Item #: SCP-4361

Object Class: Safe


ambly.OP.ia server farm, side view.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4361's potential to reveal or retain sensitive and classified information is reliably contained at Site-15 by ambly.OP.ia, an autonomous software-based protocol.1

ambly.OP.ia is hosted in a small, Faraday-shielded2 Site-15 server farm. A team of six on-site personnel have keycard authorization from Dr. Markos or the current team lead. Daily, one member of authorized personnel must visit the server farm to view the physical readout panel at the entrance. If the panel's LED is green, no action is required. If it is red or orange, personnel will convene with Dr. Markos or the current team lead to determine whether software maintenance, a firmware update, or a restoration from backup servers is required.

Directly observing SCP-4361-AV-X, regardless of clearance, is forbidden.

Description: SCP-4361 is an entity that generates a four-second YouTube video each time its most recent YouTube video is observed.3 The complete known set of video instances have been collectively designated as SCP-4361-AV-X.

Observing SCP-4361's latest video triggers a spatial-temporal anomaly that allows SCP-4361 to superimpose a new visual element onto its previous video using a file obtained from the viewer's computer. SCP-4361 will retrieve images or text for this purpose from the viewer's local storage, network-protected storage, or remote servers to which the viewer is or has been connected. This retrieval can bypass any known file encryption or electronic security.

SCP-4361's ability to access data is connected to the viewer, not the machine used to watch the video. SCP-4361's range of access increases correlative to the frequency or duration of SCP-4361-AV-X observation. It has been hypothesized that prolonged exposure to SCP-4361-AV-X may introduce cognitive hazards.

Video metadata, including the uploader username, video description, etc., are composed of malformed character strings. On March 13, 2019, Dr. Markos, in conjunction with MTF Mu-4 "Debuggers" liaisons, deemed this metadata irrelevant to future containment.

SCP-4361-AV-X instances may contain both previous and current viewer data as well as data apparently produced procedurally or deliberately by SCP-4361, rarely including compressed audio. Details on non-viewer data are noted in former team lead Dr. Gina Handon's personnel file and personal log, archived within this file.

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