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3/4369 LEVEL 3/4369
Item #: SCP-4369


An instance of SCP-4369-1

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel posing as park wardens are to monitor the affected area utilizing two-man crews to patrol the perimeter and assess areas not covered by static surveillance equipment. The use of trail-cam style recording equipment has been authorized to supplement Foundation patrols and detect instances of SCP-4369-1 and SCP-4369-2. Patrols are to be additionally equipped with one standard issue .308 caliber hunting rifle and scope.

Monitoring satellites are to be scheduled to pass over the area no less frequently than 90-minute intervals. Imagery will be sent to Level 2 analysis for identification and confirmation of potential instances of SCP-4369-1 within the affected region.

Trespassing warnings are prominently displayed.

Description: SCP-4369 is an asymmetrical area of wilderness covering approximately 106 km2 designated as the ███████ █████ Wildlands. The area begins roughly 10 km south of ██████ █████ Lake in Alberta, Canada and extends to cover a large ridgeline. At intervals observed to be no shorter than 72 hours and no longer than 90 days, SCP-4369 will spawn an instance of SCP-4369-1 somewhere within the boundaries of the park.

SCP-4369-1 is a two-story, dilapidated, log-cabin style radio station bearing signage designating it as KFYR. Although the specific placement varies, the exterior of SCP-4369-1 is always accompanied by a 15m tall radio broadcast tower that appears to be functional but is covered in substantial amounts of rust. The interior of the building is [REDACTED]. See Exploration Log 4369-1 for additional detail.

After materializing, the KFYR radio station will begin broadcasting on a band of ████kHz at a signal strength that allows it to be picked up by standard AM/FM radios at a radius of up to 15 25 40 50 km or more. This signal is highly degraded and is badly marred by static. Signal quality does not appear to either improve or worsen with respect to the source.

Field Log Excerpt 4369-14:
The broadcast radius for SCP-4369 appears to be growing. At first, the broadcast was only going as far as the shoreline of the nearby lake since it's a tourist-heavy area, especially in the summer. Seems it always found a schmuck around there to snare. But lately, after we enacted some travel restrictions and invented that "algal bloom" to keep people away, we started picking up the broadcast a lot further out.

My buddy, Mack, at Site-██, told me that a Level 0 got the broadcast during his lunch break and they're like 250 miles away. I dunno, but this thing gets hungry. And there's no telling what its maximum reach is if it can't get what it needs. What if this thing gets so hungry it starts picking on more than one guy at a time?

This is dumb. Just set the stupid station on fire. And ffs, please lift the travel restrictions.

The broadcast itself appears to feature one adult male with a baritone voice reading news and local events for a township named Vosbern, although no record of such a township exists in the vicinity of SCP-4369-1. Individuals interviewed by the Foundation after hearing the broadcast describe the show's host as "resigned, almost melancholy", and that they did not enjoy listening to his program. Listeners report a desire to 'change the station' any time they come upon the broadcast and could not recall any specific details of its contents other than the broadcaster's voice. See Experiment Log 4369-1 for additional detail.

The dangerous properties of SCP-4369-1 manifest shortly after the beginning of its broadcast when a single listener matching its selection criteria has entered its broadcast range and is in proximity to a standard AM/FM radio. Any radios near SCP-4369-2, regardless of functionality, will turn themselves on if necessary and tune to the frequency of KFYR. Once exposed to the broadcast, this person is then designated as SCP-4369-2 and is considered to be under the effects of a cognitohazard. Instances of SCP-4369-2 who breach the perimeter of SCP-4369 are to be terminated on sight. However, if this person can be detained prior to entering the area of SCP-4369, Class B amnestics have proven effective at neutralizing the threat.

Instances of SCP-4369-2 generally fall within these criteria:

Gender: Male
Age: 16-25 or 55-70
Ethnicity: No restrictions
Relationship status: Single or divorced
Family status: Estranged or otherwise distant
Economic status: Near or below the poverty line

Individuals designated as SCP-4369-2 begin to demonstrate symptoms similar to acute paranoid episodes wherein they claim the broadcasts of SCP-4369-1 sound crystal clear, and the show's host is speaking directly to them and asking for help, and he is trying to warn them about an impending calamity.

