Item #: SCP-4363

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4363 and three of its copies (two on vinyl records and one digitized on a DVD) are to be stored in a standard Safe-class containment locker. Any experiments involving placing subjects into SCP-4363-A or transferring SCP-4363 to other information carriers are to be preliminarily agreed with the object's curator.


Vinyl record containing SCP-4363 inside a testing chamber.

Foundation-operated bot (I/O-INSOMNIAC) is to monitor the web for copies of SCP-4363 and associated anomalous effects. MTF Omega-31 ("Sticky Fingers") is tasked with investigating the received reports and removing media containing SCP-4363 to prevent its further spread, as well as capturing potential victims and distributors of the anomaly.

Individuals affected by SCP-4363 are to reside in the medical wing of Site-224 and be put on artificial life-support. Individuals' condition is to be monitored by the Site's medical team, and their brain activity is to be analyzed with the use of special equipment.

Description: SCP-4363 is a сognitohazardous audio recording consisting primarily of sounds of wind and echoing footsteps. Occasionally, other sounds can be heard as well. Examples include distant voices, fire crackling, and cries of crows. The amount and timestamps of these sounds vary on a case-by-case basis, from which it was concluded that the contents of SCP-4363 change slightly with each audition. SCP-4363 does not have a specific duration and will loop until stopped manually. Attempts to find sounds matching those reproduced by SCP-4363 in sound effect libraries resulted in failure.

If a person falls asleep while listening to SCP-4363, they will enter a state similar to comatose (hereinafter referred to as SCP-4363-A). While in this state, the individual will experience remarkably vivid lucid dreams, with varying content with a number of details shared between all cases1 Individuals subjected to the anomalous effect during the same time period are able to perceive each other and communicate while in SCP-4363-A.

Attempts to externally remove affected subjects always end in failure. However, the duration of SCP-4363's effect appears to be determined by the individuals themselves. Test subjects stated that thinking about leaving SCP-4363-A and concentrating on this thought caused them to awaken. For reasons unknown at this time, a small number of individuals entering SCP-4363-A2 are unable to leave it and remain under SCP-4363's effect indefinitely.

Addendum 4363.1. Discovery Log: SCP-4363 was first discovered in a five-star hotel located in the town of ███████, Illinois. Foundation agents were pre-deployed to investigate due to an assumption that some of its residents were related to the GoI "Marshall, Carter and Dark" and possessed one or several anomalous items.

At 24/06/2019, the Foundation discovered that the aforementioned residents were found in an unconscious state by hotel staff, who went to check their condition in the absence of any actions from them for a long period of time. All individuals were found lying on their beds inside of their respective rooms. In addition, vinyl records playing SCP-4363 were also found in each room. A total of five subjects affected by SCP-4363 were discovered, three of whom were subsequently identified as Senator ██████ ███, Archbishop ████████ ████ ██, and CEO of ██████████████ ███ Corporation; all confirmed clients of "Marshall, Carter, and Dark". The remaining two subjects located in a separate room were presumed representatives of the GoI.

A few minutes after the Foundation agents arrived at the scene, a group of individuals, which had superiority in both numbers and firepower, entered the hotel. They were identified as members of the "Covenant": a private military company financed by MC&D. The parties managed to avoid a clash and conclude an agreement: the Foundation employees kept the vinyl records containing SCP-4363 in exchange for the return of subjects affected by the anomaly. The hotel staff and residents of the surrounding area were subsequently administered B-class amnestics.

Addendum 4363.2. Experimentation Log: Following the discovery of SCP-4363's anomalous properties, an experiment to further explore SCP-4363-A was conducted. Four D-class employees (Designated as D-4363 from -1 to -4) with a history of practicing lucid dreaming and high memory retention according to the results of a preliminary test were selected. In order to maximize the quality of memories, all subjects were administered Y-class mnestics prior to the test and placed in a special chamber with equipment aimed at the analysis of the brain activity. Several minutes later, SCP-4363 started to play and the subjects were instructed to fall asleep.

Following the subjects' awakening and subsequent interviewing, it was noted that their descriptions of the experience significantly differed from each other.


