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Aftermath of event Scharmützel-2017.

Item #: SCP-4371

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-4371 is focused on the suppression of information concerning the anomaly and preventing and mitigating against its effects.

The Hotel Campo Imperatore has been acquired by a Foundation front company, to be used as a center of operations surrounding SCP-4371. A video surveillance system has been installed around the hotel area to record Scharmützel events.

In order to prevent the effects of a Scharmützel event, the hotel's facilities will be vacated, reducing its occupancy to a minimum of essential Foundation staff during the 11th, 12th and 13th of September of each year. Additionally, closures will be established in the access routes to Monte Portella to prevent access by civilians to the area. It is forbidden to leave the hotel facilities between 20:00 on September 11 and 7:00 on September 12.

Deaths associated with a Scharmützel event will be attributed to injuries caused by accidents or due to the discovery of active munitions remaining from the Second World War. If civilians were to gain access to the area during a Scharmützel event, any survivors will be detained, interrogated and treated with amnestics before release.

Description: SCP-4371 is the designation for an annual anomalous event surrounding the meadows of the Campo Imperatore1, where two military forces will appear and battle each other in an attempt to gain access to the Campo Imperatore hotel grounds2, continuing the confrontation until the complete elimination of the members of one of the forces or the neutralization of one or both leaders.


Christopher Lee (PoI 77918)

SCP-4371-L corresponds to an army made up of several hundred3 humanoid entities (hereafter referred as SCP-4371-L2). Those instances show deformities in their facial features as well as greenish-brown pigmentation in the skin, with stature similar to that of non-anomalous humans. SCP-4371-L2 posses a variety of medieval weapons, such as bows, axes, and swords and are hostile to all other individuals. During a Scharmützel event, members of SCP-4371-L will attempt to stop the advance of SCP-4371-S.

SCP-4371-L2 instances are directed by SCP-4371-L1, a humanoid of Caucasian descent of approximately 80 years of age, dressed in a white tunic and carrying a staff with which it directs troop movements. SCP-4371-L1 has been noted to closely resemble British actor Christopher Lee (PoI-77918)4, in his role as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings film series.


Otto Skorzeny (PoI 66421)

SCP-4371-S corresponds to a group of about a hundred of humanoid entities, characterized and equipped as members of the Waffen-SS (entities hereinafter referred as SCP-4371-S2).5 This detachment is led by a humanoid entity (hereinafter referred to as SCP-4371-S1), resembling a man of Caucasian descent of about 40 years of age, showing a strong resemblance to Otto Skorzeny (PoI 66421).6 SCP-4371-S2 instances are non-hostile to all other individuals aside from SCP-4371-L1 instances, focusing their efforts on accessing the Campo Imperatore grounds.

Discovery Log: The first incident associated with SCP-4371 would have occurred during the early hours of September 12, 2015, when a group of deer hunters was attacked by what the survivors described as "orcs", two of the civilians involved were killed as a consequence of the injuries suffered and the rest of those involved managed to flee thanks to the intervention of "a group of German soldiers who shot at the orcs" (sic).

The intervention of a liaison officer allowed the transfer of the individuals to Foundation control, where they were interrogated and subsequently amnestized. A cover story that both deceased had been victims of the attack by third parties was established.

Events Log: The registration of events corresponding to the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 was possible thanks to a video surveillance system established in the perimeter around the point of interest. Due to limitations in the distribution of camera traps in the monitoring area, the log obtained is not sequential. The audio records obtained were fragmentary and inconsistent, except in the final stage of each event.

Event Scharmützel-2016

[0:15]: A group of three instances of SCP-4371-S2 is ambushed by about a dozen instances of SCP-4371-L2, starting a fight. In spite of the technological superiority of the armament of the SCP-4371-S2 instances, they are neutralized by the SCP-4371-L2 instances. An instance of SCP-4371-L2 produces what appears to be a hunting horn from a backpack and plays it, causing instances SCP-4371-L2 close to the place of combat to approach.

[1:25]: At least five groups formed by twenty SCP-4371-L2 instances pass under the surveillance point from different directions, apparently tracking and searching procedure. In spite of the low level of light present, the instances do not carry flashlights or other sources of illumination and move without problems.

[2:18]: Nearly a hundred instances of SCP-4371-L2 surround a group of about twenty instances of SCP-4371-S2, who manage to repel them effectively with the use of firearms7 and hand grenades, causing multiple casualties among the forces of SCP-4371-L2.

[3:15]: The second platoon of SCP-4371-S2 is attacked by numerous instances of SCP-4371-L2, ending with the death of most of the members of SCP-4371-S2.

[4:23]: An army of about 350 instances of SCP-4371-L2, commanded by SCP-4371-L1, heads towards the Campo Imperatore meadow, where they meet the remnants of SCP-4371-S forces led by SCP-4371-S1, engaging in combat on the spot. Both SCP-4371-L1 and SCP-4371-S1 intervene, causing multiple casualties in the opposing forces, resulting in the end of the combat favorable for the forces of SCP-4371-L.

