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Item#: 4378
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4378 is contained inside a 5 liter stainless steel mixing bowl. The bowl is enclosed within the former kitchen of the United States White House with access via a single outward swinging door. This door is to be kept locked at all times. All movement and sound within 20 meters of the object is to be kept to a minimum; under no circumstances is it to be disturbed.

An X-Class cognitohazard is placed within the immediate vicinity of the kitchen door leading to SCP-4378, preventing White House personnel from either perceiving or approaching it.

Experiments with SCP-4378 are

to be approved only by O5 Council Members.

Interviews of instances of SCP-4378-# are

to be approved by Project Lead Dr. Lark.

SCP-4378 within its containment bowl following removal by Secretary of State ████████ █████

Description: SCP-4378 is a single uncooked De Cecco-brand lasagna noodle. Disturbing SCP-43781 causes physical objects within its range of effect to be transferred to what is theorized to be another dimension [Designated SCP-4378-A.] The range of this effect is proportional to the amount of disturbance. The relational growth rate of the object's anomalous properties is unknown, though it is estimated to be $x * 10^\alpha$ (with $x$ being the theoretical number of disturbed electrons and $\alpha$ being the Fine-Structure Constant.)

Entities transferred to SCP-4378-A are irrecoverable [Designated SCP-4378-#, numerically by chronological order of disappearance.] Responses can be sent by manipulating cooked noodles2 within 5 meters of SCP-4378.3 Extensive communication with subjects has been conducted. It is not understood how subjects continue to exist within SCP-4378-A, as subjects seem to lose all concept of self while still retaining their names. A Model M130 Remote Communication Bot has been used in attempts to communicate with the subjects, they have proven unsuccessful. A sentient interviewer is required in order to communicate with subjects within SCP-4378-A.

Subjects have been incapable of describing SCP-4378-A in any coherent manner, however it is possible to send recording equipment to SCP-4378-A for brief periods of time. After approximately 10 minutes and 17 seconds, the equipment is ejected from SCP-4378-A, retaining any recorded data. SCP-4378-A appears to be a brightly lit void loosely filled with dried pasta, primarily spaghetti noodles.4 Noodles have been observed spontaneously manifesting within the void during recordings, but the location or cause of their creation is currently unknown.

Communication with subjects sent through SCP-4378-A has been limited, usually only given in a simplified stream of consciousness that has proven difficult to understand, exacerbated by the required method of communication. When sent to SCP-4378-A subjects seem incapable of understanding how they are communicating with researchers and that they were once human, but retain their name. [See Interview Log SCP-4378-#]

SCP-4378 was discovered immediately following the sudden disappearance of Secretary of State ████████ █████. [Designated SCP-4378-1] SCP-4378-1 was observed spontaneously disappearing on security footage recorded on ██/██/████ taken from the White House kitchen. The brief video shows SCP-4378-1 opening an upper cabinet, taking hold and opening a De Cecco Lasagna Noodle box, removing SCP-4378 from the box. SCP-4378-1 then spontaneously disappeared causing SCP-4378 to fall, landing in the stainless steel mixing bowl of which SCP-4378 is now contained. It is unknown why SCP-4378-1 did not disappear when the box containing SCP-4378 was disturbed but it is speculated that SCP-4378's anomalous properties did not manifest until it was removed from its container.

Note from Project Lead Dr. Lark:
Pending further review, I would also like to add the observation that gravity did not seem to cause SCP-4378 to manifest its anomalous properties. When SCP-4378-1 dropped SCP-4378 into the bowl, nothing happened. This is reason to believe that SCP-4378 only reacts when disturbed by a force outside of astronomical constants. Possibly only a sentient outside force, but that would have incredible implications considering Incident R-4378-M2. But that is something I am going to consider another time. There are already enough unknowns about this damned piece of flour, egg, and water.

For approximately a week following SCP-4378-1's disappearance, various noodles found throughout the White House were discovered arranged in messages. The recorded instances of these are as followed:

  1. A single piece of spaghetti found at the bottom of President █████ ███████'s bowl arranged in cursive writing spelling out "hello?" The president noticed this as a coincidence and pointed it out to his wife, to which they both remarked at the "chances of that happening."
  2. A bowl of alphabet soup given to President █████ ███████'s daughter. The daughter pointed out to her father that the soup seemed to be randomly rearranging into various words including: nothing, ████[nickname for SCP-4378-1], ergo sum, and life.
  3. A bowl of leftover linguine found on top of the mini-fridge of the Chief of Staff's office in the West Wing. The linguine was left out for approximately 2 days, allowing it to dry. All linguine was found arranged into the word "thirst." It is speculated that this happened while the linguine was still pliable and then dried out.

Further testing has proceeded to better understand SCP-4378's anomalous properties as well as attempting to discover a way to retrieve subjects back from SCP-4378-A. All current attempts have been unsuccessful.



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