its activation cycle, leading to a complete CK-Class Reality Restructuring scenario and at worst, a ZK-Class Reality Failure event. However, as long as at least one of SCP-4386-02 through 05 is connected and present within the simulation, SCP-4386-06 will remain inactive.

So far, no means to deactivate SCP-4386-06 safely have been discovered.

SCP-4386-01 Terminal Access: On 2003-11-13, the Foundation Security Penetration team managed to successfully obtain root access to SCP-4386-01's operating system and establish administrator privileges. Accounts have since been distributed to various Foundation researchers holding adequate clearance levels. Terminal access may be permitted to Level 3 and above personnel only. To apply for an account on the system, please contact the project director, Dr. Harsky.

SCP-4386-01 Retrieved Documents: Since establishing access to the SCP-4386-01's database via the terminals, the following public files have been discovered:

Discovery: SCP-4386 was discovered on 2003-11-09 when ███████, UK began experiencing unexplained power shortages, later proven to be a result of SCP-4386-01 resorting to the local power grid as a form of backup power supply, following the failure of its main on-site generator.


Deceased GoI-809 personnel found between two SCP-4386-01 units.

When the cavern housing SCP-4386 was explored, a total of 32 human corpses were discovered, 29 of which were identified as employees of GoI-809 ("Better Earth Initiative"), with subsequent analysis showing causes of death consisted of either blood loss (including self-inflicted), blunt trauma, and starvation. 30 of the bodies have been measured as having varying times of death throughout the first quarter of 2001. The remaining 2 expired between mid-2001 and early-2003.

Upon initial discovery, 5 persons, now designated SCP-4386-02 through 05 and 1 additional (see file Dissociation Event 01) were connected to SCP-4386-01 via 5 of the 8 sub-stations. 3 other bodies amongst the 32 deceased are believed to have previously been connected to the remaining vacant sub-stations, having become disconnected following events that lead to the demise of the cavern's total population. All 3 had died due to severe brain hemorrhages.

GoI-809/4386 Employee Logs: Following the successful gain of administrative privileges on the SCP-4386-01 network, GoI-809 user profile security was overridden, allowing access to various personal logs of former GoI-809 personnel. The following logs have been selected for this document due to their relevance in ongoing investigations (for further logs, please contact Dr. Harsky):

Following 2001-01-09, further logs show only information regarding the gradual psychological breakdown and consequent increase in violence between GoI-809 staff. GoI-809 staff were unable to find the cause of the "Alphabet Glitch" and unexplained "Candidate" behaviour.

On 2001-02-13, no more personal logs are recorded, following a complete lockout on all terminals enacted by GoI-809 staff member and project supervisor, "Matthew Warren". The last of the GoI-809 staff stationed at SCP-4386 are believed to have died of malnourishment roughly 3 days following this date.

Despite this, the Emergency Log system within SCP-4386-01 continued to update itself.

Addendum/4386 - Emergency Event 01 Report: On 2018-10-07, SCP-4386-06-EX3 began exhibiting symptoms of the Alphabet Glitch. Following this occurrence, SCP-4386-06-EX experienced a severe mental breakdown, during which a window was broken and SCP-4386-06-EX managed to impale his own neck with a glass shard. This caused a subsequent dissociation event and SCP-4386-06-EX was disconnected from SCP-4386-01. After 4 minutes, SCP-4386-06-EX suffered a violent brain hemorrhage and all vital signs ceased.

Prior to the breakdown, SCP-4386-06-EX contacted a virtual entity (VE) he had befriended in the simulation, by phone. The following conversation was recorded:

Date: 2018-10-07
Time: 23:14

VE-191473218: Hey dude, what's up?

SCP-4386-06-EX: Sam… dude, Sam, I'm not feeling…

VE-191473218: Not feeling what? You okay? I haven't seen you for-

SCP-4386-06-EX: Sam, you ever like… feel something's off? Like shit ain't how it's supposed to be?

VE-191473218: Uh… kinda? I mean like, sometimes I feel there's so much bad in the world and we should be doing something to make it better, y'know what I mean?

SCP-4386-06-EX: Fuck, Sa- no, that's not what I bloody-

[Silence for 8 seconds, monitors show SCP-4386-06-EX is holding his head]

VE-191473218: Dude? You still there? You need to sleep man, it's late, you haven't been sleeping enough lately, it's messing with-

SCP-4386-06-EX: Hey, Sam…

VE-191473218: Yeah?

[Silence for 12 seconds, monitors show SCP-4386-06-EX looking blankly at a wall]

VE-191473218: Dude, y-

SCP-4386-06-EX: Sam, have you ever… watched the bees4?

VE-191473218: …what?

SCP-4386-06-EX: Th- the bees! You know what fucking bees are, right?

VE-191473218: Uh, yeah, sure, what about them?

SCP-4386-06-EX: Have you ever watched them?! Seen what they do, watched them just… I dunno, just do their shit, whatever they do!

VE-191473218: … I guess not? I dunno man, I've never really thought about-

SCP-4386-06-EX: They don't make sense, Sam, they don't make any sense at all, they- Fuck! They just… I've been watching them and they aren't right somehow, I don't understand it! Have you ever actually watched them? It's like they don't belong here! The way they move, how they sound, how they act, how they… god… damn it, I don't get it, something's just wrong about them, I don't know how to explain-

VE-191473218: Okay, okay, listen man, I think you're having a breakdown or something. You should really call a doctor-

SCP-4386-06-EX: I don't need a bloody doctor, just believe me already, you're the only one who ever gets what I'm talking about, you know me, I don't make up shit like this, just… please Sam, I need someone to support me on this.

VE-191473218: Okay. Fine. I believe you. But can you just get some sleep so we can talk about this tomorrow?

[10 seconds of silence. SCP-4386-06-EX has lowered the phone from his head and his arms are hanging at his sides.]

VE-191473218: Dude? …you there?

[A further 13 seconds of silence, SCP-4386-06-EX has not moved.]

VE-191473218: Listen, if you're not gonna talk to me, I'm calling the police or something to come check on you-

[SCP-4386-06-EX lifts the phone to his ear again.]

SCP-4386-06-EX: Hey, Sam?

VE-191473218: Yeah, buddy?

SCP-4386-06-EX: Can you just promise me one thing?

VE-191473218: Sure.

SCP-4386-06-EX: Watch the bees, Sam.

VE-191473218: Okay bu-

[SCP-4386-06-EX ends the call.]

Addendum/4386 - Bug Report #8156: On 2019-06-14, investigation into a potential cause of the "Alphabet Glitch" began. The following bug report thread written by SCP Foundation IT staff has been attached for reference:

Addendum/4386 - CyTF and VSCP-01: Following the discovery of the anomalous entities within the SCP-4386-01 simulation (known in-simulation as "bees"), they have been classified as a virtual anomaly hereon referred to as VSCP-01.


Instance of VSCP-01, known in-simulation as a "bee".

A Cyber Task Force (CyTF) has been assigned to police the simulation via a Neural VR6 mechanism designed to act as a weak interface with the SCP-4386-01 simulation. The assigned CyTF is currently tasked with manually culling the numbers of VSCP-01 over time, due to technical issues arising from the former plan to outright remove all files pertaining to VSCP-01 (see Addendum/4386 - Bug Report #8156).

The CyTF has been ordered to act with the goal of eliminating all VSCP-01 instances at a rate that will not arouse too much suspicion in SCP-4386-02 through 05. Upon the eradication of the species, files related to VSCP-01 will be given the right to permanent deletion.

Should additional non-deletable VSCP entities manifest, the CyTF will remain on standby until assigned removal duties accordingly.

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