The behavior of SCP-4369-2 will become progressively more manic as their urge to document and explain the broadcasts of SCP-4369-1 begins to grow at a steady but aggressive rate. The demonstrated behavior for SCP-4369-2 is to secure an AM/FM radio and then isolate themselves nearby and begin unorganized coverage of the broadcast. While in this 'nesting' phase affected individuals seem to welcome and encourage others to review materials and help them document their findings. SCP-4369-2 has demonstrated the ability to spread this cognitohazard to other individuals who express a genuine interest in their activities during this phase, regardless of this person's comparison to the preferred criteria. Individuals who become involved in these activities are also to be considered instances of SCP-4369-2.

Works created as part of this documentation process include but are not limited to: short notes, maps, arrays of cartesian coordinates, organizational charts, crude technical diagrams, sketches of unknown individuals, after-action reports, and police-style POI reports.

Researcher's Note 4369-1:
Thankfully, the works created by instances of SCP-4369-2 do not appear to possess any anomalous properties themselves or do not appear to be capable of transmitting the cognitohazard. These documents are to be cataloged for future correlations and then the originals are to be destroyed.

Over time the physical and mental health of all affected individuals gradually worsens due to malnutrition and exhaustion. At an indeterminate point, the original instance of SCP-4369-2 will declare that he "Knows what he has to do", and will abruptly leave his nesting area. This individual will gather up and lead all other affected people towards SCP-4369 using the most practical available means. While traveling, SCP-4369-2 will observe conventional laws and customs of travel but will try increasingly aggressive means to circumvent any barriers. To date, this includes but is not limited to the destruction of property, grand theft auto, and even murder.

Once entering the area designated SCP-4369, the individual will proceed with all available haste to the instance of SCP-4369-1 and attempt to enter the building. If successful, SCP-4369-2 will position themselves at the broadcast equipment inside KFYR and begin their own broadcast which appears to interrupt the original signal of SCP-4369-1. The content of this broadcast can be clearly heard when compared to the original signal quality and includes a graphic 'prophecy' of a township or village that will be destroyed due to a natural or man-made disaster.

The duration of this broadcast includes an emotional recitation of events in this unnamed village starting with the onset of the disaster. The story continues with the names of individuals, possibly including nicknames or pet names as if the instance of SCP-4369-2 is intimately familiar with the people they are naming. If uninterrupted, SCP-4369-2 will share the microphone with other instances who continue to describe the timeline until the story has concluded. When this is complete, the original instance of SCP-4369-2 will return to the microphone and sign off the broadcast with the following words: "Vosbern and its people can still be saved. If only you would listen, if only you would act."

The broadcast from SCP-4369-1 will then cease as the Hume level of the radio station plummets until no trace of the building remains. This activity appears to take any persons still inside with it including instances of SCP-4369-2.

To date, the described 'prophecies' have all come to pass within 48 hours of SCP-4369-2's broadcast. Six concluded broadcasts have resulted in the destruction of six townships or villages across North America, Europe, and Asia. The total death toll is unknown but based on census information this number is estimated to be █,███ persons.

Addendum-1: Foundation analysis has been unable to find any record anywhere near the broadcast area of a modern city or township named Vosbern. World War II-era records from the Provincial government do indicate a small, primarily Dutch settlement named Vosbern did exist according to tax information as late as 1954; however, the village only appears in records for a total of four years. Additional resources have been dedicated to an extemporaneous review of local historical records and oral accounts of the region's history. Due to the sporadic documentation and the broad range of time since the first mention of the name, results are expected to be slow and sparse.

Addendum-2: A cascading series of gas line explosions in ████████, Montana was picked up by Foundation analysts monitoring emergency comms traffic. While the incident itself did not overtly appear to have an anomalous cause or to be the result of foul play, the event did occur approximately 36 hours after the first logged broadcast made by an instance of SCP-4369-2 from the station equipment at SCP-4369-1. Later analysis of SCP-4369 suggested a correlation between these two instances. See Addendum-3 for additional details.

Addendum-3: On ██/██/██ Foundation resources were forwarded a partial record of a radio broadcast featuring a single male in an emotional state describing a sequence in which a number of homes would suffer gas line explosions. The subject heard on the recording lists names of families and identifies parents, children, and pets, and pleads with any listeners to help those named before it is too late. This information ultimately leads to the dispatch of a Foundation recovery team to investigate the anomaly. See Attachment-4369-1 for a record.

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