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3/4372 LEVEL 3/4372
Item #: SCP-4372

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site-77 Dr. Shirley Gillespie Dr. Brian Haskell N/A

Special Containment Procedures


SCP-4372 should be kept in a standard containment unit measuring no less than 20x20x20m within Site-77. The boundary of SCP-4372 must be monitored to ensure it does not come into contact with the walls of the containment unit. Exploration teams must to be tethered to a recovery winch anchored beyond the border of SCP-4372.

The Ashby Protocol was enacted by Dr. Joseph Edmunson on ██/██/17. Therefore, manned exploration of SCP-4372 is no longer permitted. No contact is to be attempted with effects/entities within SCP-4372. Communications originating from SCP-4372 are not from Foundation personnel.


SCP-4372 is a gaseous substance that forms a half-sphere reaching 4.5 m in height and fluctuates between 10 m and 14 m in diameter. The substance resembles a dense smoke, and physical contact leaves a dusty residue comprising of carbon, calcium, phosphorus, and other molecules believed to have biological origins. It is unknown if living matter can be safely recalled from SCP-4372.

External testing during manned exploration suggests that matter within the boundaries of the SCP-4372 is compressed into increasingly smaller, flatter dimensions as it approaches the center. Individuals within SCP-4372 do not seem to notice this effect.

Due to these compression effects, the internal topography of SCP-4372 appears vastly larger than its outer dimensions. Crossing the threshold of the gaseous substance reveals a barren, desert-like environment completely saturated in SCP-4372, which is otherwise devoid of notable features.

SCP-4372-1 is a light source that appears to float at the center of the gaseous substance. External observation measures SCP-4372-1 emitting visible light at 3500 lumens. Reports from inside SCP-4372 depict the light in the distance, resting near the horizon. Attempts by Foundation personnel to reach SCP-4372-1 are not believed to have succeeded.

Manned expeditions have confirmed the presence of humanoid entities within SCP-4372. Neither intent nor agency of these entities has been confirmed.

Attached Addenda

Addendum 4372.1: Exploration Logs

On ██/██/2017, Dr. Mai Giang Lê oversaw the first and only manned exploration of SCP-4372. A Provisional Exploration Team (PET) was assembled including two D-class personnel experienced in exploratory testing and equipped with modified Foundation chemical HAZMAT equipment. Dr. Mai and Researcher Edmunson supervised the mission from the control room overlooking SCP-4372, while Specialist Addaway was assigned to personnel recall duty within the containment cell.

Physical actions recorded by cameras in the control room and containment cell were transposed into these transcripts when applicable. No useable footage from inside SCP-4372 was recovered.

Exploration 4372.1 Audio Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/2017, 0617 hours

Team Lead: Dr. Mai Giang Lê, Head Researcher


D-82626: Well, now I feel like an astronaut. Just like I always dreamed.

D-30199: How's your airflow?

(D-82626 gives the "thumbs up" sign.)

Dr. Mai: Gentleman, please vocalize all responses for the record. Drone cameras haven't sent much back, so we don't know if we'll get any useful video.

D-82626: Yep, okay. The suit's fine. I can see a scratch on the faceplate, is that okay?

Dr. Mai: Yes, we saw it during suit check. It's just a scratch in the reflective coat. Addaway, please hook up the recall winches.

(Addaway nods at the camera and clips tethers into the back of the PET's HAZMAT suits.)

D-82626: That smoke shit is weird. What is it?

D-30199: No idea. It's not supposed to be dangerous, though. Just dusty.

D-82626: Why the spaceman suits if it isn't dangerous?

D-30199: You can go naked if you want.

D-82626: Seriously, though?

D-30199: Maybe it's only dangerous if you're playing around in it.

D-82626: Right. Boss, could you please remind me of our mission objective?

Dr. Mai: You're to enter SCP-4372 and investigate the nature of 4372-1.

D-82626: Yeah. I thought so.

Addaway: Don't worry, guys. You're pros, right? And I've done this a thousand times.

D-82626: Pulled idiots out of scary clouds?

Addaway: No, uh. You know. The winch. Pulled this lever.

(D-82626 looks to D-30199 and grunts.)

Addaway: I guess I can go on break if you want.

D-30199: No, no, we very much respect your winching expertise. Glad you're here, right Twenty-Six?

Addaway: Seriously, I can leave it to you. I missed breakfast. There's a sandwich waiting for me in the fridge.

Dr. Mai: Gentleman, all precautions have been taken. The filters will block particulate matter, and the suits are rated for gamma radiation.

D-82626: Yes, boss.

Dr. Mai: You'll be fine. Please proceed into SCP-4372.

D-30199: Roger. Let's go, Twenty-Six.

(PET-4372 approaches the boundary of SCP-4372. D-82626 hesitates, extending a hand into SCP-4372, before he is gently pushed beyond the boundary by D-30199. D-30199 enters SCP-4372.)

(Contact with PET-4372 is lost for 2 hours and 39 minutes.)


It is important to note that exploration logs have been transcribed exactly as recorded. Linguistic analysis has been unable to definitively distinguish communications of the exploration team from "echoes" produced by anomalous effects and/or entities inside SCP-4372.

Addendum 4372.2: Public Reprimand and Record of Personnel Change

From: Dr. Johannes Ashby
To: Dr. Mai Giang Lê
Sent: 12:31 AM, ███████, 2017
Subject: Transfer to SCP-████

Dr. Mai,

We have received and confirmed the following complaints lodged against you by Dr. Joseph Edmunson regarding the manned expedition into SCP-4372 on the date of ██/██/2017, and the following incident recorded six days later on ██/██/2017:

  • Accessing Human Resources documents on D-Class personnel without an approved need-to-know.
  • Utilizing personal information about D-class personnel without approval, including but not limited to breaching protocol regarding terms of address.
  • Attempting extraordinary and unapproved methods in an attempt to recover D-class personnel.
  • Putting Foundation research staff (yourself) at unnecessary risk in attempting to interact directly with a dangerous SCP object.
  • Violation of the Ashby Protocol and risking unauthorized, potentially dangerous communication with an unknown anomalous entity.

Effective immediately, Dr. Brian Haskell will be taking over managing containment for SCP-4372. You are to report to SCP-████, which extensively employs D-Class personnel for testing and maintenance purposes. I believe that in this position, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the Foundation utilizes our D-class personnel, and that with practice, you too will effectively wield the diverse resources that the Foundation offers you and your research.

I hope that working with SCP-████ will help you adjust to the admittedly unorthodox life of a Foundation researcher, and that you will grow into the scientist we know you can be. Please be safe, as SCP-████ is extremely hazardous, and we may not be lucky enough to intercept your case of poor judgement in the future.

We all expect great things from you, Dr. Mai. Please be more cautious in your future work with the Foundation.

-Dr. Johannes Ashby

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