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Threat Level: Black


A vector of SCP-4370.

Special Containment Procedures: GoI-952 must be eradicated from the bounds of SCP-4370. Deprecated facilities along its suspected borders are to be demolished; active facilities are to be sabotaged and acquired as cheaply as possible prior to demolition.

Buildings found to have been produced by or integrated into SCP-4370 are to be destroyed. Mobile Task Force Theta-36 ("Swedish Rhapsody") has been tasked with razing condemned structures, while agents embedded into local governments work to condemn occupied buildings. Tactically extraneous entrances into SCP-4370 are to be collapsed.


Description: SCP-4370 is a subterranean complex of indeterminate size, accessible through a series of abandoned industrial facilities throughout the United States of America.

Over time, SCP-4370 has expanded significantly, the process of which is poorly understood; while models of growth appear broadly similar to those of SCP-386-D1, expansion appears to coincide with middle-class economic anxiety on the surface. It is unknown if SCP-4370 is attracted to, or serves as an active vector of such anxieties.

Geophysical imaging of SCP-4370 reveals it to be ontologically semi-stable: though existing in defiance of consensus topology, portions of SCP-4370 may solidify into place, creating a reliable network of spatially impossible tunnels. Correspondingly, geological stability within SCP-4370 affected regions has been observed to degrade with expansion.

SCP-4370 appears to have a parasitic relationship with GoI-952 ("Olney Ironworks"); Olney facilities are frequent targets for SCP-4370's growth, regardless of their operational status. Growth beneath Olney-controlled land occurs significantly faster than elsewhere, with an extreme decrease in stability. In some cases, SCP-4370 appears to be responsible for mudslides, earthquakes, and extreme weather phenomenon around such properties.

SCP-4370 was initially believed to be an anomaly local to the Southeastern United States; however, Sites-87 and -56 have identified dense concentrations of entry points within the American Southwest and the Great Lakes Region, and imaging confirms stable SCP-4370 presences.


SCP-4370 was discovered by Officers Efrain Rodríguez and Connor Zhou during the course of an investigation into SCP-3178.

On June 11th, 2010, Officer Zhou contacted the SCP-3178 containment team after a two week disappearance in the town of Starling, Mississippi. The remaining members of Mobile Task Force Gamma-691 ("When Something Interesting Happens") were deployed to retrieve him at the coordinates provided in his message.

Officer Zhou was found outside an abandoned facility in Apopache, Texas, severely emaciated and bruised, and scarring suggested a gash had been cut from his right shoulder down to mid-torso. Agent Osman, who had served extensively with Zhou prior to the SCP-3178 project, further noted Zhou to have been unusually agitated post-retrieval. Zhou was otherwise unharmed.

Officer Zhou's disappearance had been extensively documented across three devices: a digital audio recorder, Zhou's personal phone, and a standard-issue body camera. Additionally, Zhou procured a video camera, retrieved just prior to his emergence.

As of 6/21/2010, Officer Zhou remains in recovery.


DATE: 6/11/2010

SUBJECT: Officer Connor Zhou


Agent Osman: Hello, Mr. Zhou. It's… good to see you again.

Officer Zhou: Is this necessary? I just came out of the dark, and I'd really appreciate some sun.

Agent Osman: Come on, Connor. You know how they are.

Officer Zhou: Sure. Overbearing. Excessive. Look, I have a report, and I'd much rather file it than drip-feed an interview.

Agent Osman: Mm. Well, this is just… intake. See how you're doing, if… if anything's wrong, you know? I mean, you did come out of a 952.

Officer Zhou: Christ's sake, fine. Hi, I'm Connor Zhou, and I just spent two-and-a-half weeks in a post-industrial nightmare. I saw sunlight maybe four hours out of nineteen days, the remainder of which was spent in abject darkness. During that time, I was being hunted by a monster, and it's honestly a miracle I'm here, right now, talking to you. Is that enough? Would you like skin samples?

Agent Osman: Right, right, okay. I'll let you… get to it, whatever that is. I don't know, they're not telling me what the anomaly is yet, but I assume it has to do with 3178.

Officer Zhou: On the contrary, I'm taking a break. Call me if you need me but I'm going to a park.

Agent Osman: Sure, sure.

Officer Zhou moves to exit the meeting room.

Agent Osman: Actually, what's with the sunglasses? You rock them pretty well, but… I've never seen you wear them. Still adjusting?

Officer Zhou: Mind your own business.

Zhou exits the meeting room.




Upon recovery, Officer Zhou's phone was broken beyond repair. The following data was recovered through drive imaging, and only constitutes its usage during Zhou's disappearance. Authorized personnel may request the full image from RAISA.


Officer Zhou's body camera remained deactivated for the majority of his disappearance. The following logs consists primarily of footage taken before his disappearance; however, Zhou reactivated it near the end of his disappearance.

Due to the destruction of Officer Rodríguez's body camera, Log 1 is the only record of Zhou's disappearance.


There has been significant internal debate over whether or not to declassify the contents of the camera discovered by Officer Zhou.

Foundation ethicists assigned to SCP-4370 argue that it has no informational value, merely constituting the propaganda put forth by forces hostile to the Foundation's cause. However, Officer Zhou has insisted it be kept on-record, in order to provide context to the events of the Whitewater investigations. Ultimately, the SCP-4370 containment team has decided to include its contents for posterity.



Video opens on PoI-3178 ("Elder Rockwell"), a Whitewater-based pastor and a suspect of the SCP-5952 and SCP-3178 investigations. He is standing on a dimly-lit catwalk, similar to those recorded in previous logs. The camera is steady.

Rockwell: Well met, Foundation. You may know me as "Elder Rockwell", headmaster of the Whitewater Second Chance School for Troubled Teens. (He smiles.) Good crop, this year.

Far away, a piece of machinery groans.

Rockwell: Now, I get the feeling you think we're enemies, that I'm some sort of… "bad actor". I do apologize about the wrong feet we got off on, but as far as I'm concerned? Water under the bridge.

Rockwell: The truth is, Foundation, that America's got a problem. It's been out for decades, now, eating away its heart like a God-forsaken cancer. Jobs are going East, people are going broke, and all the while, that great shadow across our nation's getting bigger by the day.

He gestures to his left, and the camera pans in turn. Rusted machinery fills the factory floor, still and broken. The camera pans back.

Rockwell: I don't want this any more than you do. Them forces that keep us down, why, there's just as much my enemy as yours! If we want to take the Synagogue of Satan, we need to put our differences aside, and work together as a team.

He smiles, and holds his arms outstretched.

Rockwell: Won't you?


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