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Item#: 4382
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SCP-4382. Image taken from aerial drone.

Special Containment Procedures: All satellite and flyover data of the SCP-4382 affected region must be actively censored. Blockades and checkpoints have been constructed along all roads leading to SCP-4382. Outpost 4382 will continue to monitor SCP-4382's rate of expansion.

All personnel assigned to SCP-4382 must work in paired teams; partners should be chosen with strong, preexisting relationships. If any member of staff begins to exhibit "looping" behaviors, contact the Outpost 4382 medical team immediately, then employ the following measures:

1. Speak their names loudly and clearly. Use varying titles and nicknames.
2. Use light physical contact such as shaking the shoulders or jostling.
3. Make sudden, loud noises such as clapping, snapping, or shouting.
4. Elaborate on a shared experience or planned event. Focus on key sensory details.

Description: SCP-4382 is the town of Hulwick, Kentucky, U.S.A. Since October 18th, 2018, this town has been encased in a reality-altering anomaly, affecting 8.7km2 and expanding outward in a spherical radius at .5m2 per month. When viewed from the exterior, this sphere produces a mild visual distortion. Staff has described this phenomenon as "like the skin of a giant soap bubble."

All objects, animals, and people inside the town of Hulwick will continuously perform a single pattern of actions ad infinitum, and with total disregard for any physical laws.

This effect is poorly documented, as the area of SCP-4382 causes severe aliasing and static interruption in all forms of visual data. Audio transmissions appear unaffected. On May 18th, 2019, MTF-Xi-5 "Newtons Bullies"1 were dispatched to investigate this anomaly, and determine its source.

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