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Item #: SCP-4367

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4367 is kept suspended using a gyroscope which prevents any of its sides from making contact with another surface. This mechanism is situated inside a containment locker located at Site-77. Any container used to store or transport SCP-4367 must be capable of withstanding earthquakes measuring up to 7.0 on the Richter scale. All physical handling of SCP-4367 is to be performed using mechanical assistance.

Description: SCP-4367 is a six sided die which alters local probabilities when it is rolled. The exact scope of its effect is not fully understood, but does not appear to be substantial. The feeling of using SCP-4367 in the context of being thrown has been described as “satisfying” and a generally pleasant action to perform.

The surface of SCP-4367 is translucent apart from symbolic engravings on each of its sides. These symbols are arranged similarly to the appearance of a standard six-sided die configuration. In order of quantity the emblems are a lightning bolt, two snowflakes, three drops of water, four brown circles, five red triangles, and six waving lines radiating from the center of that side.

A pamphlet found alongside SCP-4367 describes numerous potential effects which may occur after rolling. Utilizing flowery language and alluding to various aspects of mysticism, each side of the die is ascribed multiple and occasionally overlapping properties.


We have known since ancient times of powers of magnetism and dowsing in Binding on our souls and intwined to the natural forces of the Universe.

Living weighs the soul down and throws open the doors to a rushing ever-present living space pulling predicting movement and flowing in all manner of random directions.

This leaflet companion piece will ensure that pulling on the strings which bind everything to material places will not lead to your eradication, but emancipation.

The originator of SCP-4367 and the associated pamphlet is not known. Agent Albert Montoya reported experiencing temporary cessation of his gravitational connection to the earth while cleaning out a deceased family member's home1. This led to SCP-4367 being discovered and contained. No other item associated with the estate has shown any anomalous properties and it is unknown how Agent Montoya's relative came to possess it.

Notably, no user of SCP-4367 has ever reported feeling as though SCP-4367 was rolled unfairly or improperly.

Addendum: SCP-4367 diagnostics testing log.

Procedure: Tester rolls SCP-4367 in a controlled test chamber, then remains for one hour before exiting the testing area. Any effects or events instigated by utilizing SCP-4367 are recorded and analyzed.

Devices for measuring air pressure, temperature, local radiation levels and other events which may otherwise be difficult to detect have been allocated at the discretion of the Supervising Researcher.

Personnel: Junior Researcher Darlene Penny, Junior Researcher Cindy Lou

Supervising Researcher: Brian Cohen.

Test Battery Experiment A
Subject: Junior Researcher Lou supervised by Junior Researcher Penny.
Procedure: Junior Researcher Lou rolls the dice, which momentarily spins on one of its points before landing on the lightning bolt2 icon.
Results: No immediate changes in the environment or atmosphere noted. During a review of collecting data, audio recordings from the inside of the test chamber were not present. Recorder was subsequently noted to be defective and was repaired.
- It could have been human error. Should we be more closely controlling for how it's rolled? If it affects probability we'll probably be taking as much chance out of the equation as possible to erase the potential for coincidence. There were no voltage spikes or magnetic pulses or anything else that might've corrupted the data. But I saw myself turn the machine on. Hopefully we'll get a repeat to compare this one to. — J.R. Penny
- Speculation isn't evidence. Occam's razor, until we get some consistency it's more likely that the technician mishandled the equipment. — J.R. Lou

Note: Mechanical drone subsequently requisitioned for testing purposes

Test Battery Experiment D
Subject: RC Drone, with Junior Researcher Penny and Junior Researcher Lou supervising.
Procedure: The drone shakes SCP-4367 for thirty seconds before dropping it. The three water droplets3 icon is rolled
Results: Fire extinguishing sprinklers in the control room ceiling were errantly activated, causing both attending researchers to evacuate the chamber. Malfunction was determined to be because of excess dust which was stirred by their activity. Testing suspended early.
- Fool me once, twice, thrice, all that. I was expecting to maybe see some water or the reported gravitational reversal, which has not recurred. But things are happening. I feel like this one should count. Based on the material, it's highly plausible that our shower could have been part of its effect. — J. R. Penny

- I'm not sure how likely that is. On the other hand, given what we're working with I can't prove you wrong. We'll just have to re-review this one at the end of the testing battery. — J.R. Lou

Test Battery Experiment F
Subject: RC Drone, with Junior Researcher Penny and Junior Researcher Lou supervising.
Procedure: The drone shakes SCP-4367 for thirty seconds before dropping it. The face with five red triangles4 icons is rolled.
Results: Approximately fifteen minutes into the test, J. R. Lou received a personal text communication and was excused from the testing chamber. No other unusual events were recorded by the testers or sensors.
- I feel this is our strongest and most significant effect so far. Unusual how it doesn't even seem to be noticing the drone. Perhaps we should find a more remote testing area. Many future avenues to explore. So when the manual describes the purification, it's applicable to my colleague in her situation. That being said, conflating personal experience with the supernatural is an easy trap to fall into. I'm feeling bullish about continued good results for our experiments. — J. R. Penny

- The 'just-so-happens' element is becoming a pattern. Monitoring equipment for the chamber itself may be necessary, as the anomaly appears to be able to affect the subject(s) initiating the rolling even if they are not physically present. Double-blind testing for a future battery of tests may be necessary to fully quantify the object's anomalous properties The text was significant because I was waiting for the results of a lab test. I felt relief which was personally significant. I see my colleague's logic and find it reasonable. I would still have trouble correlating this to our testing. — J. R. Lou

Test Battery Experiment AA
Subject: RC Drone, with Junior Researcher Penny and Junior Researcher Lou supervising.
Procedure: The drone shakes SCP-4367 for thirty seconds before dropping it. The face with six radiant curved lines5 is rolled.
Results: No results were noted during any portion of the test. On the same day, air conditioning/filtration in the testing wing had an unscheduled shutdown due to failures in scheduled maintenance routines6.
- This seems like the most direct correlation yet, and it's also expanding scope in both time and space. This escalation might mean we should suspend testing if anything more serious happens. Or is this already serious enough? — J. R. Penny

- It could have happened at any time. So why now? Losing air power on the side which looks like wind is coincidental, but we're following the thread which says that it's not. Does that make it our fault if people have heatstroke downstairs, but this could all be just a big coincidence. I will not undermine Penny's work but I would like to officially note my uncertainty in continuing. — J.R Lou

Note: Continuation of testing authorized by Researcher Cohen

Test Battery Experiment AD
Subject: RC Drone, with Junior Researcher Penny and Junior Researcher Lou supervising.
Procedure: The drone shakes SCP-4367 for thirty seconds before dropping it. The lightning bolt7 symbol is the result.
Results: No results were recorded in or in relation to the test chamber on this day.

During the next day of the experiment, as the drone was shaking SCP-4367, a malfunction with the rolling mechanism caused SCP-4367 to fall out of the recording area. The dice result was not recorded. Review of testing and observation chamber surveillance records showed no abnormalities.
Results: N/A
- In concluding the initial test battery, I think there's several options to pursue in subsequent testing. I have many other suggestions for what these tests could entail which will be included in my follow-up report. — J. R. Penny

- Even when serviced, broken equipment is more likely than new machines to break down. All the parts in it were just as old as the part that brought everything down. So in a sense this could be expected but we can't take absence of evidence as further signs that something is happening. Nothing happening means the only significant takeaway we can glean is the skip had no effect this time. How widespread are the alterations we make to odds if it spreads through time and space? Why is the Foundation playing with fire? — J.R. Lou

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