[5:53]: A model Storch aircraft lands in a nearby meadow and is boarded by SCP-4371-S1, while a dozen SCP-4371-S2 instances fire covering his retreats.

[After the disappearance of SCP-4371-S1 the microphones close to the meadow recorded sounds similar to instrumental music for a period close to 5 minutes, being later identified by audio analysts of Site-19 as a piece belonging to the musical genre of symphonic power metal]

[6:45]: The deceased and survivors who participated in the Scharmützel-2016 event disappear.

Event Scharmützel-2017

[23:15] (Only audio): Shots and sporadic screams are recorded for 30 minutes, indicating that isolated clashes are taking place.

[2:33]: About twenty instances of SCP-4371-S2 equipped with flame throwers begin to burn the forest area around the observation point, causing multiple casualties to SCP-4371-L2.

[3:27]: After withstanding multiple casualties, SCP-4371-L2 instances manage to contain the advance of SCP-4371-S1 instances armed with flame throwers. The fire remains contained to an area of around two hectares.

[4:13]: About fifty instances of SCP-4371-S2 led by SCP-4371-S1 manage to arrive at a distance of 1000 meters from the enclosure of the Campo Imperatore Hotel, where they engage the remnants of the forces of SCP-4371-L.

[5:38]: Thirty instances of SCP-4371-S2 were able to close the distance of 500 meters from the Campo Imperatore hotel, and their advance was stopped by a pack of wolves (Canis lupus), apparently led by SCP-4371-L1. Additionally, the appearance of a large number of common bats (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) covers the withdrawal of SCP-4371-L1.

[After the disappearance of SCP-4371-L1 the near-site recording system recorded sounds similar to German music for about 3 minutes, being later characterized by audio analysts from Site-19 as a World War II period musical theme.8

[6:45]: Disappearance of the deceased and surviving instances that participated in the SCP-4371-2017 event.

Event Scharmützel-2018

This event recorded the largest number of instances belonging to both sides and the highest level of equipment, with SCP-4371-L forces equipped with bows, swords and axes, as well as three trebuchets, and SCP-4371-S forces equipped with grenade launchers in addition to conventional weaponry. Unlike the previous incidents, there are no skirmishes or isolated combats or ambush actions, both armies being positioned in the meadow of Campo Imperatore, where they engage in combat. It also corresponds to the first event in which there is a record of direct contact between SCP-4371-L1 and SCP-4371-S1. For reasons of brevity, only the most relevant events of the event are mentioned.

[2:16]: The members of SCP-4371-L and SCP-4371-S begin to position themselves at the northern and southern points of the meadow. No skirmishes or isolated aggressions are observed from members of both sides. Both forces carry torches for illumination.

[3:16]: The battle begins. A platoon of SCP-4371-S2 instances opens fire, killing dozens of SCP-4371-L2 instances. The attack is responded with bows shots and rocks thrown with slings.

[3:53]: Projectiles thrown by SCP-4371-L trebuchets cause multiple casualties between the forces of SCP-4371-S that are in the front line, generating a breach and allowing the direct attack of the instances of SCP-4371-L2.

[4:08]: Trebuchets are destroyed by the use of Panzerfaust by instances of SCP-4371-S2. Additionally, the grenades generate multiple casualties among the SCP-4371-L instances that operated the catapults and the nearby troops. From that point on, most of the fight is hand-to-hand or using short-range weapons.

[6:06]: Most of the instances of SCP-4371-L2 and SCP-4371-S2 are dead or incapacitated as a result of the fighting of the last few hours, with isolated clashes occurring and it is not possible to distinguish a victorious side from this combat. SCP-4371-L1 dismounts from a horse and abandons his staff, extracting from between his clothes a retractable baton that begins to radiate a reddish luminosity. SCP-4371-S1 throws his rifle and draws a large hunting knife, approaching SCP-4371-L1. Both instances seem to greet each other and exchange a few words before starting a knife fight. After a few minutes of fighting SCP-4371-L1 manages to make a deep cut in the abdomen of SCP-4371-S1 while SCP-4371-S1 stabs him in the chest. Both instances collapse, dying a few moments later. This causes the disappearance of all active and deceased instances participating in the event about 35 minutes before sunrise on September 12, 2018.

Update: Additional discovery

The following note, handwritten in parchment ink, was found during a routine inspection by Foundation staff on the morning of September 12, 2018, on the grounds near the Campo Imperatore Hotel.

I spent my life looking for a worthy role to play and only death could give it to me.


As of September 30, 2019, no new Scharmutzel event or anomalous activity related to SCP-4371 has been noted. If no further activity takes place by October 2020, SCP-4371 will be reclassified as Neutralized.

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