Concept art of the location observed by D-4363-1.

Subjects regain consciousness in a dark office room. Outdated typewriters, old-fashioned file cabinets, and an extensive pneumatic mail system are observed. D-4363-1 looks out the small window through which the outside area can be seen and concludes that it is night time and heavy rain falls outside. The view is obscured by the streams of water flowing down the glass, but the city lights suggest that the office is located in a very high building.

Subjects further inspect the area. There are no light sources, except for the fading light from the windows. There are lamps in the room, but subjects are unable to find the switches. D-4363-1 notes that everything around seems gray and discolored.

Individuals notice a person sitting at the table. Approaching, the subjects discover a body of a faceless white female humanoid reclined in a chair. Bright red lipstick is smeared across its face, and a sticking pencil sticks out of a wound in its throat. Old-fashioned plaid dress ripped at the chest and open wide. Near the table, subjects notice a humanoid body dressed in a business suit lying on the floor. Its head is fractured, multiple injuries are observed on its body, which rests beside a bloody typewriter.

The subjects proceed and approach a door with the words "Director's office" on it. The translucent turbid glass contains cracks and a trail of impact. The other side of the window is stained in blood.

Behind the door, subjects find the body of another female humanoid lying on the table. Its clothes are torn, many wounds are observed on its body, presumably inflicted by the stuck stationery such as pencils, compasses, and paper knives. On the gluteal area, there are traces of beating by a belt. The window in the room is broken. Subjects move forward and D-4363-1 accidentally trips over an inconspicuous wire on the floor connected to the record player mounted on the chair. The device is turned on and begins to play, subjects hear the sounds of female screams, hits, and a male voice shouting curses.

Suddenly, with a loud noise, a capsule comes through a pneumatic tube. D-4363-1 opens it and finds a typed note with some the text crossed out by a pencil:

> Dear Jane, I want to tell you, that the lawyers were able to completely disembowel Sturges company. So you will not have to play a part in this. The loan is completely repaid, but we will not be able to get anything from the percentage anymore. Wait for confirming documents from the accounting department and get back to me after getting them. I'm very busy and won't be able to care of them myself. I already told Gordon that I'm coming to that meeting.


The subjects begin to hear the sound of running, coupled with heavy footsteps and rapid breathing. The sound echoes through the room, its source is unknown, but D-4363-1 observes that it is far and approaching. Subjects run out into the hall and see a man coming up the stairs on the opposite side of the room. The unknown individual is dressed in a business suit covered in blood and is holding a paper awl. The subject's face is hidden by a primitive mask made of several printed sheets pasted on the head with eye openings and a slit imitating smile.

The unknown individual begins to silently approach the subjects. They run away to the opposite side of the hall, which has no end in sight. The chase continues for a considerable time, the office room with rows of tables seems endless to D-4363-1. The unknown individual is gradually approaching, catching up with the subjects despite walking at a remarkably slow speed. The end of the office hall becomes prominent, individuals observe a wall with a large number of elevator doors. D-4363-1 realizes that the group is cornered and attempts to open one of the doors, but fails. The masked individual quickly approaches the subjects, grabs D-4363-4 by the collar and stabs them several times in the stomach with a paper awl. D-4363-4 falls down and begins to scream while the blood starts pouring from their wounds.

A moment later, several elevators arrive, their doors swing open, light from coming from inside of them illuminates the room. Groups of people dressed in black hats and cloaks, armed with pistols and shotguns, run out of each elevator. Each of them has a golden triangular police badge hanging on the belt.

Policemen point the firearms at the masked subject and open fire. Office supplies and papers rise into the air from shots, typewriters and lamps are being torn into shreds. Unknown individual hides among the tables and begins to fire back with the revolver. Two policemen are killed, several more are injured, they are dragged to the elevator by their colleagues and sent to the lower floor. One of the individuals grabs D-4363-4, shouts something to them (D-4363-1 could not make out any words) and throws them into the elevator, then calls other test subjects. D-4363-1 enters along with other individuals, closes the door and presses the lever down. The shouting continues as the elevator descends into blackness.

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